Seven Ways to Use the iPad for Workplace Learning

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These types of games may be effective especially when used for soft skills. Simulations – the hardware that works for games work just as effectively for simulations. Video is effective for learning; customized high definition, anytime video will have a greater idea. Lotus or MS Exchange? The iPad is here.

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Knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/17/2005

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Managers' effectiveness derives directly from their web of relationships," says Rollag. If your CEO comes back from a KM conference and sets up Lotus, LiveLink or eRoom with complex access privilege's, you should question if they have really got the message. Personal Toolkit: Apertures of articulation. We work and learn in living networks. Together, we comprise great bodies of knowledge and expertise. Getting New Managers Up to Speed.

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Why does Captivate need THREE Eye Buttons?

Adobe Captivate

Title is not an nostalgic reference to the best spreadsheet application ever (Lotus 1-2-3) but is related to… Captivate. Hiding an object on the stage has no effect whatsoever on the presence of that object when publishing (or previewing) the course: the object will be visible.

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ScreencastCamper Profiles 2013: Scott Skibell

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Now I’m going to date myself here a little, but I remember using the old Lotus ScreenCam utility to create these computer how-to’s. Get happy: TechSmith ‘s annual ScreencastCamp is just a couple weeks away! Can you believe it?!


eLearning 24-7

A Gallup Poll in 2016 found only 18% of managers demonstrated an aptitude for effectively managing. Sure you can watch a video on Salesforce CRM or Lotus 1-2-3, but people learn best when the content is interactive and mimics the product. He has good time management skills, an effective communicator and is well-liked by customers and his fellow employees. How often have you thought about your boss in this way – “How did they get the ability to manage, people?”

The Diminishing Shelf Life of Learning

CLO Magazine

I remember teaching my first Lotus 1-2-3 class on IBM portables to a group of accountants in the early ’80s. Formal learning can still teach foundational skills, but it needs to shift a good part of its time and efforts to help learners remain current and effective once the formal experience is over. Pretending we can only hurts our effectiveness in serving the enterprise and its trust in our ability to impact overall business performance.

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Is Attention Important in Learning?

The Learning Circuits

With Office 12, we will do things to make it a lot easier for people to be more effective in the way they manage all of these communication mechanisms," Capossela said. IBM also is looking at solutions to manage scheduling for the next version of Lotus Workplace, part of IBM's collection of software that rivals Office. But I don't think the scheduling tools that Microsoft and Lotus are building are it.

How To Stay In Touch With Online Learners When Traveling

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We can learn some effective techniques from some "globe trotters": Set a regular time for participants to contact the mentor by phone, emails and instant messaging. IBM's Lotus Notes and Yahoo Enterprise version now provide organizations with Instant Messaging capabilities. Topics this issue: 1. How to stay in touch with online learners while traveling 2. Featured presentation: "Directing e-Learning" 3. Long-distance management of your learners 1.

It’s a matter of culture

The Learning Circuits

Defining or imposing a culture and disseminating its principles aren't enough to make it effective. And its effect is usually to silence the others (the same thing happens in discussion groups, by the way). They could have encouraged rather than neglected the potential of the expensive and hard to deploy groupware (Lotus Notes) they began investing in during the 90s.

Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

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If an organization is committed to Microsoft Sharepoint, IBM Lotus, Salesforce, SAP, or another proprietary solution for in-house communication and project management, the workscape designer tweaks that platform for optimal learning rather than trying to replace it. Network Effects 46.

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