Global Leadership Development (GLD): Distance

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We are going to take a look at the challenges you may face when implementing a global leadership development program, starting with one of the most obvious challenges: distance. We will discuss the development and design of global leadership development training in an upcoming installment.

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Staff Education Challenges for Global Business

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In his post in Training Journal [7] , Rob May says that if you want to succeed when it comes AI-led blended training, you have to understand how your employees learn and when they learn most effectively.

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Staff Education Challenges for Global Business

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Global expansion is a strategic objective for many businesses and a reality for others. Here arise the challenges associated with the global workforce management, with staff education and training as the key one. Staff Education Challenges are Leading to Global Training Need.

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GLD 3: Creating a Global Bench

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After dealing with the challenges of distance and culture, the next challenge for global leadership development is how to create a leadership bench or pool that is truly global in scope. How can you prepare these groups for the mobility of a global bench?

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Enhancing the Learning Experience by Leveraging Learner Analytics

Speaker: Seth Puri, EVP Global Sales and Marketing, Gutenberg Technology

The importance of learner analytics is well understood among the eLearning community – but practical knowledge of how to capture and use those numbers is much harder to find. In this webinar, Seth Puri, EVP of Global Sales and Marketing for Gutenberg Technology, will deliver a guide to collecting and assessing learning outcomes – and demonstrate how doing so can help you deliver a differentiated eLearning experience.

GLD 6: Obtaining Buy-In in a Global Environment

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All of your best plans for the creation of a global leadership development program may be meaningless if you do not obtain the buy in of key individuals or groups. You’ll need to obtain buy in from any individual or group who can push your global leadership development program forward.

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How to develop effective employee training programs for global media teams


How to develop effective employee training programs for global media and publishing teams When I decided to conduct a mini-experiment with my Docebo colleagues as the subjects, I basically knew what I was getting into. What makes globalized learning content effective?

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5 Tips for Creating Better Global Virtual Training

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With planning and some research, you can build blended learning and virtual learning campaigns that accommodate multiple cultures and create an effective learning environment that engages all learners, no matter where they are. Global Virtual Classroom 50 Modern Blended Learning Blogs

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Training and the New Global Economy

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Keep in mind that you have to be cost-effective, but also examine what your cost measures were before the global economic breakdown.

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Why a crowdsourced library could overcome global challenges

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Let’s restate the obvious just so we’re on the same page: One of the largest global challenges facing us today is worldwide poverty. Education is a key to wiping out global poverty, and adult education is a significant part of that equation.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

When they’re set up within an effective authoring tool, you don’t need to attend to every. and is displayed in the most effective way possible. for organizations working globally, but. the effectiveness with which different. distributing effective, innovative learning.

Why a crowdsourced library could overcome global challenges

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Let’s restate the obvious just so we’re on the same page: One of the largest global challenges facing us today is worldwide poverty. Education is a key to wiping out global poverty, and adult education is a significant part of that equation.

The Snowball Effect: Documentation and Training for Global ERP Systems

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Finally, it was time to start bringing the wonder of SAP to the company’s global operations. The company was smart and planned a phased global implementation over several years. My client and I are fully encased in the Snowball Effect.

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The Eight Key Elements of Effective Global Compliance Training Programs

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This case underscores the need for a global compliance program within companies, particularly ones that operate in multiple locations and countries around the world. How do you create a global compliance program? Creating a global compliance program is not enough.

Podcast 20: Interpreting Global eLearning Trends – With Donald H. Taylor

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Don is one of the best-known voices in the global learning community. Today, we’re fortunate to talk with Don about the results of his annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey – a must-read for anyone who cares about the direction of learning technologies!

5 Proofs That eLearning Is the Next Global Revolution


Here are the main reasons why eLearning is about to bring the next global revolution and help all parties succeed. It is cost-effective in comparison to other tools. There are so many reasons why eLearning is much more effective compared to traditional learning tools!

Are You Developing Global Leaders?

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To remain competitive in a global economy, organizations must determine the best way to position their business and people for success; that requires strong global leadership. The Problem with Global Leadership. Advances in technology have hastened globalization.

Global Virtual Teams: What’s Working? What’s Frustrating?

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Recently, guest BYTE speaker Mary Kingsley provided sage advice to leaders looking to inspire their global virtual teams. BYTE Session Recap. Thanks to technological advances, physical walls and single zip codes no longer constrain our organizations.

