You’ve Been Learning All Wrong or What I learned from “Make It Stick: the Science of Successful Learning”

Make learning stick with challenging study techniques. Everything you know about learning is wrong. McDaniel explain in their book, Make It Stick: the Science of Successful Learning , a lot of our most commonly employed strategies for learning have proven ineffective in research. And some unintuitive learning techniques yield better results. We’re doing learning wrong. The book stresses two main points: You may think you’re learning when you’re not.

Workforce learning in 2019: Finding patterns in a Clouded Crystall Ball

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elearning , Collaboration , NetBooks , Performance Support , GenX , GenY , Immersive Learning , rapid elearning. John Medina in his keynote address at the eLearning Guild November 2008 conference talked about how the fundamentals of how a person learns do not change decade on decade – in fact, it is an evolutionary process. However, our knowledge of this learning process is very far from complete. Mobility and Learning. I mmersive Learning.