How to Create a Facebook Personality Quiz


Recently, a number of engaging quizzes have stirred up Facebook. Quizzes on popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones and Harry Potter are some of the most popular facebook quizzes that are smashing traffic records. They are generating more Facebook comment threads than any viral posts in the site’s history. Recently, I found my cousin took a personality quiz on Facebook to find out which kind of burger she was. Steps to Create a Facebook Personality Quiz.

Effective Training Visuals—Clarify Complexity


Here’s the fifth in a series of blog posts written to help you evaluate elearning courses by considering how well their visuals add to the effectiveness of the training. If you’re scoring from home, the four previous posts have covered: . . Coherent means it should make sense—providing both the cause and effect, for example. The arrow in the image effectively communications the direction of the wrap and therefore the lay.

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xAPI: Why Should I Care and What Could It Do for Me?


what score they got (if there was a test), how long they spent in the course, and what answers they picked for the individual test questions. Just think about the last time you observed how much Google, Facebook and Apple seem to know about you as a person. If you ever wondered just how practice exercises relate to test scores, now you can know. New technologies are always cropping up with seemingly better and more efficient ways to accomplish our everyday tasks.

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Get Data Smart: How to Measure Effectiveness Using Learner Engagement Metrics

Leo Learning

The evidence of its effectiveness is vital because it can be used to persuade your organization to invest in the emerging tools—and behavior change—that will enable the wisdom of one person to be shared not just with the individual alongside them, but with the whole organization. For most L&D departments, the focus is generally on measuring attendance and satisfaction scores.

xAPI: Why Should I Care and What Could It Do for Me?


what score they got (if there was a test), how long they spent in the course, and what answers they picked for the individual test questions. Just think about the last time you observed how much Google, Facebook and Apple seem to know about you as a person. If you ever wondered just how practice exercises relate to test scores, now you can know. New technologies are always cropping up with seemingly better and more efficient ways to accomplish our everyday tasks.

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How Does Online LMS Systems Help to Boost Learner Engagement?


Online LMSs support gamification features by introducing points, levels, leaderboards, scores, and other milestones. Several features which boost interaction levels among the employees include: Discussion forums- Online forums play a vital role in effective knowledge transfer. Also, managers can effectively discuss relevant topics in real-time to drive engagement and learning uptake. Adopting Blended, Gamification, and Social Learning for an Engaging Experience.

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Studies Find Captions Improve Engagement with Online Video

3Play Media

Research findings from Verizon Media, Facebook, and several universities reveal that captions help viewers to stay focused and to comprehend more information. Test scores increased by 3% for students who used closed captions. Test scores increased by 8% for students who used interactive transcripts. After conducting an internal study on user behavior, Facebook found that captions increase view time for Facebook videos by 12%.

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Understanding The Difference Between Gamification and Game-based Learning


Let’s see how GBL and Gamification can be implemented for Effective Corporate Training. Existing e-courses can be made more effective by introducing game-based elements. These can include tests or quizzes to gain points, mandatory minimum score on tests, incentives for completing a course or scoring highest. He is featured on the leader-board as a top performer and this news is shared via Facebook or Twitter.

How To Get (and Use) Testimonials to Sell Your Course


This same process can be used for Facebook for any reviews left on your page (or perhaps in a Facebook Group ). A Facebook group is a great place to start, and you can have an embedded link on your course materials for new users to join. To capture more customers you’ll want a testimonial that has details and shows a positive effect after taking your course.

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The Most Invincible Features That Any e-Learning Mobile App Should Have

Your Training Edge

Just think about the vast popularity of educational videos across video platforms like YouTube and social media channels such as Facebook. Intuitive learning with easy interactions is likely to have a better learning effect and reciprocation from the learners than the so-called one-sided remittance of knowledge and explanation. The use of analytics can help you to know about the learners more deeply and to use effective gamification techniques accordingly.

How to Make a Lead Quiz Marketing Funnel


When you are coming up with a data-capture strategy, you may consider using Pay per Click on Facebook certainly because it has thousands of data points on people because admit it- it’s the fastest way to gather data about your website’s visitors. Facebook does enable you to target people of particular interest. In fact, 92% of marketers advertise on Facebook. It’s easier to get attention: Quizzes are a rage on Facebook. Steps to Create an Effective Lead Quiz.

