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3 Areas To Combine Employee Training And Micro Learning


Micro-learning is a buzzword in the elearning industry, and for good reason. The way people learn at work, and in general, has shifted and training formats have needed to adapt. Many training professionals have heard of micro-learning and understand the value of breaking learning material down into concise, organized, easily accessible packets of knowledge for their employees. What is the difference between micro-learning and macro-learning?

Going Mobile for Enterprise Learning: Trends & Statistics

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The ushering in of the Bring Your Own Device era has created opportunities for organizations to leverage devices for learning that people access on the go. With BYOD policies, comes the need for device agnostic content delivery which makes sure that learning experience is largely unaffected by the end user’s device. Simply converting an existing e-learning catalog into m-learning has little success.

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How should team-leaders use Micro-learning to train their team?


Why micro-learning? Traditionally, learning comprises of long classroom sessions and large documents or videos in their online avatar. Therefore, micro-learning proves to be an effective way of imparting learning to your team. “As Let’s look at a case study and understand how you as a FMCG team lead can use micro-learning for your team. You recently learned about micro-learning and want to apply its principles to training.

5 Situations Where Micro-Learning Can Help Pharma Sales Reps

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Micro-learning is the preferred choice when it comes to training sales reps in the pharmaceutical sector as it provides positive results and better ROI for sales training. Micro-learning modules are the ideal solution for training on-the-go pharma sales reps. Our pharma sales rep, Jack, encounters many situations in his job where micro-learning has helped. Micro-learning modules helped him know about the topics and evaluate his content knowledge.

How Microlearning Enables “Micro-Moments”

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Welcome back to our #BLPLearn blog series, where we offer a monthly look at design and technology as it pertains to learning and development. What are Micro-Moments? But outside of the training world, the Internet is abuzz with a different “micro” term: micro-moments. That’s because back in 2015, Google shared a slew of new research about micro-moments. That’s why “Learner Personas” (modeled after “Buyer Personas”) are such an effective technique.

How Performance Support Apps Are Faring In Today’s Workplaces


THE QUOTE: “ The incredible expansion of mobile technologies is an important factor that will both drive and support the deployment of workplace learning tools and systems in the area of performance support.” – Charles Jennings (Managing Director, Duntroon Associates, and Founder, 70:20:10 Forum ). We, at Learnnovators, have been excited about leveraging this technology for workplace performance support (especially, in the context of ‘on-the-job learning’).

Clive Shepherd – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


ABOUT CLIVE SHEPHERD (Learning Technologist, Director – Onlignment Ltd. & Clive is a consultant learning technologist. He works with a broad range of public and private sector organisations internationally, helping them to build capability in the application of new media to learning, and to transform workplace learning through the effective integration of formal, informal, on-demand and experiential learning.

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How To Create Top Notch Mobile Learning Videos For Online Training

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In this article, I’ll share 9 tips to create top notch mobile learning videos for compliance online training. . In fact, they can become a distraction for busy employees who need targeted information, minus the Hollywood effects. Here are 9 tips to produce amazing mobile learning videos for your compliance online training course. The Learning Management System automatically optimizes the online training content for the user’s device.

Dropping the Bomb: Using New Information to Zap Life into Learners

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Throwing a Learning Surprise Party The essence of an effective surprise is contrast. In the same vein, new information presented in an interesting approach makes learners remember better. This group shown new images remembered more and better than the other group, because what they saw was fresh and effectively surprised the brain into remembering and learning. The hippocampus compares the incoming information with stored knowledge.

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ABOUT CLIVE SHEPHERD (Learning Technologist, Director – Onlignment Ltd. & Clive is a consultant learning technologist. He works with a broad range of public and private sector organisations internationally, helping them to build capability in the application of new media to learning, and to transform workplace learning through the effective integration of formal, informal, on-demand and experiential learning. All on-job learning’ is not enough.

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HR Tech and Startups in 2018: The year that was


So if in the first quarter, Degreed, a global platform for discovery, learning & certification of skills, made news by raising $42 Mn in a funding round, back home, in the second quarter, Indian corporate social responsibility and sustainability management technology platform, Goodera brought raised around $12 Mn. Globally, US-based job review and job hunting website Glassdoor was acquired by a Japanese human-resources and consumer-information provider, Recruit Holdings Co.

Is Your Lesson Like the Sinking Titanic? - Tip #131

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As knowledge experts, how can we help learners navigate through the flood of information? How can we help learners cut through blocks of statistical information in intellectually and emotionally engaging ways? Ideas to Try Start with a short conclusion Give learners what they need to learn or start with shocking statistics. Mapping data enables learners to look beyond the numbers and statistics. Learn more about story and experience-based eLearning.

