I Believe in the Importance of Personal Knowledge Management

Tom Spiglanin

But how do we sort through all this information, effectively filter content, judge the good from bad, and make sense of it all? The answer lies across several domains of a knowledge worker’s practice. What we need is to exercise personal knowledge management, or PKM.

A Recipe for Modern Learning: Ingredients for a Deliciously Effective Learning Ecosystem

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This guest blog post is written by Edcast , an AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud for Unified Discovery, Knowledge Management and Personalized Learning. Employees want and need a new approach for accessing information, gaining knowledge, and building skills.

The Importance of a Learning Management Strategy

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Facebook 0 Twitter 1 Google+ 0 LinkedIn 0 Pinterest 1 Organizations spend a lot of time and resources in training and developing their employees. This underscores the need to have a clear Learning Management Strategy in place well before execution to avoid bottlenecks and time-cost overruns.

Working Out Loud: Using the Tools We Already Have


In effect, it can act as a set of notes of one’s day’s learning aggregated and filtered via hashtags and shared with the broader world. Small working out loud circles can use Twitter effectively through facilitated tweet chats as well. When is it most useful to use LinkedIn?

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How Social Learning is Powering Up Today’s Workplaces


“ Learning would be exceedingly laborious, not to mention hazardous, if people had to rely solely on the effects of their own actions to inform them what to do. Within that group, more than one-third either do not have a LinkedIn profile, or have fewer than 100 connections.

MOOCs in Workplace Learning – Part 4: Role in Corporate Universities


This infographic of a Deloitte Survey spanning 90 countries look at the talent issues that can threaten organizational effectiveness. It is time to accept that talent management is a critical business need and a business process; it is not an HR/L&D process. Josh Bersin in the presentation 21st Century Talent Management points out some of the following as imperatives for a holistic talent system: Creating Magnetic Employment Brand. Rebuilding Management Skills and PM.

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Fear of Change in Learning & Development

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These training programs are based on all types of training, from a 1 day in-house Excel excellence workshop to a yearlong change management initiative. Employees might take it as stop-down of knowledge management and not show much initiative.

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20 ways to prepare yourself for modern workplace learning

Jane Hart

You have built a strong professional network of connections (aka PLN) on a social networts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, with whom you interact and learning form on a daily basis – and which you regularly review to ensure they bring you value. You have been an active participant in a number of online communities and understand the activities involved in of community management and what makes a good community manager.

Huge MOOCs savings

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The natural human psyche to prefer routine works and traditions to follow, and fear of being unfamiliar with the use of new technology in presence of experienced peers and knowledgeable managers, are the origin of this reluctance in organizations towards MOOC adoption.

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8 Game-Changing Social Media Tips to Grow Your Business


Social media giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Regardless of your business type, this method is super cost-effective and an impactful way to generate sales.

How Social Networks Can Harness the Power of Weak Ties | Social.

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The power of tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yammer, are pretty astounding. After reading this, I started thinking about this new LinkedIn utility I recently installed.

What is social learning and how can you use it to foster collaborative learning

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According to this, most of us pick: 70 percent of our knowledge from our on-the job experiences. This can either happen online (for instance over popular social media tools like LinkedIn, Twitter and so on) or offline (during group discussions, over coffee or during conferences).

The Social Learning Revolution in eLearning


The interchange of knowledge and perspective creates new knowledge that is personal to the learner. Indirect contact is what we do on our social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, online course discussion boards, etc.

What is social learning and how can you use it to foster collaborative learning

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According to this, most of us pick: 70 percent of our knowledge from our on-the job experiences. This can either happen online (for instance over popular social media tools like LinkedIn, Twitter and so on) or offline (during group discussions, over coffee or during conferences).

What is social learning and how can you use it to foster collaborative learning

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According to this, most of us pick: 70 percent of our knowledge from our on-the job experiences. This can either happen online (for instance over popular social media tools like LinkedIn, Twitter and so on) or offline (during group discussions, over coffee or during conferences). It can also be leveraged as an effective tool for collaborative or social learning. The key being, how we use this meaningfully to encourage exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing.

How to Create a Quiz that Generates Leads and Sales


Make sure you create a quiz on a topic of which you have a considerable amount of knowledge. You can distribute your quiz easily by sharing it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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Should your corporate training strategy move to the MOOC?

