More Marketing Myths

Clark Quinn

It’s just more marketing myths, drawing upon common misconstruals , and that’s not a good thing. The relationship between people’s preferences and what’s effective is pretty close to zero. It’s more marketing myths in service of selling you things.

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5 Tactics to Develop Effective Video Marketing

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Publishing videos is a new form of marketing, and it will remain as one of the best forms of marketing. If you are considering joining everybody else in video marketing, it will be best to use your time wisely because video marketing takes a lot of planning and work.

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How to Create Marketing Materials That Can Boost Engagement


Marketing techniques have grown and changed over the years to include a variety of forms and content. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better, and not all marketing strategies are able to pull in the right kind of responses. Rachel is a freelance marketing specialist.

Online Marketing for Elearning Part III: Advertising


Are you ready to put some money behind your marketing? They would much prefer to continue with their content marketing strategy —and for good reason. Content marketing is low cost but highly effective. But they work best as a supplement to your content marketing strategy.

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Enhancing the Learning Experience by Leveraging Learner Analytics

Speaker: Seth Puri, EVP Global Sales and Marketing, Gutenberg Technology

The importance of learner analytics is well understood among the eLearning community – but practical knowledge of how to capture and use those numbers is much harder to find. In this webinar, Seth Puri, EVP of Global Sales and Marketing for Gutenberg Technology, will deliver a guide to collecting and assessing learning outcomes – and demonstrate how doing so can help you deliver a differentiated eLearning experience.

LMS: Training, Marketing, and Technology

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When you’ve completed your user acceptance testing, it’s time to implement a highly effective training and marketing program for the LMS. So how can you ensure that training and marketing entice the organization to jump on the LMS bandwagon?

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Building a Corporate University: Marketing and Promotion

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Summary: When it looks like the Corporate University is ready to go, it’s time to think about marketing and promotion. This is another time when you’ll need the assistance of the internal marketing department or the external consultant.

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Tips for Marketing (Online Courses) To Your Association Members  

Web Courseworks

Associations and nonprofits share a marketing dilemma unlike traditional for-profit businesses. The target market and demographics for a business are centered around prospective clients and existing clients. Tips for Marketing to Association Members.

Email Marketing Tips for Online Course Creators


To maximize your reach and revenue, you need an email marketing plan. Email marketing isn’t new. But any business today will tell you that email marketing fits into every stage of the marketing process, and that includes your online course.

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Creating An Effective Editorial Calendar: 4 Steps eLearning Marketers Should Follow

eLearning Industry

In this article, I'll discuss the 4 steps eLearning marketers should follow to create an effective editorial calendar. Content Marketing Content Marketing Strategy eLearning Marketers eLearning Marketing Inbound Marketing

2019 State of Sales Coaching: Managers, Reps, and Enablement Pros Weigh In

Speaker: Henry Bruckstein, Founder at Canam Research, and Jake Miller, Product Marketing Manager at Allego

Join Henry Bruckstein, Founder of Canam Research, and Jake Miller, product marketing manager at Allego, to learn why--and more--from the new 2019 State of Sales Coaching survey. Virtually every sales organization sees the value of good sales coaching.

9 Tips To Gauge Content Marketing Effectiveness With Article Analytics

eLearning Industry

In this article, I’ll share how to gauge the effectiveness of content marketing with content marketing metrics. eLearning Market Big Data In eLearning Content Marketing eLearning MarketingHow do you know if your carefully crafted eLearning articles are achieving the desired results? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

6 Ways to Effectively Use a Marketing Quiz


Do you want to develop your marketing strategy to offer a customized experience? So many questions and you must be thinking about the many ways you need to invest in your marketing strategy. Want to know how big and small brands are using quizzes as part of their marketing strategy?

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Content Marketing: What Every Learning Practitioner Needs to Know

Talented Learning

Where Does Content Marketing End and Instructional Marketing Begin? On the surface, marketing and learning may seem like separate disciplines. And I would add that, in this brave new world of instructional marketing, the common denominator is content.

Creating An Effective Editorial Calendar: 4 Steps eLearning Marketers Should Follow

eLearning Industry

Strategy drives good content marketing, which means you need a comprehensive plan to guide your company's content marketing strategy for the future. In this article, I'll discuss the 4 steps eLearning marketers should follow to create an effective editorial calendar.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

saturated market, we’ve designed. When they’re set up within an effective authoring tool, you don’t need to attend to every. and is displayed in the most effective way possible. the effectiveness with which different. report on the effectiveness of its learning programs.

Solution Category Overview: Marketing Automation


Marketing automation is the use of software solutions and platforms designed to automate and streamline repetitive marketing-related tasks, to allow for more effective marketing efforts on multiple online channels (email, social media, etc.).

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Customer Engagement Metrics: What Marketers Can Teach Learning Pros

Talented Learning

Today we feature engagement metrics advice from Laura Patterson , President of VisionEdge Marketing. Laura is widely recognized as an authority in marketing measurement and performance, content management, marketing operations and data analytics.

