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Devlearn conference day one: an exhilarating day

Challenge to Learn

I don’t know what the adoption will actually mean but it sounded like TinCan will be the next version of IACC. Ans it is important it determines the effectiveness of your Learning experiences. So we are off to an excellent start with DevLearn.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Editing and Producing Podcasts

The E-Learning Curve

You can also drop in new files, split audio, modify the volume (or amplitude), “top and tail” the recording, and add effects, before generating a rendered file which contains all of the modifications you made to your audio. Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files.

The Power of Preselling and Freemium with John Turner of SeedProd, a Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress


His plugin started to gain traction and was getting lots of feature requests, so John created a pro version. I started building those, and I would release the pro version of that plugin. John Turner: There’s a lot of demand for people seeking information on it, it sounds like.

Gamification meets accounting

Trajectory IQ

a feeling through visuals and sound that this wasn’t your typical eLearning object Get on with it?—? Title Screen Chapter Select In game dialogue Puzzle Complete Ledger view Sound We spent a lot of time on audio in The Accounted. Ledger Version 1 The Accounted?—?Ledger