PowerPoint 2010: Converting Presentations to Movies

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In previous versions of PowerPoint, converting presentations to movies  could be a bit of a laborious task.   Do a run-through of your presentation to make sure there is an adequate amount of time between slide transitions and any animation effects you may have added and make any necessary changes. Using this method will allow you to make a movie from your presentation in which the video will play. by AJ George.

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Don’t Ransack My Movies (DRM): Options Around Securing Online Video

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A much narrower view of DRM may refer to a specific method of controlling the viewing of video using electronic licensing and cryptographic keys. Once the aforementioned (simple yet often very effective!) This method of video delivery known as “” complicates [3].

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PowerPoint 2007: Adding Voiceover Narration to Presentations Converted to Movies

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Last week I detailed how to turn a PowerPoint 2007 presentation into a movie that could be uploaded to popular video sharing sites like YouTube.  Follow the instructions from last week to create a movie from your PowerPoint presentation with audio and save your movie as a.wmv file.

3 Methods of Reflective Practice in an eLearning Environment


We often experience deeper and richer feelings about the writer in such movies. Identify a situation you encountered in your work or personal life that you believe could have been dealt with more effectively. Method 1: Compare with yardstick. Method 2: Rate your mastery.

The Secret to Getting Learning Results May Not Be What You Think

Page 8 7 Hope Isn't a Method Page 20 Contents 5 Crafting Your. effective learning. solutions 1 The challenge of developing effective training solutions. 40% 40% 20% To architect effective solutions that achieve. programs are effective at measurably improving performance.

Learning from The King's Speech | Social Learning Blog

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This movie should be required viewing for anyone in the learning industry – it demonstrates all the ingredients for effective learning. Weber also points out how effectively additional techniques demonstrated in the movie – like music, movement, and humor – open the mind to learning.

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Built in States for Drag&Drop objects

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Example Movie. Watch this movie. The Drag Sources have 5 InBuilt States (see slide 2 in movie). That is a limitation, in many cases you’ll want to revert to the old method of hide/show objects. The Drop Targets have 6 InBuilt States (see slide 3 in movie).

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Marketing Training to Your Employees: Building Excitement and Buzz

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The most effective buzz marketing campaigns are initially targeted toward people who are considered influencers or early adopters of products. Taking popular movie posters, they created spoofs based on the training that was coming out.

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Netflixing in E-learning: The New Buzz to Deliver a Personalized Training Experience


It is not a surprise how training methods have changed over the years; from conventional classrooms to Game-based Learning, Augmented Reality (AR), Adaptive Learning and more. The Netflix model is widely adopted by e-learning organizations as an effective corporate training strategy.

Custom eLearning Development: 4 Tips to Deliver Compelling and Engaging Content

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This is just a short sampling of the methods available. As I was diving into a show or a movie, I found myself – more often than I would have expected – just as quickly jumping out because what I was watching just didn’t do it for me. I love movie previews.

Adobe Character Animator and eLearning

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Enter Adobe Character Animator, a fairly recent addition to Adobe After Effects. Then, with the boom of relatively cheap camcorders that followed, any kid with a camera could make a movie in his backyard with a couple of friends. Were all of these movies good?

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Why You Need Audio Descriptions to Make Online Course Videos Accessible

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You’ve probably watched movies that have embedded audio descriptions, even though you didn’t use them yourself (or even know they were there!). That means the movie has an audio description track that can be turned on as needed. Many movie theaters offer audio description support, too.

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Video-Based Learning Strategy for Increased Employee Engagement and Workforce Competency – New-age Strategy for New-age Learning


Undoubtedly, videos are considered as effective training tools , but it is also daunting for trainers to use them regularly or include it in their training methods. To reinforce the overall learning experience, organizations have to effectively create and deliver personalized videos.

7 e-Learning Trends You Should Follow in 2018

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And while the application of e-learning methods tends to grow with the advancement of technology, you need to keep an eye on the latest trends that are going to set the tone for the future of e-learning.

Activate the Braincells Through the Art of Storytelling

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What comes to your mind when you hear words “movie”, “novel”, “theater” or an “advertisement”? All of us enjoy a good story, whether it’s a novel, a movie, a drama, an advertisement or something our friends/teachers/family members narrate to us.

3 New Ways Docebo Supports Personalized Learning With Artificial Intelligence


In our personal lives, personalization is overtaking nearly every facet, from how we watch movies and TV shows, to listening to music or podcasts, to the way we shop. In learning, the AI requires a deeper data set to produce more relevant and effective results.

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Step aside Millennials. Generation Z is entering the workforce


To help you do this, we’ve put together a list of the Top 4 things you can do to create effective training for Generation Z: Make your training visually appealing: Generation Z grew up with visually stunning video games, movies, and apps. We’ve been obsessed with millennials.

How Long Should Videos Be for E-Learning?


It has a clarifying effect. Ever notice how movie trailers are all about 2:30? There’s a very good reason learners lose interest in educational videos after a certain point: they’re a passive learning method. A forty-five minute lecture broken into seven or eight videos will be more effective—and it makes for a perfect e-learning module. Videos are an essential aspect of online education. But how long is too long? And how short is too short?