Take Your Training Global with Effective Translation and Localization

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Discover the many translation and localization strategies that can help your e-learning course go truly global. Training Translations translation and localization

Globally connected minds

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Wouldn''t we be foolish if we were faced with huge problems, and couldn''t solve them because we were unable to use our collective intelligence, or the global connectivity we now enjoy? Increasingly, the effect of the global connected mind will emerge as a social phenomenon.

Leading a Productive Remote Team with Global eTraining

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Here are 4 things Global eTraining customers are doing to switch to remote work without losing momentum. ISO 19650 Global BIM Standards. Not a Global eTraining customer yet? It’s easy to add learners to your Global eTraining subscription with our monthly Pay-As-You-Go option.

Microlearning For Improving Employee Performance: Is It Really Effective?


Global organizations have started using Microlearning For Employee Performance, engagement as it is found to be very effective e-learning methodology

The challenges of training global workers

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How can you provide effective training for all your employees wherever they are in the world? Food retailers offer the most obvious examples of the challenges in training for global organisations, but all companies face similar issues.

What Will The Global Pandemic Do To Corporate Online Training?


Craig, who is the founder of the Craig Weiss group, as well as FindAnLMS, foresees a negative short-term effect on the eLearning industry, as “ budgets will be tightened in the Learning & Development, Training, and HR departments, ” as the economy prepares for a recession.

Doing Good Effectively

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And whether you donate to charities or you are a philanthropist that gives grants to nonprofits, you should care about organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Overhead matters, but effectiveness matters more. It’s that giving time of year again.

3 Ways To Produce Cost-Effective Content For Global Learning

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In this article, we will discuss 3 ways to produce cost-effective multi-lingual versions of your L&D content. Creating quality Learning and Development content that achieves desired outcomes can be a challenging process. Converting that content, into multi-lingual versions can be overwhelming. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Design and Development eLearning Content Development eLearning Design Tips eLearning Development Best Practices eLearning Localization

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How to Reach A Global Audience

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Just as English captions make your videos accessible to more viewers, subtitles in other languages help you reach a more global audience. So what are you doing to optimize your content to reach a more global audience? How Video Helps to Reach a Global Audience.

E-Learning is Going Global and Here’s Why


E-Learning has a long list of benefits, but a big reason for the push is because it is cost-effective. Another reason it is so cost-effective is because it saves money on having to buy supplies. Not only is e-Learning cost effective and time efficient, it also can be used continually.

Global forces

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Many of us do so willingly, but there is a very real underlying tension between the effects of the global and the desires of the individual. Globalization can be defined as 'the increasing interdependence of world society' (Giddens, 1991: 520).

Global eTraining Named SIIA Business Technology Product CODiE Award Finalist

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Global eTraining Named SIIA Business Technology Product CODiE Award Finalist for Best Corporate / Enterprise Learning Solution The Global eTraining Knowledge Management Platform earns prestigious industry recognition. – William Myers, Director of Operations, Global eTraining.

OpenSesame announces expanded partnership with Global Learning Systems to extend IT security and compliance training


Portland, OR – 29 April 2020 – OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced the addition of Global Learning Systems (GLS) to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription to expand its global IT security and compliance training offering. About Global Learning Systems.

Challenges and Solutions of creating e-Learning Solutions for an Enterprise-Wide Global Audience


According to a popular research, the global e-learning market is growing at the rate of 15.06 Global e-learning programs can help companies drastically cut travel and employees’ training costs, as well as improve efficiency while retaining a uniform international company culture.

How to Achieve Consistent Global Training


With global teams, you need to have an effective global training strategy, to make sure the learning needs of your employees are […]. The post How to Achieve Consistent Global Training appeared first on GO1 Learning.

How Caterpillar Identified Gaps in Global Learning Programs [Part 2]


Our Global Dealer Learning (GDL) team, which is responsible for supporting the company’s dealers, examined how learning and development was being applied across these key roles (sales and product support) and identified a vast difference in how learning programs were implemented across dealers.

5 Top Tips To Create Effective Global eLearning

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Occasionally, international companies need to roll out training throughout the world, but how do you create a learning solution for a global audience that actually works? Let me take you through some of my Dos and Don’ts of creating effective eLearning for an international user base. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Best Practices Blended Learning Solutions Corporate eLearning Best Practices eLearning Localization eLearning Translation