ILT, Elearning, or MOOC? When to Use Common Training Formats

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The point is that when many people, even in L&D departments, think about effective corporate training, they have one specific format in mind, and that format is usually either instructor-led training (ILT) or elearning.

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Why Your Existing E-Learning is Failing, and How MOOCs Can Help

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According to recent statistics, 80% of organizations offer online training and companies that have adopted e-learning have realized significant benefits, including 60% reduction in training time. They use summative rather than formative assessments.

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Are Digital Textbooks More Effective for K-12 Curriculum


Surely, students must have demonstrated a liking towards eBooks or there must have been statistical evidence of students scoring better grades when learning from digital textbooks. There are many reasons as to why K-12 students must leverage digital textbooks in their learning journey; portability and cost-effectiveness being two of the major factors inspiring this change. Let us have a look at why digital textbooks are more effective for K-12 curriculum: 1.

Abstract of Study: Effect of Computer-Based Video Games on Children: An Experimental Study

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One major research null hypothesis was tested: there are no statistically significant differences in students’ achievement when they receive two different instructional treatments: (1) traditional CAI; and (2) a computer-based video game.

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3 Common Mistakes that Make E-Learning Less Effective

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But along with the surge in use, I often see a few common mistakes that can be detrimental to any platform’s effectiveness. They can have a negative effect not only on the training’s effectiveness but on an organization’s success as a whole. However, statistics show us that reading slides on a computer screen is not only painful but disengaging as well. To be effective, e-learning must be designed with modern instructional design principles in mind.

How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Mobile Learning Strategy

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I will outline two approaches that you can use to increase the effectiveness of your mobile learning strategy. Increasing The Effectiveness Of Your Mobile Learning Strategy. It can also be used effectively to foster a collaborative or social learning.

Steal this Sales Copy Formula to Sell More Courses!


If you have accurately identified your target market , writing effective sales copy will be much easier for you. This simple guide is meant to show you how to write effective sales copy for your course.

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3 Rockin’ Lectora Layout Templates

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Each text box is the color of yellowed paper, with a light gradient for the added effect of time-faded parchment. Statistics show that mobile devices account for a great deal of internet traffic, even rivaling the once reigning champion, desktop browsing.

Interactions: to tell or to test?

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With that in mind, I thought I’d share one of my top tips for designing effective interactions that help to enhance the e-learning experience. Finally, ‘telling’ interactions can be very effective in bringing facts to life and putting policy and regulations in context.

Can an LMS Increase Mindfulness in the Workplace?


Despite these sobering statistics, there is hope for stressed employees. On the contrary, many LMS administrators prefer to use it in a blended learning format. If any place could use more mindfulness, it’s the workplace.

8 Creative Ways to Visualize Ideas with Explainer Videos


By effectively exploiting the power of visual and audio, you can better visualize your ideas and even fill content gaps. Explainer videos represent a beloved format for learning new things. Creatively Explain Statistics Why do people find statistics so difficult?

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3 New Ways Docebo Supports Personalized Learning With Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool that elevates human decision-making because there is no statistical model or algorithm that can substitute the intuition of a human being. In learning, the AI requires a deeper data set to produce more relevant and effective results.

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5 Mobile Learning Trends: How M-LearningIs Changing the Workplace

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Be it preparing for an interview or gathering the relevant statistics on the way to a meeting, mobiles have become tools of providing ubiquitous support, especially for accessing bite-sized information.

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Infographics and Learning


However, a simple picture may not be effective for conveying highly complex data, data sets, or information such as the ones below: History of the world. Worldwide Internet usage statistics. “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” ” ~ Leonardo da Vinci.

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8 Examples Of Video-Based Learning For Corporate Training

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Let me highlight their impact through some statistics: There are 22 billion daily video views: Snapchat (10 billion), Facebook (8 billion), and YouTube (4 billion). With this, the learners want to see online training in formats they normally view on their smartphones—notably, videos and apps.

18 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 11

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In short, the last week has seen the internet buzzing with activity – from some astonishing statistics in the mobile domain to eBooks taking the centre stage in publishing market and the entry of QR in eLearning. And by 2014, half the executives expect e-books to be the dominant format.

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5 Simple Ways to Make a More Engaging Course

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While this isn’t a bad format per se, when it’s overdone it gets very tedious. That is, start with an interesting fact, statistic, relevant story, or brief overview of the subject to set the hook.

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Informal first

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Yet despite knowing these statistics – and sprouting them at opportune moments – many L&D professionals spend their time, energy and dollars in inverse proportion: • 80% on formal training. Whatever is required to make the learning experience authentic and effective.