5 Examples of How To Use Mobile Learning In Retail To Maximize Your Training Impact

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In this article, I explain, through tips and examples, how they can be mitigated using mobile learning. I also highlight how microlearning can help increase training effectiveness. Ways To Use Mobile Learning In Retail Industry And Face Challenges In Employees Skill Development. They need learning solutions that are easily accessible and available precisely at the moment of their need. What Is mLearning (Or Mobile Learning) And What Is Pushing Its Adoption?

State of the Modern Learner


Distracted… but Want to Learn. They’re consuming information in shorter, more personalized, more engaging ways. When seeking new information, they’re likely to Google something or check out a video on YouTube, but that’s typically done with the intention of using that information right away. Consider, 50% of information is forgotten within one hour without some type of reinforcement training. Welcome to 2019 – a time when people expect to be entertained.

Engaging Millennials Through Virtual Training


It’s not only advised, but essential that training programs are designed with this statistic in mind as more millennials continue to populate organizations across the globe. Based on what we know about their behavior and learning style, here are the best ways to engage millennials via virtual training. This is a generation that grew up on technology and is accustomed to learning and solving problems through computer applications. According to the U.S.

The Growing Case for Microlearning


Yet, millennials have gotten a bad reputation for being lazy, entitled individuals who need instant gratification and have a short attention span, spend all day on social media, and don’t effectively contribute to growing a successful organization. We’re all aware of the statistics on shorter attention spans but is this really a bad thing? eLearning HRtech learning learning design micro learning microlearning millennials microlearning platform video learning

Playing to Learn: 3 Ways Gamification Engages Employees


At the heart of gamified learning is the philosophy that interactive learning is effective learning. Gamification has proven to be one of the most intuitive innovations in learning today. Gamification has combined forces with major players in the employee training industry to revolutionize the latter’s learning programs, especially in areas like continuing education and skill development. Corporate Training eLearning Micro Learning

How to Create Microlearning Courses Your Sales Reps Will Never Forget

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What makes microlearning so effective for sales training is that it aims to address one learning point at a time, leading to long term retention. According to a study by the Brevet Group, videos reduce information overload as 80% of what we remember comes from seeing and doing, 20% from reading, and 10% from hearing. . Your sales representatives are constantly bombarded with sales figures and statistics related to their products as well as their competitors’ products.

How to Increase Employee Engagement Using an LMS

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Many are finding that implementing the use of a learning management system (LMS) in the workplace can help. Based on the latest report by Software Advice , we’ve rounded up a few key statistics on employee engagement and how to increase it in the workplace. Most employees, 58%, would be more likely to use their company’s online learning tools if the content was broken up into multiple, shorter lessons. This can be accomplished with content chunking or micro-learning.

Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training


Mobile learning for corporate training refers to the anytime, everywhere training that is available on mobile devices. It’s right here that effective training and in-depth learning turns out to be crucial. Statistics suggest. – Leverage Micro-learning.

Converting In-person Training to Online Training


Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly a quarter of American workers are working from home due to the pandemic — training will have to change. When you design a remote learning program, keep these things in mind as you choose your modalities. Make use of micro-learning.

Top 5 e-learning trends for 2019


As the year is coming to a close, HR departments tend to focus less on learning and development and more on such lovely endeavors as office Holiday parties, team buildings and reward systems for loyal and efficient employees. Top 5 e-learning trends for 2019. E-learning

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TMI! Cognitive Overload and Learning


If you want to get a sense of the vast amount of data exploding every second, visit Internet Live Stats and watch the numbers for Internet users, websites, emails and many other statistics updated in real time. Cognitive Load Theory was introduced by John Sweller to explain why people have so much more difficulty learning complex content. In these high-stakes environments, too much information can become deadly if the pilot’s brain is unable to process it.

Why should you consider mobile-first for your corporate training?


Few doubt that mobile is the future and will fundamentally impact our way of life across many areas – but what does it mean for you as a business leader, what does it mean for the future of corporate learning and what exactly are the options? “Mobile-responsive” versus “mobile-first” Mobile-responsive and mobile-first are buzz words in the software, e-learning and many other industries. Top 3 watch outs when selecting a mobile-first learning solution.

Modern Onboarding Training Program: A Necessity for Any Business


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the national unemployment rate has hit a low of 3.8% This starts with an effective onboarding training program. An effective onboarding training program improves employee engagement encouraging them to stay for the long run.

