Creating Learning Spaces in Second Life

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This morning I received an email message from, Fiona, who provided me with a really interesting link to 50 Tips and Tricks to Create a Learning Space in Second Life. Blogs and Websites --Turn to these blogs for tips, services and tools when setting up a learning space in Second Life.

Learning spaces and places

Learning with e's

This entire series on technology affordances was started off by a remark I made during the 5th Plymouth e-Learning Conference , and my subsequent blogpost which I called ' Angels in the architecture '. Image source Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.



Srividya Kumar, Co-founder of Learnnovators, took the stage at FocusOn Learning 2016, and presented a case study session to attendees. About FocusOn Learning 2016. We have also crafted several just-in-time, micro-learning modules and performance-support solutions for our clients.

Four Strategies for Long-Term Retention in Corporate Learning (White Paper)

Knowledge Guru

Corporate learning professionals need strategies to improve both knowledge transfer during the initial learning event as well as the rate of long-term retention. The white paper is available as a free download in the Learning Center on our Bottom-Line Performance website.

The Corporate Learning Guide to Spaced Repetition and Feedback Loops (Free Download)

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We’ve put together a free guide highlighting the research-based approaches of spaced repetition and immediate feedback. Spaced repetition goes by several names in the L&D world. We have chosen to use the term “spaced repetition” for the purpose of this guide.

Guide 236

Spaced Retrieval, Retrieval Practice, and Knowledge Guru: What Research Tells Us

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Knowledge Guru’s game engine is designed to tap into two powerful and empirically supported instructional strategies—Retrieval Practice and Spaced Retrieval. 2] When combined with Spaced Retrieval the effect is multiplied. Retrieval practice (testing) effect.

What Is Binge Learning?

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We’re talking about binge, key word, LEARNING. Binge learning entails the attempt to absorb an overload of information. Is it effective? Binge learning is more common than we realise, partly due to the fact that many of us do not realise it is a bad thing. How can too much study possibly be a bad thing? Why It Is Not Effective. Cognitive overload or binge learning is completely eradicated after the implementation of microlearning or mLearning.

Personal devices in higher education

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Here are some of my recent thoughts on learning spaces at universities, and the impact of student owned personal technologies: As the shift from location specific learning to untethered learning gathers pace, so the personal device gains increasing importance.

4 Secrets of Effective Spaced Learning

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The process of learning requires not only hearing and applying but also forgetting and then remembering again. According to Hermann Ebbinghaus who pioneered the concept of the Forgetting Curve , learners forget roughly 90% of what they have learned in just 72 hours.

Spaced repetition learning – How it’s enabled by mobile-based microlearning

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Spaced repetition learning techniques are among the most effective forms of embedding knowledge in learners. Fundamentally, it describes a process of revision where learning is repeated at increasing intervals until the knowledge is permanently implanted. Spaced repetition is a methodology made for mobile-based microlearning. Rather than simply repeating the same course, it uses a dynamic quiz that’s based upon the SM-2 learning algorithm.

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Learning precincts

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The notion of learning spaces is gaining traction across all sectors of education. Learning spaces are not only used to describe places we can learn, but can also be representative of the human mind. There have been many other metaphors used to depict learning.

How Social Learning is Powering Up Today’s Workplaces


Learning would be exceedingly laborious, not to mention hazardous, if people had to rely solely on the effects of their own actions to inform them what to do. ” – Albert Bandura (Originator of Social Learning Theory). “ How can L&D support social learning?

Kraft Heinz CLO Pamay Bassey is reimagining corporate learning with laughter and passion

CLO Magazine

has held many different personas, both in her career as a learning and development professional and beyond. Born in New York, she studied psychology and computer science with an emphasis on artificial intelligence at Stanford University. Learning Like an Owner.

CLO 57

3 Instructional Design Theories


It is becoming increasingly more important that we create learning experiences that “work”, and this is becoming more difficult each passing year as courses compete for the learner’s attention. In constructivism, the learner is in control of their own learning.

Theory 217

The Secret to Connecting Online Training to Business Performance


In the book 70:20:10 Towards 100% Performance , author Jos Arets outlines Fredrick Winslow Taylor’s influence on the concept of separating learning and working. . The other 90% is made up of 20% social learning and 70% on-the-job, experiential learning. .

Popular Trends Of 2016 – Shaping The E-Learning Industry Today And Tomorrow


There are many stages in the corporate world where employees need learning the most – whether they want to learn for the first time or to increase their existing knowledge by further learning opportunities. The first step towards personalized learning is learning analytics.

9 Reasons Why eLearning Is the Future of Education

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The concept of traditional learning has been changed radically when classroom training was the only option for learners. Let's discuss each of them one by one and learn how eLearning in education is the future in detail below: 1. Customized Learning Resources. Blended Learning.

The Top 2 Functions of a Learning Management System


If someone were to ask you to list the two primary functions of a learning management system, would you be able to fulfill their request? There are few people who could list the key functions of a learning management system on the spot. More specifically, there are few people who know what a learning management system is and is designed to do. What is a Learning Management System? Learning management systems are hot commodities in the corporate world.

