Gaming in Corporate Training: Asset or Liability for Employees?


The question is, “Is engaging in serious games at work an asset or a liability for employees?” First and foremost, gaming is effective in training because it adds elements of fun to dry topics, while at the same time promoting true learning.

Is Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Effective?

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Organizations are taking the very necessary steps to keep their employees safe (and protect themselves from liability). How effective is it in actually reducing or eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace? Unfortunately, the few studies on this topic have shown that common training is not as effective as we would hope.

Effectiveness of E-trainings for Compliance in the Pharma Industry

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On top of this, the liability to adhere to multiple regulations keeps them on their toes. Traditional classroom training, though effective for other trainings, may not be the right option for compliance training.

Effectively Using eLearning for Compliance Training


While compliance training is important – a company certainly doesn’t want to set itself up for liability issues by failing to provide such courses – it’s also among the most boring subjects for employees and management. Using eLearning for Compliance Training. Then there’s the question of efficiency, and that’s where standard compliance training models fall flat.

Finding the Most Effective Course For Your Learning Objective


Traditional methods of educational transference (books, lectures and most online training programs) have far less of an effect on contemporary employees than one might think. Your company will make more money, lower potential liabilities and become a better place to work.

Using Bass Ackward Design for Performer Support

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Knowing what to do…and being equipped [supported] to effectively do what needs done. are the equivalent of comparing great training to the effective application of learning. This distinction becomes a liability when we treat performer support as an add-on to training or as an after-the-fact development cycle rather than including it as part of our core design discipline. We train the former.and we support the performer on the latter.

Stop, Drop & Roll – The Moment of Apply

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We all experience hair on fire moments every single day and our ability to execute a quick action like Stop, Drop & Roll effectively and efficiently translates into effective loss prevention; saved accounts; business liability averted; employee churn prevented; redundant effort and rework minimized, competitive sales closed, material waste minimized…and…and…and.

Cyber Security – Online Training Course and Certification Program

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Implementing effective security measures will not only offer liability protection, but, it also increase efficiency and productivity. Welcome to the world of virtual reality wherein every organization is responsible for ensuring Cyber Security. The ability to protect an organizations information system from impairment or theft is essential.

The Need for Employees Refresher Training

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Thus, the provision of discrimination and harassment training will lead to reduced liabilities by ensuring that the employees are aware of what is ethical. Such training will keep the workers informed of the existing guidelines and at the same time save the company from any liabilities.

3 Best Practices of Designing E-learning Assessments

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Good assessments play a key role in the making of an effective e-learning course. So, how can you evaluate your online learners effectively? Are its liabilities. Here the second option is not appropriate as liabilities are the opposite of assets.

“R.I.S.E.” to the Training Challenge: Why Boost Employee Training?

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Providing a training program that supports consistent and proper training will reduce liabilities such as, but not limited to, personal injury, asset damage, and subsequent legal fees. Effectively trained employees will result in engaged and valued employees.

Developing an Online Training Program for Employee Compliance

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Carefully consider cost-effectiveness. Investing in an LMS and online courses will require an initial investment and administration; however, the long-term benefits of reduced liability and employee productivity almost always prove online training to be a cost-effective decision.

Sexual Harassment: What’s Next?

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When the initiatives are ineffective and sexual misconduct persists, companies are vulnerable to liability, libel, and possible litigation, not to mention damage to their brand’s reputation. Sexual harassment training has been a training staple in corporate America since the 1990s, much of it focused on the rules and regulations and what not to do—with the primary goal of limiting corporate liability and preventing lawsuits. Recent sexual assault scandals have rocked the U.S.

e-Learning and Compliance Training: Strategies for impactful course design


The audio should be suitably synched with on-screen text and graphics to create a winsome multimedia effect that is very impactful – visually as well as aurally. Failing this, an organization is open to a lot of undesirable liability – both in terms of money and credibility.

eLearning: The Solution to Make Compliance Training Great Again


In fact, online training can be more social – and more social can be more effective. Ensuring your employees are compliant keeps them on message with the brand, and reduces liability. Nobody looks forward to the time of year when they get the dreaded email.

What is an LMS, and how can it help your business?

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With Learning Management Systems, you will be set up to efficiently and effectively train your staff, your customers, as well as provide specialized courses for impromptu needs that arise in regards to compliance and certifications.

Where is game-based learning headed? An Interview With Sharon Boller

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Game-based learning has a similar effect when the games evoke strong emotions in players. I interviewed Bottom-Line Performance President and industry thought leader, Sharon Boller to learn more about current game-based learning trends and where this learning strategy is headed in 2017.

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Are You Ready for California’s New Sexual Harassment Training Requirements?

