Five Tips for Creating Effective Learning Videos

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As a result, the expectations for this type of content have risen and video creators are finding it more difficult than ever to ensure that their content is effective and engaging. I still get recognized to this day as the guy who made Jing Videos back in 2009.

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Screencast of the Week - introNetworks

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This week's Screencast of the Week is actually a series of Jing videos (Jingcasts) from introNetworks ! I asked Mark about his experience using Jing and here's what I heard from him: Jing = EASY as anything I have ever used. I love the interface on my Mac and because it is so simple I tend to think in Jingspeak - meaning, can I do something in 1 min on Jing that would take 5 min in an email, answer is usually yes! Tags: Jing Screencast of the Week 24 194 48

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Make the Most of your Interactive White Board

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Enter Jing , Snagit , or Camtasia ! As the video plays, you circulate around the room helping individuals and, in effect, “cloning yourself” Record a lesson summary or recap for absent students, as well as for students who may need a refresher when they get home.

Suggestions Needed - Screencaster Suggested Reading List

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Presentation: * "_Beyond Bullet Points_":[link] by Cliff Atkinson - learn how to use storytelling and graphics to effectively communicate. Tags: Camtasia Studio Camtasia for Mac Jing Screencast TechSmith Tips and Tricks 32 332

FREE Alternative to Camtasia Studio


One great way for instructional designers to create effective learning material is to include screenshots and videos in their e-learning modules. Other options to consider in your search include: Jing by Techsmith.

Dev Corner - Cheevos

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1] We were also hoping to learn a lot of about what kinds of achievements are effective and the best ways to implement a system to support achievements. After a lot of discussion, we decided to build Cheevos into Jing.

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Writing & Grammar: Answers to Last Week's Comma Challenge on Compound Sentences Versus Compound Predicates

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  Doug Blackley ,  Jimmy Moon , Sonia ,  Nancy Upchurch ,  Kara Jones , Jing Ping Fan ,  Linda Craig , and  Larena Jackson. Jing Ping Fan offered these correct answers with explanations in parentheses. Join her online and learn about  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts  and  eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts and Training Documents.

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Individualized instruction with Citelighter and TechSmith

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Citelighter, a digital writing platform and TechSmith, screen capturing and recording tools, can help educators provide scaffolded, differentiated instruction effectively with visual and audio feedback that helps students truly understand how to improve their writing process.

TCEA Convention and Digital Learning Day

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Digital learning is simple…it is effective use of technology to enhance learning. In this practice activity, you will record a quick video of your computer screen using a free program called Jing.

Visual Communication, Camtasia Studio and Bacon

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Renaun shared with us the benefits of visual communication for him and how he needed a little more than Jing for his screencasting (he hit the 5 minute limit). We recorded the video with a Flip HD Mino camera and Brooks edited and produced the video using Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Time Saver Tuesday - Snagit Quick Styles

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I'm a better person with coffee! :-) And, the same is true in Snagit - I have favorite arrows, callouts and other special effects I like to use over and over again. How do Snagit, Camtasia, Morae, or Jing save you time?

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Social Bookmarks

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Here's the great resource / assignment that Harold and Michele created for this week: Week 2: Free Your Bookmarks with Social Bookmarking This has sparked some interesting activity and makes me think that the net effect of this kind of open course is a bit more interesting than I had thought. Btw, if you pick up Jing, you can probably do it in under 10 minutes. The second week of our Web 2.0 for Learning Professionals Course is starting and the topic is Social Bookmarks.

Is your eLearning On-the-Job Training Friendly?


To make your short tutorials even more effective, you can add video tutorials to your short Mindflash courses. Using a free tool like Jing, you can record screen captures of software systems showing how to perform a specific task, and then add those to your Mindflash course.

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Congratulations ScreenChamps!

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Teach viewers how to recreate popular digital effects from their favorite movies, TV shows, and videogames. Quicktime 10 screen capture, Youtube, canon T2i, Rhode Shotgun Mic, After Effects CS5, and Final Cut Pro 7. I want to know how he did some of those effects!

Top 5 Free Screen Recording Tools for Mac and Windows

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Besides video capturing, they offer lots of other functions, including but not limited to simultaneous web cam recording, video and audio editing, and adding video effects. There are plenty of commercial screen recording tools on the market today.

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Dev Corner - Interview with Cameron Flint

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She also encourages the use of Jing to collaborate on homework, so her students are pretty thoroughly introduced to TechSmith products. SnagIt or Jing - sometimes both - are almost always running in my system tray at any given time.

Writing & Grammar: Confusing Words and Usage

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Mukora, Bob Cunningham, Carla Craddock, Chris Zimmel , David Pitts, Irene McCoy, Jackie Knoy, Jim Dages, Jing Ping Fan, Karyn R Smith, Krista Allen, Nancy Wright , Susan Czubiak, Susan Klick, Tanya Davis , Tara Allen, Terri Schultz,  and  Toni Wills. Join her online and learn about  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts  and  eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts and Training Documents.

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Writing & Grammar: Commas and Clauses

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But first, let's look at some answers from  last week's challenge : Once again, our reader  Jing Ping Fan  (JP) comes through with a perfect set of answers, annotated with explanations. Join her online and learn about  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts  and  eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts and Training Documents. by Jennie Ruby    I wrote about  commas in introductory phrases  last week.