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Monitoring the effectiveness of the training plan. This number not only includes training, but also other talent initiatives such as maintaining the knowledge management systems and creating personal development plans. Similarly, Finance and Administration functions spend lesser time in managing training related activities which leads to an increased productivity in your organization’s support functions. Monitoring effectiveness.

MOOCs – Helping organizations learn

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This could not only mean teaching better ways of doing things at work (such as managing your clients), but also better ways of imparting the same knowledge (such as simple examples on information security incidents to explain various types of breaches). E.g. an office may have multiple people with strong Basel III knowledge and these employees may be evaluated for filling vacancies in other offices. Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.–

How to Become a Learning Organization (An Interview with Michelle Ockers)

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Michelle very kindly shared her time and knowledge to help us get up to speed. Learning Management Systems. Incident Management Software. One is resources; another is people; and thirdly, the underlying environment–technology, talent management, for instance.

Online Coaching

Tony Karrer

In prior posts she identifies the following elements as being needed for informal learning strategy to be effective in the workplace: Motivation for learning. A culture that provides access to other people who support learning in a wide variety of ways Easy access to materials that support learning Skills in utilizing electronic tools to manage learning. In other words, possibly supporting ongoing learning to build management skills for a group of new managers.

Learning Solutions day 3: Saved the best for the last #LS2011

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I believe that this will impact our learning (and authoring) world heavily, it means that we will be able to make and maintain content in a more effective way. Not only LMS (in Scorm format), but also to online help, EPSS systems, knowledge management systems et cetera. In the early nineties I worked at Informaat at a content management system for online help en technical documentation. From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

Branon Learning Management System App Stores Bob Little Apps, Not Courses Inge de Waard Augmented reality moves towards augmented learning with easy tools: Wikitude , Layar , ARToolKit. The role of the learning leader is shifting from being a program manager to a solution architect.

Catching up…

Clark Quinn

Being able to do Personal Knowledge Management at the time of inspiration or need, or even of convenience, is huge. Having your social network on tap on demand really augments your ability to work more effectively. Skype), Twitter or equivalent, Facebook and/or LinkedIn, Google Docs, etc, you really do need to get that experience going to really understand the opportunities.

7 Ways to Get Learners to “Buy” Your Online Training…And Return to “Buy” More


Effectively, to become loyal customers. Marc Rosenberg’s recent article, The Knowledge Management Genius of Amazon.com , prompted me to think of online learners as online customers and apply the principles used by successful eCommerce sites to eLearning.

Is There a Better Way to Social Learning?


By doing this, George argues that vendors (LMS in particular), and the organizations they sell to, will begin to see their product no longer as simply an event-based tool for learning, but rather as a process-based tool for capacity planning and workplace effectiveness.

Webinar - Skills - Social Media - Best of eLearning Learning - July 2009

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CoachingOurselves 2hr Workshop for Individual Managers. LinkedIn Guide for Knowledge Workers - eLearning Technology , July 6, 2009 How to use LinkedIn more effectively as part of your knowledge work. world, where learning and performance solutions take on a wider variety of forms and where churn happens at a much more rapid pace, what new skills and knowledge are required for learning professionals?”. Learning Management System (29).

Top Posts from August - Augmented Reality - Social Learning

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19 Tips for Effective Online Conferences - eLearning Technology , August 5, 2010 I was recently asked me about my recommendations for conducting effective online conferences (virtual conference). But like all subjects and bodies of knowledge, there are a few foundational concepts that have been identified and acknowledged as such. Using Graphics To Improve Learning - The eLearning Coach , August 4, 2010 What are you doing about the picture superiority effect?

Online social networks, learning and viral expansion loops

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Social media - a platform for learning This year I have become more and more interested in the use of online social networks as a platform for business learning and knowledge management. It's just about Christmas time and now is the time of end of year catch ups and Christmas parties.

Four Reasons you need structure for informal learning


The “ah-ha” factor came quickly from the following survey question: “What constructive changes would you suggest to make the webinar more effective next time?” I think a series of presentation/discussions would be more effective. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.

Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

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In the case of a well known LMS vendor for example, their system came up on Avant, but when I went to play a course, their course player screen failed to work effectively and the course window did not look as it should, in comparison to some of the other better known browsers. Talent Management Systems. Let’s meet the teams: 100% Pure Talent Management Systems – this is what they do, they may offer a tiny bit of L&D, but it is tiny.some do not offer it.