Communities of Practice in your LMS: A hidden KM tool


Why, despite all efforts to capture the right content for a seemingly “performance-based” training, you are unable to get satisfying reviews on your eLearning content. Explaining your front line employees how to manage customer calls effectively is explicit knowledge.

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Communities of Practice in your LMS: A hidden KM tool


Why, despite all efforts to capture the right content for a seemingly “performance-based” training, you are unable to get satisfying reviews on your eLearning content. Explaining your front line employees how to manage customer calls effectively is explicit knowledge.

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Learning and KM: Separated at birth?

Jay Cross

T wo years ago, DevLearn and KM World took place simultaneously in downtown San Jose. KM World 2009 is next week. I’ll be in Hope, Arkansas; Washington, DC; and Barcelona during KM World this year, so I’ll miss the show. I wonder if many KM fans will join us.

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Learning, KM vs. SM, Information, Web 2.0, and Second Life

Big Dog, Little Dog

KM will quietly die, and SM will win the soul of Enterprise 2.0, with the Gen X leadership quietly slipping the best of the KM ideas into SM as they guide the bottom-up revolution." See, KM vs. Social Media: Beware the Warmongers. Korean Soon Du Bu.

ILT, eLearning Tools, Visual Learners, KM, monitter, & T&D Magizines

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Past performance suggests no change in the level of instructor-led training, at least, according to the most recent ASTD State of the Industry Report [1]. This effect was especially pronounced for very experienced teams.

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Lurking is Not a Static State

ID Reflections

A lurker might very well be giving back by performing better at their jobs, by sharing insights with others in the context of their daily work by using the learning gleaned from lurking. lurking KM sharing communities of practice Collaboration

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Ed Performance Team: IronMan Kona 2018 race report

Ed App

Earlier this month , we talked to Ed Performance Team ambassador, Chris Wallace about his preparations for one of the toughest races in the world, The 2018 IronMan World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Performance

What Agile Means to Me

ID Reflections

Unpacking each claim Adaptive over predictive Ruth Clark describes adaptive in relation to expertise in her book Building Expertise: Cognitive Methods for Training and Performance Improvement , and I think it reflects my understanding of Agile philosophy very well. Expertise KM learning Agile Workplace LearningI complete exactly 3 months at ThoughtWorks today. While this has been a momentous career shift for me, I may not have written a blog post on it except for the learning.

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Method and madness – Disconnect between learning & knowledge

Learning Cafe

I’ve oftened wondered about the organisational disconnect between Learning and KM/Documentation areas. For years the model has perpetuated a sort of ‘doubling up’ on effort around the information people need to perform on the job. Learning has the role of ‘teaching’ or embedding in memory, while KM ensures all procedures are captured and delivered (usually within the business). Effective Learning Learning & Performance

Hacking Siri for Learning

Upside Learning

Couple of ideas pop into my mind right away about how technology like Siri could help learning – first, to function as an effective search agent within corporate CMS and KM solutions. Second, to access and read out step by step procedures to support just-in-time performances.

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Carpenters or champions in the world of infomal learning ?

Learning Cafe

Informal learning—such as learning from peers and colleagues (including OJT), learning by trial and error, and individual reading and research in order to be able to perform better—are important aspects of on-going development (Stehlik et al. Effective Learning Session 5

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Wonderful Brain

The benefits of knowledge management (KM) are a monster value-add to any organization. Some might think large enterprises require significant resources to carry forward a KM initiative. Is, KM , as some claim become the fiefdom of experts with metricians and quants creating a lexicon and modality to which only they hold the password? I know there are nuances and specifics necessary in many systems and it’s no different in KM.

Retaining Your Company’s Knowledge through eLearning


Using best practices in knowledge management and eLearning development, you can actually retain the knowledge capital within your organization to perform better and more efficiently, both on the business front and in-house. We simply explained how both KM and eLearning complement each other.

Posts that Influenced Me in 2009

ID Reflections

Only through sharing of stories and experiences, the larger pattern and the connections emerge, the information becomes knowledge that we can then effectively use.

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Are you using your Intellectual Assets: Re-defining eLearning


How do you determine your main business processes and measure the extent to which experts effect their operations? List the (major) knowledge-intensive or knowledge transfer activities undertaken by the organization, looking initially for those that match the primary KM type identified above.

Next Gen L&D Professional Development Framework

Learning Cafe

Integration essential for effectiveness. Capability Management- Organizations need to understand & manage capabilities that truly impact business performance and align their decisions accordingly. Changing Rubrics for L&D Drive Next Gen Capabilities. #1

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eLearning Strategy

Tony Karrer

I spend a fair amount of my consulting time working with large organizations to help define how they will apply technology to particular business / performance / learning needs. It wouldn't be quite as cool, but is probably much more cost effective."