Podcasting: Is It Right For Your Content Mix?

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Well, podcast adoption statistics are impressive by any measure. If you’re already recording videos or writing articles – or hiring someone to create content in these formats – you’ll be glad to know that podcasts take less time and money to develop.

Secret to Increasing Learner Engagement

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To counter this terrifying statistic, we have a secret, and boy is it a good one, to boost learner engagement for the contribution to overall corporate success. A culture of constant learning is believed to be the most effective learning and development strategy, promoting the importance of up-to-date skills. According to PageUp, 2019 Learning Trends statistics, 87% of employees believe that sharing knowledge with their team is pivotal to learning.

3 Areas To Combine Employee Training And Micro Learning


The way people learn at work, and in general, has shifted and training formats have needed to adapt. There are plenty of great statistics supporting micro-learning, including the way it increases knowledge retention, reduces training duration, and allows learners to pace their learning.

Why You Should A/B Test a MOOC, and How to Do It

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A/B testing is a first step that will allow you to see what you think of the new format, while also gathering data that will help you make a decision for the future. When your A/B test has completed, analyze your data to see which format comes out ahead.

7 Microlearning Online Training Assets You May Be Overlooking

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Not only can you reach your target audience without long development lead times, but also you can engage them more effectively. Deliver it microlearning format, and corporate learners will feel inspired and informed at the same time.

Selling Storytelling in Learning

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We’ve already got the slides built, so it just needs to be converted to an online format. How are you measuring the effectiveness of this training?” ” “Do you have any statistics on how many complaints you’ve had in the past?

SaaS vs custom eLearning solution: How to Start an Online Tutoring Business?


According to Statistics, the eLearning industry is expected to hit the $37.6 Define the type of courses like video courses, written format courses, etc. Various e-learning platforms allow tutors to post lessons and courses in various formats; videos are one the bests.

7 Ways eLearning Visuals Benefit Online Learners


In this article, we’ll share the 7 ways in which eLearning visuals can benefit online learners and improve your eLearning course’s effectiveness. Charts and graphs that depict statistics in a way that learners can remember.

Program Evaluation: A Process for Learning

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For example, if we want to know if a particular medical procedure is effective, we would do research to correlate that procedure with intended outcomes in a range of settings and with a range of people. This has to do with the format in which information is reported.

Quick Tips to Measure Training ROI


Employers expect their employees to be well trained so that they can effectively contribute to the growth of the organization. This has been made possible with the help of back-end tools which collect employee engagement data, analyze it and displays it in a comprehensive format. Businesses work on numbers and statistics. There has to be a report to validate the effectiveness of the training program, where analytics can help.

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How Do Interactive Quizzes Enhance Learning & Assessment?


Today, effective assessment and learning enhancement depend on the methods & resources used. One of such tools in the sphere of e-Learning which has paved the way for effective assessment and enhanced learning are interactive quizzes.

The importance of Reports in online training


Your training program’s effectiveness gauge. You want to have a **effective** training program. After you’ve visited a specific report section you get to see the various statistics collected for it.

8 Examples Of Video-Based Learning For Corporate Training

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Let me highlight their impact through some statistics: There are 22 billion daily video views: Snapchat (10 billion), Facebook (8 billion), and YouTube (4 billion). In fact, it is steadily moving to a situation of ‘mobile first’ (that is, the training is consumed predominantly on smartphones) from the more prevalent format of ‘mobile friendly’ (that is, the training is expected to be consumed across devices that include desktops, laptops, tablets as well as smartphones).

A Conversation with Duncan Lennox

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Qstream incorporates the “spacing” and “testing” effects into a simple, mobile delivery platform that engages users in the active recall of critical material over brief intervals of time.

Infographic: How Neurolearning Can Drastically Improve Your Employees Ability to Learn New Skills


You are also actively engaged with the content by singing along, which is actively enhancing memory formation in your brain tied to the song. Human Brain Statistics. Learning is a lot more than just “Read this,” and “Look at that.”

3 Issues with Diversity Training (and How to Address Each)


You should not only customize the format of your training program according to modality. Your Millennial employees are statistically likelier to know LGBTQ+ individuals and thus might offer insights to that effect during group discussions.

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4 different ways to view and download “Survey Stats”


Now, you can download four different kinds of statistical charts for every question in a particular survey you create using our survey software. The downloadable formats include pie charts, line charts, bar charts as well as excel spreadsheets. Different kinds of statistical charts.