Tech Company Grovo Hires First CLO

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Grovo, an education technology company that was founded in 2010 and focuses on microlearning applications through its technology, professional services and content library, hired its first chief learning officer, Summer Salomonsen.

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3 Steps to Creating a Microlearning Strategy: Dallas Lunch & (Micro)Learn Highlights


An effective L&D solution will target the behavior you identified in Step 1. They saw a 50% return rate for each lesson assigned: half of employees who completed a required lesson would then choose to browse Grovo’s Library and complete additional, unassigned lessons. By starting with compliance, he was able to win over employees quickly by surprising them with well-crafted content that would naturally encourage curiosity to check out other learning in the Grovo library.

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Trademark Announcement Sparks Conversation About Microlearning

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Education technology company Grovo has trademarked one of the industry’s hottest buzzwords. Patent and Trademark Office has given Grovo a registered trademark on “microlearning.”. Grovo CEO Steven Carpenter said going after other companies that use the term is not Grovo’s intent.

Going Long on Shorter Learning

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Rangnekar’s story illustrates what many learning leaders are finding: Traditional one-size-fits-all learning is less and less effective for a dispersed, globally diverse audience. Tags: BenchPrep , bite-sized learning , gamification , Grovo , microlearning , personalization.

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Why Your Best Individual Contributor Isn’t Ready to be a People Manager


A Grovo survey of 500 managers found that 87 percent of managers wish they’d had more training before their promotion. If they do, there’s a trickle-down effect that could mean an increase in stress level and decrease in morale.

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Announcing New Lessons on Being an Active Bystander


The answer is, at least in part, the bystander effect. The bystander effect is a psychosocial phenomenon in which an individual is less likely to seek or offer help in a situation when other people are present. Instead of using the power of a group to effect change, we assume others will step up. Our new Grovo Microlearning® content, Be an Active Bystander, by producer Jen SanMiguel will support us all in standing up for our values and fellow human beings.

Why Microlearning Is the Best Way to Train Sales Teams


Effective salespeople are masters of a complex skillset. L&D can help accelerate the learning curve by delivering sales training in a format that’s highly effective in a short amount of time.

Why Millennials Love Microlearning


The key to doing that job effectively is microlearning , a method that uses small moments of learning to drive better job performance and development. Microlearning is the most effective way to learn on mobile. The post Why Millennials Love Microlearning appeared first on Grovo Blog.

Spaced Repetition Apps Are the New 3×5: Futuristic Flashcards and Microlearning


If you’ve ever had to cram for a test, though, you know how effective a study method it is. A good deal of the pedagogy that powers Anki, Cerego, Memrise, and the rest of these memorization apps is also built into Grovo.

Why Microlearning Is The Best Way To Train New Managers


Effective learning doesn’t just increase what you know. The post Why Microlearning Is The Best Way To Train New Managers appeared first on Grovo Blog. Becoming a first-time manager is a thrilling step in just about any professional career. It’s also one of the scariest.

How Microlearning Makes Better Marketers


Marketing has one of the most pronounced digital skills gaps of any industry: 90 percent of marketers considered themselves under-skilled in digital marketing functions, and 93 percent said they also can’t find people with the necessary skills to be effective digital marketers.

Seven 2017 Learning Trends: Novel or Norm?

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Videos, VR, and games all lend themselves to stories so the ability to craft compelling stories is going to be key to effective use of technologies. At the start of a new year – or the end of an old one – we love to read about trends.

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Here’s What Comes After the LMS


That impact, or lack thereof, is the difference between learning and what we call “effective learning.” It’s the mechanism of growth and the outcome of effective learning. All of it needs to come together inside a framework of effective pedagogy. Effective.

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Oculus Rift Is Going To Be Awesome for Enterprise Training


Grovo solves for that by training in micro, which presents learners with content that demands very little cognitive work and very little time. But nothing is as effective as immersion training, which is why Oculus Rift holds enormous potential.

Excellence in E-Learning

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Excellence in E-Learning: Recognizes vendors that have rolled out an innovative and effective e-learning program or suite for a client. Grovo. Working with Grovo, IHG cut onboarding time from five weeks to two.

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Why Microlearning Works


Effective learning helps you practice new behaviors, not just hear about them. Effective learning techniques like spaced repetition and interleaving become available. Microlearning is more than the most effective way to deliver training content in the 21st century.

Professional Development in 60 Seconds: Microlearning For Senior Leaders


Scores of books and blog posts offer theories on effective leadership development. But effective leaders themselves remain in short supply. Microlearning offers three key benefits that are particularly valuable to this audience: speed, flexibility, and effectiveness.