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In September 2018, California Governor, Jerry Brown, signed into law a series of bills designed to more effectively prevent and eliminate sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Take Advantage of Mobile Technology to Maximize Agent and Broker Performance


” So how can insurance companies minimize the effects of a highly competitive environment? Minimize risk and liability. The risks of misinformation extend beyond confused or lost customers: “If the broker was responsible for the misrepresentations, the broker may face liability to the insured,” according the the American Bar Association.

Easily Overcome Your Top Compliance Training Challenges

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And yet they continue to invest—not because they think it’s necessarily productive but because they fear exposing their organizations to greater liability should they fail to spend enough. When providing training online, you have many more options to make your content effective and appealing.

4 Ways Using an LMS Will Improve Your Safety Training


Compliance tracking- Reporting on who has passed and completed Safety training and who has not can help with liability protection for your company or organization.

Managing to Learn, Learning to Manage in the Knowledge Economy

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Although many companies pay lip service to the idea that employees are their most valuable asset, they remain stuck in a 20th century mindset in which employees are a liability. Harness the power of employees’ minds!

Copyright and Intellectual Property in Instructional Design

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In learning and development, and instructional and graphics design, it can be tempting to use such resources to demonstrate a procedure (YouTube video), illustrate a point (funny photo/meme), or simply improve the auditory and/or visual presentation of your content (sound effects/cool graphics).

4 Reasons Why eLearning Is a Low-Risk Corporate Training Tool


Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, training an employee is an effective way to engage him or her. Let’s take a moment to focus in on the benefits and liabilities of eLearning. Training is vital in the workforce today.

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Six Ways to Turn Subject Matter Experts into Leaders

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Yet he was very effective as a technologist — with strong emotional intelligence — leading the product organization and essentially creating the firm’s blue-ocean software. In fact, subject matter expertise can be a liability. By Deb Hordon.

3 Ways Learning Will Transform Your Nonprofit


Today's technology makes it possible for you to measure performance and learn from failures in an efficient and effective way by using a learning management system (LMS).

Why is Compliance so Hard? And Why it Doesn’t Have to Be!

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Compliance training is essential for several reasons - to ensure compliance that drives better process adherence and performance, to avoid legal liability for violations, and to add business value and ensure competitive advantage. times the cost of compliance, effective compliance training is becoming extremely crucial for organizations. Ensuring your compliance courses are effective is very important.

Corporate Training: It’s time to enter a new frontier


It combines the power of big data with the intelligence of machine learning and the context of business data to help organizations continuously measure, understand, and prove the impact of learning while optimizing its effect on the business. Impact enables organizations to understand quickly and easily the precise effect of every training program on a particular business objective. How to measure, understand, and continuously optimize the business impact of learning.

To Learn, Realize Success Is a Moving Target

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” In anything they do every day, they want to learn about what’s going on around them and how effective they’re being through their leadership. This, in turn, can cause serious liabilities to us personally and to the teams of people with whom we work and lead.

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Course of the Week Highlight: Prepare for Q4 with an End-of-Year Compliance Refresher


Learners are challenged throughout the course to show their understanding of the topic and receive immediate and in-depth feedback about why one response is more effective and the other responses are less effective in identifying or resolving that harassment/discrimination situation. . Help your organization build a framework for an efficient and effective means for educating employees about respectful workplaces and how to address harassment of any kind.

Experiential Learning: ‘What’, ‘Why’, and ‘How’ for Corporate Trainers

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Experiential learning provides interactivity and participation and can be much more effective than traditional learning approaches. The importance of experiential learning for children is evident.

An LMS helps close the manufacturing skills gap


94% of executives said the most effective response is internal employee training and development. An LMS can help you identify and train new supervisors to increase productivity and reduce liability.

Learning Myths From Our Day and Age

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Learning myths and misconceptions regarding corporate training and development can pose a real obstacle for businesses and organizations seeking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their staff.

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The entrant may be required to sign a release to that effect. In the event the Sponsors are unable to award the Prize or a component of the Prize as described for any reason, the Sponsors reserve the right to substitute the Prize or a component with another prize of equal or greater value, without liability. The winner must complete and return by the indicated date, the Sponsors’ Declaration of Compliance and Release of Liability and Publicity Release Form (the “Form”).

7 Courses to Bolster Your Resume: Culinary Skills


Additionally, the lack of awareness and uncertainty of untrained hospitality staff can, in many cases, pose a dangerous liability to the business. Effective Communication and Teamwork in Restaurants.

Keeping Talent Development Current: A Moving Target

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Let’s not assume that we or our stakeholders know, as that’s always a liability. How often do you think about the future? Are you on auto-pilot when it comes to development programs, stories and statistics? What if you continued this same course over the next one, two or five years?

Workplace learning in 10 years

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Then, whenever a learning need arises, the SME has both the knowledge and the skills to develop their own e-learning solution, quickly and effectively. Single-point sensitive gurus are a liability; everyone has the obligation to share their knowledge with everyone else.