Leading In a Technological Disruptive Market

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In today’s highly turbulent times characterized by technological disruptive market, effective leadership is more about the best principles than the best practices, requiring the leaders to adopt a disruptive management approach.

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8 Tips To Create An Effective Backlink Content Marketing Strategy

eLearning Industry

In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to create a winning backlink content marketing strategy for your eLearning organization. eLearning Market Content Marketing eLearning MarketingDo you need to drive more traffic to your site? Looking for ways to boost those conversion rates? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Learner Marketing: Why You Need an Effective 360° Communications Plan

Learning Wire

To remedy this, L&D teams now use marketing techniques. Learner marketing aims to put learners at the heart of the learning process, engage them, and win their loyalty. Learner engagement is a common problem.

Distributing And Maximizing Your Content Marketing Efforts As An eLearning Marketer

eLearning Industry

Also, simply sharing content on social media platforms does not count as an effective distribution strategy. How can you succeed in distributing and maximizing your content marketing efforts in your company? Great content without equally great distribution is by all means not enough.

Educational Marketing: Win the Hearts and Minds of Sales Associates


Learn how SweetRush combined the power of training and marketing to create an exciting and authentic educational marketing program for sales associates. Analysis to Evaluation E-learning Effective Learning Techniques ILT & vILT M-learning educational marketing

The Gamut And Size Of The eLearning Market

eLearning Industry

The eLearning market size is expected to grow beyond USD 300 billion, according to several research reports and market surveys. In the next decade, there will be an increasing demand from corporate and academic institutions for cost-effective training and learning techniques.

5 Tips for Determining if Your Online Course Has a Market


Whatever your reason may be, there is one thing you need to do before you invest time and energy into this project — determine if your online course has a market. Marketing any product online is no easy task. Define your market sub-segment. Size your market.

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How Microlearning Makes Better Marketers


Being a marketer means wearing many hats. It gives you a way to not only manage, but master everything marketers need to know. Here are five key ways marketers and marketing teams benefit from microlearning: Short modules close the marketer’s skills gap.

Expert Advice on Effective Small Business Marketing

Your Training Edge

When you’re busy establishing yourself and getting those first clients or customers, marketing can seem like an overwhelming challenge. Where does a business owner start when there are so many promising opportunities for marketing?

Tailoring Your Content Marketing Strategy To The Right Buyer Personas Of eLearning Niche

eLearning Industry

Creating buyer personas is key for your content marketing strategy. Marketers can focus on audiences that are likely to prove fruitful while helping their organizations pursue a common goal.

6 Simple Ways to Market Your Online Course


Tapping into existing communities can help you market your online course. All you need now are students who are ready to learn, but that is easier said than done.How can you market your online course to attract those students? Marketing an online course is often an afterthought for many course creators. A lackluster marketing campaign can leave your course materials languishing unused. To help avoid this scenario you need to be proactive in how you market.

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Content Marketing Basics Going Into 2019


Once a novelty niche in the marketing arena, content marketing is now its own branding powerhouse. If you have been put in charge of creating content for marketing your products and services, you already know how important marketing is to create sales and profits for your organization.

Attraction Marketing Tips For Extended Enterprise Learning Success

Talented Learning

Are you responsible for marketing educational content to customers, channels partners or other audiences that operate outside of your organization? Here are several useful ideas inspired by my discussions with Kevin: Attraction Marketing Tips For Extended Enterprise Learning.

Top 6 Content Marketing Trends for 2019


As 2018 is quickly winding down, one thing is abundantly clear in the marketing landscape going into 2019. Content marketing is no longer a novelty, niche or side project. Increasingly, content marketing is now critical to overall marketing strategy.

Augmented Reality In Social Media, Marketing, Mobile Apps and More


Let us discuss a few reasons why AR is considered as the next emerging wave to effectively train new-age workforce: ? Scope for marketing. Marketing companies are tapping for plethora of opportunities that AR offers to improve client collaboration.

Marketing Never Ends – How Does Product Education Help?

Talented Learning

No wonder many early-stage companies invest so heavily in marketing tactics to attract prospects and convince them to sign-up. If you’re lucky and your message resonates with your target market, sign-ups will soon start filling your pipeline.

Grab These Helpful L&D Resources from the Marketing Playbook

Mike Taylor

In our three sessions at DevLearn last week, Bianca Baumann and I shared some “ L&D Strategies from the Marketing Playbook “ Among the things we talked about was an introduction to some of the marketing tools and techniques you can use to enhance any L&D project or strategy.

5 Content Marketing Tips for Training Professionals

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And that’s when all eyes swivel towards your content marketing efforts. Two pretty similar products (you can absolutely taste the difference, by the way), but marketed in two very different ways. These are strong brand personalities crafted to appeal to specific target markets.

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