How Long is too Short? Determining the Ideal Duration for Bite-Sized Learning

Origin Learning

Ever since Grovo Inc. ATD Research polled 228 respondents working in various organizations that deployed microlearning to figure out the effective length of a microlearning activity.

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5 Tips For Creating 21st Century Learning Content


Is there anything effective learning can’t do? They spend their own money seeking out effective learning when their workplaces don’t offer it. The first step in doing that is creating effective content. We know it empowers and aligns your workforce.

Snapchat, Millennials, and the Micro Revolution


Grovo Sapien Meg Corbet stages a Facebook photo-op with her friend Noah, but cares less in a snap with Content Writer Julia Reiss. Case in point—one of the most important elements of effective microlearning is repetition, which is pretty well precluded by disappearing content.).

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7 Most Used Online Corporate Training Platforms


L&D teams and corporate trainers may design effective training programs, but without the right delivery platform, the training still remains ineffective. Related: 5 Ways to Create Effective Interactive Training Content. Grovo: With Grovo, enterprises can create and deliver engaging training content to employees. Grovo has a microlearning library with relevant video content that organizations can choose according to their requirements.

What Is An LMS? And Why Would Anybody Use One in 2016?


Others simply haven’t felt enough pain with the status quo to seek more effective solutions. It turns off users, creates learning fatigue instead of learning engagement, and forces companies to work around the limitations of old technology instead of developing their people effectively.

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The 5 Tech Developments Changing The LMS


Unfortunately, this approach wasn’t “hella effective” for very long. In order to effectively engage users, learning technology has to be sexy and mobile, like the apps we use every day. The post The 5 Tech Developments Changing The LMS appeared first on Grovo Blog.

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Scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of microlearning. Therefore, frequent short bursts of content are much more effective than one-off learning interventions or ‘binge’ learning. Microlearning is expanding fast in workplace learning as it is answering the needs of the modern, mobile, busy employee. It has become popular the same way that takeaway meals, pre-washed salads and assorted cut fruits have become part of our modern lifestyle.

What’s Wrong With Learning Management Systems?


When learning is effective , it drives business results in a number of ways. Accomplishing lasting behavior change requires realistic content delivered with effective practice techniques: spaced repetition, self-testing, variation, interleaving. appeared first on Grovo Blog.

Why Microlearning Drives Over 20% More Information Retention Than Long-Form Training


The researchers mentioned two dynamics potentially in effect. The post Why Microlearning Drives Over 20% More Information Retention Than Long-Form Training appeared first on Grovo Blog. The world of enterprise L&D has yet another reason to be buzzing about microlearning.

8 Essential Questions on The Future Of Corporate Education In 2018

Your Training Edge

The required equipment to prepare a high-quality training video is comparatively cost-effective today and is easily accessible. However, recent developments in the sphere of technology are focused to make the VR and AR systems more accessible and extremely cost-effective.

How Do You Define Digital Learning?

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As we look at the work required to build an effective digital learning environment at work, it’s turning out to be much harder than we thought. Vendors like, Skillsoft, Grovo, Udacity, Udemy, NovoEd, SkillShare and others offer this.

5 Rules for Successful Microlearning

ATD Learning Technologies

For the last seven years at Grovo, I have studied what makes microlearning effective in an organizational setting. For example, this story begins a Grovo lesson on how to make sure a solution is working after it has been implemented.

Microlearning—Is it a Good Fit for Your Training Program?

The Learning Dispatch

Organizations are finding that microlearning creates effective training more quickly and less expensively than traditional courses. If that’s the case, then maybe deep, extensive, and even in-person learning might be more effective than a series of short training segments.

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Please L+&D, Can We Have More Management Training?

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It’s no secret that poor management factors into poor employee engagement, but a September 2016 Grovo study revealed this critical employee group wants all the help it can get.

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Learning Management In The Age of Learning Engagement


If HCM software is to stand any chance of engaging modern employees, it has to deliver effective learning in one cohesive solution. Is it presented in a way that leverages effective learning strategies so it’s not just in one ear and out the other?

How Technology is Changing the Way We Do Product Training


Microlearning Platforms The first part of effective product training is improving product knowledge. For many organizations — especially financial institutions — the role of frontline staff is changing.

5-step guide to kick-starting your digital strategy for sales training


Every sales trainer needs to have an effective digital strategy for reaching and training their workforce. Check out Docebo , QuoDeck , Grovo , and Litmos. Digital learning is a shift that sales trainers need to get behind as quickly as possible.

Why Micro Learning Is the Future of Corporate Training


Although micro learning makes up a relatively small percentage of the overall learning that happens in an average workplace each day, it is one of the most effective forms of information acquisition. Its effectiveness is based on its ability to help people retain and recall information.