Effective Training Visuals—Directing the Eyes


This is the second in a series of blog posts intended to help you evaluate elearning courses by considering the effectiveness of the visuals they include. One way designers can use visuals so they increase the effectiveness of training materials is to direct the eyes of the learners to the important parts of the screen or, as Malamed says in her book, “through the structure of the graphic.”. The last method for directing the viewer’s eyes—and their attention—is to use visual clues.

Effective Training Visuals—Abstract to Concrete


We’re back with the fourth in a series of blog posts written to help you evaluate elearning courses by considering how well their visuals add to the effectiveness of the training. There are many highly inventive, clever, and unique methods used to visualize large sets of data and/or complex ideas. The overall effect is to quickly demonstrate to the viewer how few people die of bear attacks, shark attacks, and airplane crashes, and how deadly the flu truly is.

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Create a Course Outline in Just 3 Easy Steps


Bring method to the madness with your course outline. Creating a course outline will help you return to the fundamentals so that you can structure your course methodically, using clear building blocks for success. In fact, by focusing on the essentials, you can create an effective outline by following just three steps. Do you want them to be able to pipe a beautiful wedding cake?

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Employee Development in the Era of Screen Time

CLO Magazine

The idea that society is going to change is a pipe dream. Only a handful of companies are effectively adapting to the changing needs of the modern learner. The only way to close this gap is through effective employee development. How can companies effectively develop employees in the era of screen time? Creating development delivery methods that focus on being able to mentally touch and play with a company’s content is critical. Tap, look, feel rewarded.

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Creating avenues for On-Demand Learning in the Modern Workplace


So they are enthusiastic learners and do not always needs a trainers/instructors encouragement to complete a learning course effectively. Training managers within an organization are now actively creating the avenues to make sure that in addition to formal trainings and custom courses, learners get access to on-demand learning as well – to increase the overall effectiveness of corporate learning. Learning at the workplace is a continuous process.

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Elearning Predictions 2019

Mike Taylor

For example, looking back in time, we will find two simple yet super valuable resources to guide us toward the most effective and efficient solutions for our future learning and development work. For starters, Thomas Gilbert has given us a simple and efficient method of troubleshooting performance issues and recognizing potential solutions. Every new year brings us opportunities to explore new tools, technologies, and strategies.

We should not equate online learning with asynchronous learning

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Clearly, there are tradeoffs in the two teaching methods. This is important because active learning has been shown to be vastly more effective than traditional lectures, where students passively receive information. For example, in 1972 Elliot Aronson devised a novel teaching method he called a “jigsaw classroom.”

How the COVID Pandemic Has Broadened The Skills Gap and Increased the Need for Skills Development Training (And What To Do About It)

Convergence Training

This is where human performance improvement (HPI) methods come in very handy, and in particular their emphasis on (1) problem analysis, (2) cause analysis, and (3) intervention selection.

Gamification in E-Learning – Are you really learning?

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Take a look at the following: It says, “This is not a pipe” You say, “wait it is a pipe” But it isn’t (if you know what it is, place it in the comments section). But that doesn’t mean gamification cannot exist nor work, effectively – on the contrary – it can. Especially if the objective is tied to completing via a linear method – which sort of defeats the purpose of WBT to begin with – i.e. a non-linear approach.

Twitter, Txtng, & Blended Learning

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Jane Hart recently posted 100+ (E-)Learning Professionals to follow on Twitter and Tony Hirst immediately followd it with a Yahoo pipe that aggregates the tweets from Jane's list. Tony Karrer tested the pipe, but left with the thought that there was no real need to follow it and wonders if he is missing something ? Effectiveness Of Traditional And Blended Learning Environments Science Daily. Twitter and Texting.

Are Instructional Designers Making Themselves Irrelevant?


Accepting that your current method of creating learning content isn''t meeting the needs of your learners is an extremely difficult thing to do, but it''s the only thing that drives change. When you''re a global organization operating in a dynamic environment, such as Nielsen, the ripple effect of a manual cut-and-paste process can bring an organization to its knees when things change or a new brand is introduced.

Free L&D webinars for October 2019

Limestone Learning

There are those who propose elaborate and expensive methods to capture measurements of training impacts while others are content with the smiley sheets to gauge the “happiness” of learners. Creating an effective learning environment using technology. You’ll then learn more about the best practices and tools needed to create effective employee development programs. “ Carrot harvest ” by woodleywonderworks is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Is that the sound of the heat coming on?

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The Corporate Training Predictions You Need to Know for 2017


I find myself referring to "traditional training" methods less and less. It's here now and highly effective. This one is just a pipe dream of mine. Ah yes. The annual December tradition of crystal-balling the coming year is alive and well. And who am I to be the Grinch and sit this one out. I'm all in on 2017! 2017 is going to be fantastic for training, learning and development. And no, I don't believe that I just jinxed it.

Is learner motivation your responsibility?

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A lot of the conversation around gamification (for a heated throw down on the topic read the comments here ) is about the dubious and likely counterproductive effects of extrinsic rewards as motivators. You want someone to use a new method of coaching employees? Mager, Robert and Pipe, Peter, Analyzing Performance Problems: Or, You Really Oughta Wanna–How to Figure out Why People Aren’t Doing What They Should Be, and What to do About It.

10 Best and Worst Types of Microlearning

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There are various types of microlearning with some forms being considerably older or more effective than others. It’s underused in the world of L&D but it’s effective and a webpage full of them is likely to be returned to many times over. GIF Recipes are very effective types of microlearning. In one use case (shown below), an engineer looking to unblock complex industrial piping controls a remote camera with both hands while viewing the camera-feed on the Moverio glasses.

How to Record Your Desktop with Screencasting

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Screencasts add a personal touch in ways that other methods (I’m looking at you PowerPoint decks and written proposals!) Screencasting allows you to train your new hires effectively and free up your time. Whether it’s your kids, spouse, housemate, or dog, Murphy’s Law guarantees they will unceremoniously pipe up at an inopportune time during your recording. What is Screencasting? A screencast is a video recording of your computer screen, and usually includes audio.