Why Millennials Love Microlearning


The key to doing that job effectively is microlearning , a method that uses small moments of learning to drive better job performance and development. Microlearning is the most effective way to learn on mobile. The post Why Millennials Love Microlearning appeared first on Grovo Blog.

7 Most Used Online Corporate Training Platforms


L&D teams and corporate trainers may design effective training programs, but without the right delivery platform, the training still remains ineffective. It has an easy-to-use interface which lets you create and securely deliver content across multiple devices and operating systems. Related: 5 Ways to Create Effective Interactive Training Content. The tool offers data security and conforms to all the laws and regulations for data privacy.

Which Learning Content Trends Matter Most to You?

Talented Learning

While “shorter” content isn’t necessarily better by definition, “right-sized” content can be highly effective when it’s offered at the right time in a useful format. Platforms designed for microlearning include Axonify , Grovo , PlayerLync and others.