How to Fireproof your elearning Journey in 2018

Your Training Edge

Few of the key trends that the market is witnessing include game-based learning, implementation of IT security and cloud-based solutions, rapid growth in online content & digitization, innovations in wearable technologies, enhanced use of cloud learning management systems (LMS) etc. The way eLearning is fast progressing ahead, traditional learning methods may become obsolete. 80% of students claimed learning would be more productive if it were more game-oriented.

ASAE Tech Conference 2014: A Recap

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Next Generation Learning. The sessions varied widely: some had single speakers while others had as many as five, and they ranged from formal to highly informal. Reggie Henry, ASAE’s CIO, opened the general session by talking about the relationship between associations and Information Technology. There was agreement that CRM vendors are becoming effective at building association features on top of core CRM products, and that this is leading to a disruption in the sector.

7 Awesome mLearning Benefits


Mobile learning is rapidly becoming the norm of eLearning! In this article, we discover why mLearning is the preferred method of learning among eLearners. Most learners prefer using tablets and smartphones for learning. Shift in Learning Patterns More and more learners now prefer multimedia to stay engaged in a learning environment, for example videos, podcasts, audio as well as access to bite-sized learning, or micro-learning on the go.

Evidence or Proof of L&D Impact? Why Not Both?


In the world of Learning & Development (L&D), impact is super important. So, the need to measure impact is the #1 objective learning leaders have when it comes to their measurement strategy, process and technology. These are typically isolated observations or a few people who have an opinion and while that is nice, it is not sufficient to understand learning impact. It means L&D is focused on value creation.

Online Learning Programs: Why Every Institution is Going Digital

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Digital technologies have impacted all aspects of our lives including education, learning and development. Online learning programs or learning by using online resources gained momentum in the last decade. eLearning thus progressed to mobile learning.

10 tips on how to create great online sales trainings

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Learning has been part of the way sales organizations have managed to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of training. However, this hasn’t changed the basic concepts behind learning, so make sure you have a strong foundation when you build trainings. David Kolb’s experiential learning theory is a must as it touches on the Experiential Learning Cycle. Abstract conceptualisation = learning from the experience. 3 Use micro-learning.

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The Future Of Your Organization Is In Its Culture Of Learning

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I’ve made many in my day, some I learned from, some I didn’t. But luckily, I learned from enough to realize that mistakes and learning are part of an active, innovative culture. So, what can you do with all the information you have? One part of the answer, if not the main part, is the culture of learning in the organization. Learning is everywhere. I learn everyday in my job and I think most other people do as well. Post-training learning.

Modern Sales Training: Turning Learning into Currency


It keeps them not only abreast of the latest product information, but also tuned into other important knowledge such as marketplace / industry trends, selling techniques, and company culture and messaging. How Does a Culture of Learning Affect Sales?

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What Are The Benefits Of mLearning? Featuring 5 Killer Examples

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In this article I will touch upon the benefits of mLearning , why it is gaining momentum, and why it must be a significant part of your learning strategy. This includes: Flexibility and choice of device to access learning “anytime-anywhere”. Flexibility of learning with more varied formats (videos, podcasts, and so on). The bite-sized or microlearning approach makes it easier for learners to initiate, complete, and retain learning better. Collaborative learning.

The Benefits Of Custom Mobile Learning Solutions For Your Company

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In one of my earlier articles, “Top 5 Tips For Innovative eLearning Development”, I had touched upon two significant challenges that Learning and Development teams face today. First is, how to enhance efficacy of learning; second being what learning strategies should be adopted to ensure both learning and business mandates are met. Adopting custom mobile learning solutions for your company could be one of the measures to mitigate these challenges. Learning path.

eLearning Content And Social Media

eLearning Brothers

Here is some information broken down by social media platform, to help you from the very beginning. Tweets have a 140-character limit, making Twitter a convenient platform for micro-learning. Follow people who are sharing information that interests you. Follow people you can learn from. Can Facebook Be Effectively Utilized for eLearning? It also has over a billion active members with accessible demographic statistics.

ATD ICE 2018: It’s a Wrap Pt 3 – Kate Pinto

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For those of you who went, and those of you who didn’t – I feel sure Kate’s post will inspire you to keep learning. Admittedly, I did not take the news as well as I should have, but I learned a LOT about myself and my values in the process. One thing I learned: I cannot let another person or organization snuff out my passion. Long story short, I became a statistic. What makes them effective and what are the challenges?