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Digital Future Of Consumer Goods Industry Using Online LMS


Modern consumers are turning to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to train salesforce with effective ways of selling. To address multiple challenges, it is best to design customized content which utilizes effective instructional strategies that align with the specific needs of customers.

Using LearnDash for Schools


The quiz leaderboard will display the user names and their quiz scores with the best at the top. For example, if a student gets a score between 0% and 60%, then you can provide them with different post-quiz instructions than students that earn above 60%. This add-on is nice if there is a need for each student to have a robust profile (similar to Facebook). How To Use Course Forums Effectively – Tips for how you can add value to your course forums.

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How to Bring Data Sharing to Your eLearning Courses

eLearning Brothers

I am sure you are familiar with Facebook notifications. Facebook doesn’t use Firebase but their solution is similar. Show learners the average score for quizzes. For the full effect, you will want to open both in two separate windows. There is a good chance you may have never heard about Firebase. It’s a great service for web developers that began by focusing on instant data sharing across users and devices.

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EduMe Updates Content Look and Creation Process to Mirror Successful Social Media UI


This translates to a more interactive and immersive user experience , the ripple effect of which can be higher lesson completion rates, better lesson score and a more empowered, informed workforce. At EduMe, the wheels are constantly in motion.

Game Based Learning: Is It Appropriate For My Association?

Association eLearning

Like any effective learning project, it’s critical to define your audience and determine if gamification is a good fit. If you’re interested in how to create extremely effective games – for learning or otherwise, I highly recommend it. We’ve created “faux leaderboards” where players compete against computer generated scores that aren’t even real players! Male players want a challenge, so motivating them with “scores to beat” is very effective.

SCORM and xAPI LMS in a Learning Culture

The Performance Improvement Blog

The idea of tracking activity streams emerged from social networking and is used by sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. The learning management system may track not only attendance, completions, and test scores, but actual work inputs, outputs, deliverables, tasks, and more.

Best Practices in the Next Generation of eLearning, Part 2

Integrated Learnings

Force Consequences – In describing this item, Mr. Mallon was referring to using activities that include scoring items or pass/fail. All of these activities provide feedback and scoring, which in turn motivates learners to do well. Think about how much more effective these activities would be in preparing someone for a job. You might also be interested in our page on Facebook or Twitter feed By Dean Hawkinson.

Introduction to Personalized ELearning


And one really effective strategy is to find ways to personalize the learning. The targeted ads on Facebook are one example. “Smart” quizzing that makes recommendations on learning paths based on scores are starting to raise in popularity. The expectations of elearning today have come a long way since it was first introduced. In the past it wasn’t uncommon for an elearning module to simply have some generic text in a PowerPoint-type format.

Remember Recency?

Integrated Learnings

This seems to miss the opportunity to take advantage of the recency effect. How can we take advantage of the recency effect? For lower confidence scores or challenging aspects of the content, you can ask learners to identify ways they can further develop those skills to improve their confidence. Do you use it to take advantage of the recency effect? You might also be interested in our page on Facebook or Twitter feed. By Shelley A. Gable.

ProProfs Quizzes: An iOS App for Evaluating Knowledge, Abilities & Performance


Email and share quizzes on Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. Option to see and share scores. Trusted by global organizations, ProProfs Quiz Maker allows the creation of different kinds of quizzes (personality quiz, scored quizzes or any other type of quiz). Allows meta cognitive monitoring which means via scores or self-assessments, students know what they have learned and grow their confidence level.

How to Market Your Course to Millennials and Gen Z


Most Millennials encountered Facebook for the first time in college, whereas Gen Z grew up with it in middle school. But being aware of the broad strokes can help you target your course more effectively by appealing to common behaviors among these groups. They expect other people to be involved, if only as a leaderboard score. Demographics matter for e-learning. Here’s how to make sense of them—and market your course accordingly. Generations are always a bit nebulous.

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7 Ways to Enable a Virtual Sales Team


With the effects of the current pandemic, that number has skyrocketed. Sales readiness technology allows organizations to move beyond assessments and scores to understand how to target activities that move the needle. They’re on Facebook, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, They’re getting feeds of news, information, best practices and tips and tricks on selling and market conditions every day. Effective communication is more critical than ever when teams are remote.