Workplace Learning Professionals Next Job - Management Consultant

Tony Karrer

Well not quite, but it is pretty dang close to the definition of Management Consulting in Wikipedia: Management consulting refers to both the industry of, and the practice of, helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. In 2019: A workplace learning odyssey Performance support will be built into the workflow and take the form of online tools, networks and coaching.

The Formal/Informal Continuum

Clark Quinn

Is this performance support? There was a separate instance where the KM group was developing a wiki for similar needs, e.g. the growing body of knowledge. But it only happens by some systematic work to streamline the effort, otherwise there will still be bottlenecks to effectiveness and redundancies to hamper efficiency. In some client work I’m doing, I’m helping out an effort to establish a Web 2.0, social, informal, [enter your own bizbuzz phrase here] strategy.

Social Networking, Informal Learning, Twitter, & Gaming

Big Dog, Little Dog

Improved collective performance: Investing in Web 2.0 - Knowledge Board. We have new learning environments and tools that enable us to access knowledge more effectively and to share and collaborate in better ways. KM Asia: keynote on social computing - Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge.

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/28/2005

Big Dog, Little Dog

Despite the growing recognition that innovation is the only sustainable source of growth, competitive advantage, and new wealth, fewer than 25 percent of companies believe innovation performance is where it needs to be if they are to be successful in the competitive marketplace. The history of KM has been one of hype, failure and disappointment. How do you frame your pictures for maximum effect? How to be a Good Learner.

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Knowledge Management Core Issues

Tony Karrer

Great post by Denham Grey - Perennial KM issues that are very similar to the core problems that we deal with in eLearning: How to speed learning, increase awareness and share experiences. Not many firms recognize or care about sub-optimal performance in this area - the results you see, are diffuse, obtuse and difficult to fit into classic ROI models.

Top Posts from August - Augmented Reality - Social Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

19 Tips for Effective Online Conferences - eLearning Technology , August 5, 2010 I was recently asked me about my recommendations for conducting effective online conferences (virtual conference). After all, one aspect of our job is to create an environment, and deliver interventions, that helps to improve the performance of novices and experts alike. Post from: The eLearning Coach How To Integrate Multimedia For Effective Learning. Is it about learning or performance?

Better Questions for Learning Professionals

Tony Karrer

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I often discuss Personal Learning: Improving Personal Learning - A Continuing Challenge for Learning Professionals Tools and Strategies for Personal Learning More Effective Conferences for Learning Professionals A big part of what I've come to realize that the barrier to us moving beyond being The Worst Learners are: We (like many people today) lack the intrinsic motivation to systematically improve our personal learning capabilities.

How to Make The SAAS Decision

CLO Magazine

Mary Alida Brisk, the organization’s director of learning and organizational effectiveness, said requirements for the hospital’s LMS stemmed from a continuous performance improvement, or CPI, model. ” K.M. Companies have much to consider when evaluating whether to buy software as a service for their learning management needs, including cost, user functionality, security and how to troubleshoot problems.

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eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology

Tony Karrer

Making a crappy instructor-led course into an effective e-learning course is a long and difficult process. I guess a classroom experience for soft skills training would take a significant re-write to be effective in an e-learning environment (assuming it was effective in the classroom) and that the time to create it would be more tied up in the design than the creation of multimedia elements. eLearning Technology Tony Karrers eLearning Blog on e-Learning Trends eLearning 2.0

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The Innovator's Dilemma of Learning

The Learning Circuits

I've written about the need to prepare before: More Effective Conferences for Learning Professionals - The most important aspect of making sure you get the most you can from the conference is determining what the questions are that you should use to focus you during the conference. We are aiming at helping large numbers of novice/new performers even though that ignores most of the learning that occurs in organizations (see Rosenberg's Beyond eLearning - Is that eLearning 2.0? ).

LearnTrends: Backchannel

Jay Cross

Moderator (Clark Quinn): world as biosphere, org as performance ecosystem. Moderator (Clark Quinn): the question is, leave KM to the propellor heads, or getting learning folks into the model. KM, TM, etc. Holly MacDonald: focus on performance and outcomes.

Top 40 eLearning Articles and 5 Hot Topics for Early March

eLearning Learning Posts

Virtual Team Management - ID Reflections , March 8, 2010 I recommend this simulation to all those who either are handling a globally distributed team or a project, and to all managers who feel that effective communication is one of the keys to business success. However Amplify seems to be a much more effective tool for collaborative learning than any other freely available learning tools today. Best of eLearning Learning. March 1, 2010 to March 14, 2010.