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Maximize End-user Adoption: Promote Your New ERP the Hollywood Way

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Planning to blend different training methods to deliver the best experience to your end-users, but not sure how to create a positive buzz among them about the new system? Usually, before a movie hits the big screen, the director and cast come forward and reveal something interesting about it.

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11 Custom Learning Trends in 2018

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Traditionally used for gaming and movie experiences, AR and VR can bring about a paradigm shift in the way learning takes place. It is now expected to become a mainstream method for corporate training, instead of remaining just a supportive learning solution to eLearning.

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Why Training Needs Video

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The trend seems to be that we are aware video is important and critical, and we even admit that our end-users would probably prefer video to some of other learning methods used. Why focus on video versus other training methods? Not only is video time saving, it’s cost effective.

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Pin Down Your eLearning with Cork Board Captivate Templates

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One tried-and-true method of doing so is to use a cork board. As insane as they look, these detectives and nutcases are using an effective organizational tool. Creation is messy. It’s a rare occurrence that a creator will spit out a fully-formed idea on the first go.

Learning the ‘Dinosaur’ way!

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The relevance is so historic that even the uninitiated movie goers got a taste of Dinosaurs that existed 231.4 Ditto was the experience of the 1975 movie Jaws or the 1982 film ET the Extra Terrestrial. So, what is the relevance of the Spielberg movie success in business, you may wonder.

Top 3 tips for creating professional looking videos for training


We wait for our favorite franchises to come out, we frantically search for trailers and previews online and some of the most often used references come from movies nowadays, rather than from books. Quiet on the set” is another usual thing heard in movie studios.

Emerging eLearning Technologies – Driving the Change

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The reason behind this shift is long-term benefits associated with e-learning methods, such as: Reduced costs of training. Since the delivery of knowledge is short and to-the-point, it is easier for the learner to retain knowledge effectively. Videos, infographics, tests, and small activities form some of the key methods to deploy this technique for any organization.

13 eLearning Scenario Tips that 60 Experts Agree On


Scenarios are one the most effective types of eLearning. The more authentic it is, and the more dangerous it feels, the more effective it will be. People often think that they need to be creative to create effective eLearning scenarios. Practice to make your chosen method fluid.

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Why each employee needs a learning path


Each time I saw the movie along my childhood and young adulthood the story somehow got a different meaning. This learning path method is like a training program for the entire job or career, made up by little pieces of learning, that are changed and adapted along the way.

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Frame Rate: A Beginner’s Guide

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Different frame rates yield different viewing experiences, and choosing a frame rate often means choosing between things such as how realistic you want your video to look, or whether or not you plan to use techniques such as slow motion or motion blur effects.

4 lessons Mr Miyagi can teach learning designers

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She loved it and was able to instantly make connections with many modern day movie references. A great way to ensure balance between theory and practice is to use methods such as Spaced Repetition. This may be one of the most famous movie quotes of all time.

Knowledge Transfer

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What are the most effective methods of knowledge transfer? It’s far more engaging than a wall of text and so getting one’s message across becomes more effective. Nowadays, it’s more effective to use a mobile LMS.

Virtual Reality in Training and Development


The traditional modes of training employed by the HR (Human Resources) department of corporates are educational books, audiovisual presentations, and sometimes even through relevant movies. A new method of training employees is catching on, in the form of Virtual Reality training.

5 Reasons Why Virtual Training Software Is So Successful


The Internet has never been just about text; you see pictures, movies, and even interactive applets online all the time. Integration with other learning methods. It would’ve sounded like a sci-fi fantasy only a few decades ago.

4 Top TED Videos Every e-Learning Professional Needs to Watch

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Learning has witnessed a drastic shift from traditional methods to e-learning. She also exemplifies it by the work flow at PIXAR movies. You just have to find TED Talks that are for you, to making learning more effective.

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6 Things to Remember to Prevent Your Training from Failing

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For that, we might as well have sent people to the movies for the day, with the same result – but at least they may have had a good time. If you are going to make people take a course, be sure the information helps people be faster, better, smarter and more effective on the job.

Emerging eLearning Technologies – Driving the Change

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The reason behind this shift is long-term benefits associated with elearning methods, such as: Reduced costs of training. Since the delivery of knowledge is short and to-the-point, it is easier for the learner to retain knowledge effectively. Videos, infographics, tests, and small activities form some of the key methods to deploy this technique for any organization. Here’s How to Setup Effective Game-Based Learning for Enterprises.

What Pokémon Go Means to the Learning Industry


” Companies have been trying to figure out ways to use augmented reality for years, typically its most effective application has been allowing people to see where storefronts are located from a user’s frame of reference. What Pokémon Go Means to the Learning Industry.

Video: The power and the story

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Video seems to be deeply embedded into the toolkit of educators, because it can be a powerful medium, but whether it is used effectively is open to debate. There are many more effective methods in which video can be used to engage, inspire and motivate students.