Uncanny Valley meets the Empathy Machine: CG content vs 360° video in immersive learning

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Theatre 11, Learning Technologies Exhibition, London Excel. Learning technology is the magpie of the digital industries, picking freely from other formats to create effective learner experiences. Can learning solutions become too realistic, or too interactive?

How to Choose the Right Blended Learning Model for your Corporate Training

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Blended learning combines traditional face-to-face classroom teaching with online instruction. In many cases, blended learning may be the ideal choice because of the type of content. What Do Studies Say About Blended Learning? A 2004 study [2] conducted by C.R.

3 Hot Tips and Best Practices for Blended Learning Solutions


Blended learning is a great option for knowledge- and skills-based content and outcomes, as it lets you leverage the best and most cost-effective tools for the job. Blended learning describes learning solutions that combines two or more learning modalities.

The Personal Versus Personalized Learning Debate

Origin Learning

Personal Learning and Personalized Learning are two terms, which are being used interchangeably for some time now? Do both terms refer to the same type of learning? In this blog post, we look at them and see which strategy influences learning at the modern workplace.

5 Ways A Custom eLearning Solution Can Increase Employee Knowledge Retention

Obsidian Learning

They’re generic, one-size-fits-all offerings that, while undeniably useful for some learning needs, generally don’t generate the kind of long-term behavioral change that most training programs aspire to effect. We know that small, digestible chunks of learning tend to stick.

When to use spaced repetition

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As an inventive technique of learning, spaced repetition or spaced learning has become a trendy topic over the last few decades. This post will explore a few key instances, on when to use spaced repetition to enhance learning. Spaced repetition in studies.

Study 52

eLearning Dropout Rates and What to Do About Them

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But according to recent studies, only a tiny fraction of them are actually finishing their courses. The attrition rates for e-courses are like nothing we’ve ever seen in classroom learning. A similar study conducted by ResearchGate found a 6% completion rate across eLearning platforms.

Going to the wall

Learning with e's

In a previous post entitled Learning spaces of the third kind I outlined a project to establish an experimental learning space. In effect, the boards have been used as substitutes for the old dry wipe boards and projection screens.

Learning Technologies 2019 #LT19UK

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Learning Technology Conference and Exhibition. We are running two must-see sessions at Learning Technologies 2019. Two of our in-house experts will be unpacking their telescopes and microscopes to look at the latest developments in digital learning from up-high and up-close.

L&D’s Diversity Dilemma

CLO Magazine

Masie, CEO of The Masie Center, an international think tank focused on learning and workplace productivity, and a columnist for this publication, said the coincidence was funny but also sad. Here we are in Taiwan, in Asia, where they were doing training and learning way before the U.S., In fact, Chief Learning Officer data from its Talent Tracker service finds that 89 percent of learning and training managers are white.

Masie 61

8 Essential Questions on The Future Of Corporate Education In 2018

Your Training Edge

As the future moves towards a sea of change in the corporate sector, there is an immense need to reacquaint and orient employees in order to adapt the ever-evolving trends of this unpredictable learning landscape. What will be the impact of social learning?

Tan Le, Measuring Brain Activity: Second Day Keynote at #ATDTK

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She gravitated to learning about the brain. - learn more about the effects of attention and distraction on the road. Doing studies at ASU -- looking at emerging software to see how they can engage in meaningful ways.

5 Ways to Challenge the Forgetting Curve


Investing time and money in course creation and training is ineffective if your learners aren’t absorbing what they learn and applying it to their work. The effects can be seen in everyday life, not just in eLearning. Spaced learning. Mobile learning.

What is Microlearning and How Does it Drive Employee Engagement?

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Aren’t microlearning strategies firmly established in the learning toolkit? In this series we will: Go beyond the definition of microlearning by focusing on its effective application in the realm of employee education and development. Case Study.


How To Implement Spaced Learning Into Your Training Program


The way people learn at work has changed rapidly. Instead employees are expected to learn information quickly and be able to convey it effectively. Spaced learning is one of the methods that is helping employees and other trainees retain more information over time.

A Conversation with Andrew Hughes

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Working in the space of 3D virtual immersive environments (VIE) is a small, but dedicated group of people who are creating some really wonderful and powerful learning. Kapp: So tell us what you are doing these days and about your work in 3D learning spaces.

Does eLearning work? Our reflections on Thalheimer’s latest research


We’ve heard it from the learning professionals we’ve interviewed. Cracking the learning effectiveness enigma. The hardest part about workplace learning is trying to figure out whether it’s been effective or not, and if it has, by how much. Does learning work?

Josh Bersin, global industry analyst, on how Immersive Learning is poised to disrupt L&D


There’s a dramatic shift occurring in the learning space. L&D leaders are feeling the profound effects of the changing nature of jobs and a heightened demand for better employee training. This approach to VR training is known as Immersive Learning.

Custom Tech Trends in 2018


In 2017, we saw various learning technologies evolve, which have paved way for better, effective, and valuable L&D technology applications in 2018. While many technology trends of 2017 such as microlearning, social learning, personalized learning, video-based learning, etc.,