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5 social learning tips to enhance your blended learning strategy


Social media and online discussion forums like Facebook and Slack are essential for discussing issues, sharing articles and asking questions. It’ll help in improving the effectiveness of your course by filling the lapses left behind by your content. Gamification involves the application of typical gaming elements like points scoring, targets and many more in a non-game context. Blended learning is a strategy that has been in existence for some time.

eLearning Content And Social Media

eLearning Brothers

Can Facebook Be Effectively Utilized for eLearning? Facebook is the most complex social media network as far as the tools it provides; it has text, images, videos, scoring, comments, pages, sharing, likes, and a full web-based embedded app platform. Here, you should be able to get an idea what direction to take your Facebook presence. Take advantage of Facebook pages for free and integrate their application platform into your eLearning strategy.

Using Captivate to Create Cool Text Animations

Integrated Learnings

Once you have created the text animation, you can choose from a wide variety of animation effects. I counted 85 different effects in Adobe Captivate 5.5. Select each effect and you will see it’s preview. Select “Fly_Away” for the Effect. Set the Transition Effect to “No Transition” - do this so that the text does not fade away and become unreadable when the animation is complete. Set the Transition Effect for the project to the same (for the same reason).

Impact of informal learning: output learning #LCBQ

Challenge to Learn

With formal learning (classroom and LMS based e-Learning) you usually get an assessment in the end, if you score enough points you get your certificate. It only will be if it has an effect on the learners working skills, making them more effective and productive. The other thing is that the output of learning is not the learning on itself but the effect it has on the workplace (you want to improve efficiency and productivity).

Tony Bingham #ASTDL20 keynote

Learning Visions

There will be less uncertainty but more volatility The ability to dig in data and effectively mine it will make decision making different. How many orgs block Facebook? You can’t block Facebook on your phone! The number of people worldwide using Facebook and Twitter: staggering. We ARE getting smarter: raw IQ scores are jumping 3 points/decade since WWII Young people think it’s cool to be smart. Today I’m at ASTD’s New England Regional Conference: Learning 2.0

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Why Mobile Learning Can Grab Millenials’ Attention


When you really dig into why mLearning can be so effective in the workplace and then find creative mLearning applications, you’ll grab the attention of your Millenial workforce, and other generations in your workforce, too. It’s Effective. At the same time, the course completion and passing scores are about the same. No significant difference in test scores (94% on both desktop and mobile) and percentage who pass (94% on mobile and 95% desktop).

3 Creative Ways to Engage Employees with a Micro-Learning LMS

Ed App

In addition to increasing the efficiency of knowledge transfer by 17%, according to a 2017 Journal of Applied Psychology paper, these advantages can roughly be broken down into three main areas: Time and Cost Savings: Micro-learning reduces or eliminates the need for travel, reduces time away from the workplace, and makes scaling your training programs more cost-effective. As an employer, there are several advantages to using micro-learning as part of your training strategy. .

Why You Need an LMS


Take a second to consider just how much content is competing for your attention in your Facebook news feed…. Tracks compliance training completion and scores. For even more blog posts on how to create effective e-Learning and successful online training, subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog! Online learners today can read blogs, browse Twitter, participate in Wikis, turn to social networks, watch videos and more, accessing valuable information about any subject.

The Neuroscience of Personalised Learning

Growth Engineering

Personalisation plays a big role in allowing new information to reach the right areas of the brain and be stored effectively. As the history takes on a personal meaning, it becomes a relational memory, and is stored more effectively. As we ask learners to apply learning to their own experiences, they place it into their own personal context, and are able to recall it more effectively. Here at Growth Engineering, our overarching goal is to maximise the engagement of learners.

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How To Edit Video- Normalize Audio Clips & Volume

TechSmith Camtasia

Some people have soft voices that will not do well with overbearing musical scores. Quick tip: There are many royalty free music website that provide professional musical scores. Services like YouTube and Facebook will block your content if it has an active copyright. In Camtasia , you can apply fade in and fade out effects. This allows you to effectively apply key frames where you want your track or music audio to be higher or lower.

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An Introduction to the Enterprise Quiz Builder From ProProfs


Get details like who took your quiz and when, their scores, performance and more. When you create a quiz and post it on your Facebook page, there’s a fair chance that not all who scroll past it will attempt it.

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Introducing the Social Intranet Index

E-Learning Provocateur

Strangely, though, they all know how to use Facebook. Beyond a reductionist score, the target audience can now post free-form comments in response to the content. Devoid of ringfences, the platform effectively becomes a giant wiki. Effectively, its hierarchy flattens. There’s a lot of talk about social intranets these days. It even threatens to overtake the blogosphere’s current obsession with gamification. But what exactly is a social intranet…?

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