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Writing & Grammar: Do I Need a Comma? Compound Sentence versus Compound Predicate

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Correct answers also came from  Vicki Hendricks ,  Sonia Verma , and  Jing Ping Fan (JP). Join her online and learn about  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts  and  eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts and Training Documents. by Jennie Ruby    Even grammar instructors hate some grammar rules. I myself hate one grammar rule in particular: the injunction against putting a comma in a sentence with a compound predicate.

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7 Essential Skills & Training Tools For Trainers


Every trainer needs to have a number of skills as well as training development tools to be effective. Naturally, another effective training skill you’ll need is the ability to evaluate and validate websites as well as critically assess research papers.

Writing & Grammar: Hyphenating Adjectives (And Answers to Last Week's Challenge)

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by Jennie Ruby    Answers to last week's  comma challenge , as presented by Jing Ping Fan  (Correct answers were also sent in by  Susan Benson ): The tall and hollow trunk (or The tall, hollow trunk). Join her online and learn about  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts  and  eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts and Training Documents.

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Writing & Grammar: More Confusing Words

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  Jing Ping Fan  pointed out, however, that if you did mean that the hurricane filled you with  horror  over its monstrous  size, then maybe there is enough emotional/moral valence to tip your description over into  enormity. Join her online and learn about  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts  and  eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts and Training Documents.

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Become Better at Screencasting: Tips from Anton Bollen

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You might even recognize his voice from the Jing Project tutorials. Even if Camtasia doesn’t necessarily have an option for the effect, there might be way for you to create it yourself. This year at Screencast Camp , things were pretty low key for me until it actually started.

Writing & Grammar: Pronoun Case

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Other completely correct answers came from  Leigh Pedwell, Jing Ping Fan, Stacey Edwards, Daniel Jones,  and  Krista Allen , and those who missed only the detail of Jennie's and my were  Brenda Sing, Mary Anne Benvenutti, Jenny Chappell, Zoe Cohen, Jodi Hill, Chris Zimmel, Tara Allen,  and  Sonia Verma.

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Quick and Dirty Video Production

eLearning Weekly

You can see that this is a simple yet highly effective way to get a message across to your users / learners. Jing is a screen-capture and screencasting tool that I’ve mentioned before. The basic version is free and I can’t say enough about how much I love Jing. I’ve become a big fan of the site, , which provides "the world’s most engaging book summaries" in video form.

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10 Top Tools to Develop First-Rate Product Demonstration Videos

CommLab India

The screen recording feature helps record your screen, insert that into a slide, add captions, characters, and other effects. EZ Product video is a simple and cost-effective tool to create product demonstration videos. It can be used to create effective product demonstration videos.

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Writing & Grammar: Precise Placement of Only

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I especially liked the treatment of damp earth and debris in this take by  Jing Ping (JP) Fan : Keep your new blower vac clean and use it only with dry leaves. Join her online and learn about  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts  and  eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts and Training Documents.

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A Toolkit to Develop E-Learning in an Open (XML) Environment

The E-Learning Curve

Returning from content development theory , the gratis/libre debate, and the pros and cons of each approach, this post will focus on the range of tools that you need to develop e-learning content in a (relatively) open environment.

7 Tech Tools & Skills Trainers Must Have


Screencasters like Jing, Screencastomatic and several others will help you capture complicated topics on your screen and illustrate them clearly. Collaborating and creating effective lessons and assignments in the online environment requires technology tools.

How to Use Enterprise Social Networks to On-Board New Employees


The purpose of this role is to help people feel comfortable as soon as possible in their new job so they can perform effectively. After all, talking about the goods and the bads and the difficulties of socializing into the organization can be effective learning experience. These can be in the form of power point presentation, e-learning modules, job aids, Jing recordings, a knowledge base, recorded meetings, etc. On-boarding new employees is not just about new hire training.

Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Week 3

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Screencasting allows us to bring our process to clients in a more efficient and effective way. Instead of creating multiple Jing videos—once I have replicated a bug—I can create one Camtasia recording of my tests, and edit that video to share highlights with developers.

They Might Not Need Training, Just a Little Support


The good news is that this “forgetting” can be overcome if we implement evidence-based interventions, and performance support is an effective intervention that can help people remember what they learned, when they need it, in order to perform. Each provides excellent and extensive tools and process for implementing effective performance support. A tool like Jing is a perfect tool to create these. Effective training is an important part of learning and performance.

Working Remotely: Managing a Remote Team


These are only exacerbated by the effects this crisis is having on the transition. Below are a few examples we’ve found effective with our own staff. Working from home used to be an exciting opportunity any team member would jump at the chance to get.

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What Online Video Platform is Most Popular for Screencasts?

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At TechSmith, we’ve helped customers publish over a hundred million videos over the last decade using our desktop products Camtasia , Snagit , and Jing. Unfortunately, re-encoding screencast videos effectively is challenging.

Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Week 2

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We've found that this is far more effective than written instructions or one-time live demonstrations. Before using Camtasia, we recorded with Jing, which had a five minute time limit per video. We're turning the corner to the second week of the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive !