SCORM vs Tin Can API: The difference between compact discs and iTunes


The bottom line is that Tin Can can only help you measure the effects of your course better than SCORM did. Whether your course-content is actually effective will solely depend on you.

The Neuroscience of Infographics – ATD Houston


You’ll learn a simple step-by-step process for creating your own infographics as well as a list of “dos and don’ts” to ensure that your next infographic is an effective learning tool. iTunes PodcastsListen to Podcast: [link].

Mike Simmons – Sales Training with the Brain in Mind


Every learning professional must “sell” content and target behaviors to be effective. The Salesperson Effect. iTunes PodcastsListen to Podcast: [link] If you’re thinking that this topic is only for those of us who directly design and deliver sales training, think again!

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Debbie Wooldridge, Founder and President of ttcinnovations


Debbie Wooldridge is a big idea person who founded ttcinnovations to help organizations improve their operations through effective training strategies and programs. iTunes PodcastsListen to Podcast: [link].

Anna McGrath talks about Conscious Leadership and Self-Organizing Teams


Her focus is on supporting organizations to embody conscious leadership skills and effectively distribute decision-making throughout the organization using various self-organizing systems and practices including Holocracy. iTunes PodcastsListen to full podcast: [link].

Erik Vance – Suggestible You – The Curious Science of Your Brain’s Ability to Deceive, Transform and Heal


Perhaps one of the most important points he brings out is that so-called psychological effects, such as placebos, are physiologically real – there are actually physical, chemical and molecular changes taking place in your brain that product these effects. iTunes Podcasts

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The Learningtogo Podcast is #8 for Learning and Development Professionals in 2017


Sam Rogers is an expert at finding effective, efficient, and engaging ways to deliver learning through technology, so I was excited to learn that he was conducting a survey to determine the most popular Learning and Development podcasts in 2017.

13 Tips for Recording Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

TechSmith Camtasia

If the content you’re recording has its own audio—like the sound effects in a game—you will want to unmute your device so it is captured. If you’re recording a game that has both background music and sound effects you should turn off music within the game settings.

iPhone 114

New feature: Reward your learners with Uber and Uber Eats

Ed App

Providing users with modest-yet-exciting prizing has a direct, positive effect on your program’s completion metrics. The new Uber templates join EdApp’s existing prizing templates for Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

Free E-Learning Podcast 18: Social Media Skill Requirements

e-Learning Academy

Episode 18 e-learning tutorial examines some of the skills required of employees to effectively engaged in social media for learning and workplace performance. Why not download this free e-learning training from iTunes Or read the Transcript Or watch the entire free e-learning tutorial series on our YouTube channel (Episode 18 is embedded below).

Taking Learning to the Next Level With Advancements in Tech


Consider: Music Industry with the introduction of iTunes. Effective learning requires a balanced approach that involves both push and pull: Organizations need to Push Relevant Content – Information Employees Must Have In Their Heads.

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Appearing "Live and in Person" on EdTechTalk Friday--Today

Kapp Notes

Windows Media Player, Real Player, or iTunes) to listen to the discussion and use the chat room to make comments and ask questions. Instructional Design Live is an opportunity for instructional designers and professionals engaged in similar work to discuss effective online teaching and learning practices. Today at Noon Eastern Standard Time (EST), I will be chatting with Cammy Bean and Robert Squires about Instructional Design at EdTechTalk.

ELC 028: Make Accessibility Part Of Your Design Process

The eLearning Coach

A common myth in the world of design is that accessible designs are only for people with disabilities.

All About eLearning Authoring Tools

The eLearning Coach

This is important, because as Joe points out, designers should select the best tool for creating the most effective and engaging learning experience, rather than attaching to an application as though it is a political party.

ELC 016: Strategies That Improve The Interface To Learning

The eLearning Coach

If you’re looking for strategies to make learning more engaging and effective, you’ll want to listen to this interview with Dorian Peters. If you''re looking for strategies to make learning more engaging and effective, you''ll want to listen to this interview with Dorian Peters.

ELC 030: Strategies for Organizing Instructional Content

The eLearning Coach

If you determine the purpose of the content, how it will be used, and the nature of the content itself, you can choose the most effective strategy to meet the […] Learning experience designers handle all types of content for a wide variety of uses, from formal courses to performance support aids. If you determine the purpose of the content, how it will be used, and the nature of the content itself, you can choose the most effective strategy to meet the needs of the audience.

ELC 029: Social Learning Is A Way Of Life

The eLearning Coach

Marcia Conner has spent a lot of time exploring how social learning benefits organizations and individuals. She is the co-author of The New Social Learning: Connect, Collaborate, Work (the second edition was recently published), author of Learn More Now and co-author of Creating a Learning Culture.

Robert Pratten – Sponge UK elearning podcast

Sponge UK

02:11 – What makes this type of scenario based learning effective? Subscribe in iTunes. Robert Pratten is founder and CEO of Conducttr , a transmedia storytelling platform that’s used in digital training simulations.

TCC09: Podcasting with Section 508

Experiencing eLearning

software: GarageBand, iTunes, Camtasia, ProTools LE, Office 2008. free special effects can be downloaded. iTunes has different code–not standard RSS XML. Podcast logo. Liveblogged notes from the TCC online conference. My comments in italics. Presenters: Dr. John R.

Dave Buglass – Sponge UK Elearning Podcast

Sponge UK

Subscribe in iTunes. Dave Buglass, Head of Capability and Development at Tesco Bank is the guest for this episode of the Sponge UK podcast, recorded at the Learning Technologies 2016 conference.

Mobile forces you to rethink how you’re trying to help your learners

Sponge UK

We talk through some of the reasons why mobile is so important to learning and development, the technology behind it and some of the potential future areas that are going to allow more effective learning. Subscribe in iTunes.

Phil Reddall – Have a clear view of why you’re curating learning content

Sponge UK

13:29 – Can you share an example of effective use of learning content curation that you’ve seen? Subscribe in iTunes.

Listen Up! It’s Time to Add Podcasts to Your e-Learning


You can share podcasts publicly through iTunes, as well as publicly or privately through a learning management system like Lectora® Express – the Easy LMS. And here’s a list of free podcast tools from eLearning Industry for a cost-effective way to make your own.

Online Customer Training: Behind the Surge in Specialized Learning Systems

Talented Learning

In other words, if your customer education environment isn’t as effortless, coherent and easy to navigate as Netflix, iTunes or Amazon, it’s bound to reflect negatively on your brand, and your customer relationships will suffer.

Custom 101

Seven Ways to Use the iPad for Workplace Learning

Upside Learning

These types of games may be effective especially when used for soft skills. Simulations – the hardware that works for games work just as effectively for simulations. Video is effective for learning; customized high definition, anytime video will have a greater idea. Does it support a media service other than iTunes? The iPad is here.

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Devlearn conference day one: an exhilarating day

Challenge to Learn

Ans it is important it determines the effectiveness of your Learning experiences. He is hugely succesfull with his ‘Scam school’ he had great stories how created fake Ibooks and made them top-ten hits in Itunes and his Scam school is very successful.

Your Guide to Creating OpenSesame Bundles


The special sauce (so to speak) of creating an effectively branded and marketed seller profile results, as do most delicious sauces, from a blend of several different factors and techniques.

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Fresh Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | August 31, 2018

Mike Taylor

In terms of learning effectiveness, it is NOT whether the modality is elearning or classroom instruction; the learning methods are what make the difference. Looking for a previous edition? Check out the archives. Stop being impressed by money, fame & status.

Can Higher Education Afford Innovation?

The Learning Circuits

I'm going to admit that my first impulse as an e-learning instructional designer after reading perusing hastily skimming the article was to fall into a bit of defensive confusion, especially with passages like this: But it’s possible that what iTunes did for music and Netflix did for films will be what online education will do to traditional colleges and universities—not a pretty prospect. (Is Is what iTunes and Netflix did for music and movies bad?

Pick of the Month: July 2012

Jane Hart

College education will soon be purchased through the iTunes store as an app.”. Suddenly we had the ability to do a lot of things better, faster, more efficiently and more effectively – and often with higher levels of engagement and enjoyment. Studies) Most corporate training is an example of the “Streetlight Effect.”.

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How Rapid Authoring Tools Meet Evolving Online Learning Needs

CommLab India

To meet the ever-changing demands of the dynamic marketplace, companies need to train their employees quickly and effectively. Statistics 2 show that online course usage has increased by 69% on Khan’s academy and YouTube, and course downloads have increased by 59% on iTunes U Open University.

Tips for Adding Visuals to Your Social Media

TechSmith Camtasia

Don’t increase your number of or frequency of posts, but rather, increase the effectiveness of your posts. Don’t Forget iTunes. Audible learners don’t engage in as much video but they are on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher, and they are looking for podcasts in your niche.

Apple Announces Textbook Revolution

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Not just because the iBook Store will now sell you interactive textbooks via your iTunes account, but because they also announced a new authoring tool.and it's FREE! So, the big story is really about how this effects the billion(s) dollar industry of textbook publishing. But the good news is that with a free authoring tool and the iTunes/iBook marketplace, I think the authors may end up getting the better end of this deal.

Apple 51

Announcing Blogger App for iOS

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Download from iTunes App store. But if you have experienced the fun and effective use of reflective writing, and sharing via a blog, then you know what I mean. This is certainly not breaking news, but I wanted to let my readers know that Blogger now has an iOS app.

On the brink with mobile– what learning executives say

Allison Rossett

” Rob Lauber also advanced that theme: “It is another delivery channel, so I expect them to understand how it can be used most effectively and where it wouldn’t be. His vision was to create an iTunes-like structure housing core content, in small nuggets, that leveraged their gusto for staying up-to-date and working out. Measure and communicate effectiveness.” Words without actions. Words without actions.

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Customer Training Pricing and Packaging: What’s the Best Strategy?

Talented Learning

But an effective approach requires thoughtful pricing and packaging. 3) Network Effect. Successful examples include Google Play , iTunes and Salesforce AppExchange. This means you can test their effectiveness , an essential step both before and after a product launch.

NextGen LMS Features (Now and Later)

eLearning 24-7

Mobile – Native app, available in iTunes, Google Play (Android), ability to view and take courses, content, assessments and whatever else you choose. course; video streaming, video analytical data, ability to upload video from mobile devices, ability to retain any filters, special effects, etc. The way I see it, if you can get an app in the iTunes store that does video editing including effects for $2.99, a vendor should be able to build something decent in their LMS.

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