[Free Webinar #2!] Convert Classroom Training to Blended Learning Using Your Creativity and Adobe Technology

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Check out the recording and the slideshare.) You may mix and match many delivery formats in order to create a learning environment that is engaging and cost-effective. Conferences and events Webinars adobe captivate prime atd blended learning classroom training delivery method eLearning Flipped Classroom Fluidic Player Free webinar gamification katrina baker katrina marie baker learning preference learning style LMS training delivery video virtual classroom virtual reality Webina

Key Benefits of Blended Learning in Comprehensive Safety Training [Infographic]

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Educating your employees on the potential risks and imparting effective training on the safety practices and procedures to be followed, will help you achieve this. Each method can complement the other, and blending training methods will help overcome the limitations of individual methods.

What L&D Professionals Should Know About Tin Can API

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I viewed presentations on Slideshare. Not one of these various forums/media of learning can be tracked by an LMS, yet it can’t be denied that these are effective learning methods.


What Are Your Training Metrics Actually Measuring?

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However, it remains that for individual courses and at individual companies, the effectiveness of training is ridiculously hard to measure. And finally, the methods generally used to measure and evaluate training are “antiquated.”. Is your training working? That is the question.

Complete Guide To Promote Your YouTube Video


We will outline the best ways to understand the methods of marketing your videos online and try to get the most views out of it. It is one of the effective point helpful in promotion. People may have different reasons for wanting to know how to promote YouTube videos online.

20 tools for legacy learning

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Video is also very effective for storytelling, and one of my favourite things to watch on video is documentaries. Tools to look out for: Slideshare , Authorstream , Speakerdeck , Sliderocket. Podcasting is a popular method for conveying knowledge in audio format.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Online Course in 2018


– Are you an expert on a software or a method that other want to use? You can immediately align objectives with evaluation methods. – Learners will be able to create special effects. This method provides an analytical design which makes it worthwhile to try out!

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3 Key Concepts That Will Help You Understand Learning in the Digital Age

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These three "gogies" of effective online learning will help you get a clearer picture. While effective heutagogy has roots in androgogy, it doesn''t just refer to learning itself. Traditional learning methods and strategies are not only inadequate, many have already become obsolete.

5 Ways to Share Your PowerPoint Presentation Online

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Is there a more effective way to share a presentation? Each has its own advantages, so find the method that works best for your current situation. Of course, one method is to simply upload your PowerPoint to Google Drive or DropBox and give the link to a friend. This method has the greatest security risk – if the wrong people get access to the file, they can copy, modify, and distribute it overnight. “Could I have a copy of your slides?”

The Big 7: Create Online Courses Based On These Principles of Learning

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These are not mere abstractions but rather serve as a practical guide in planning effective online training programs. Basically, i f they understand these principles and weave them into their training, they''ll create more effective online learning experiences. In fact, experts agree that the whole method of learning works best when preceded by the part method. Be careful; training professinoals are often tempted to oversimplify when employing this method.

The benefits of business simulation

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Putting them in an environment that recreates the real world lets them see the effects of their decisions immediately. Experiential learning has been shown to be more effective than other kinds of training in many areas.

What is Screencasting?

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Common examples of screencasts are onscreen tutorials , video lessons , or slideshare presentations. Screencasts add a personal touch in ways that other methods (I’m looking at you PowerPoint decks and written proposals!)

Justifying eLearning: ROI and Key Metrics


Find some effective eLearning ROI calculating methods, key metrics, calculators, and templates in this article. See it as a SlideShare presentation: Justifying eLearning: ROI and Key Metrics from Eduson.tv. Justifying eLearning: ROI and Key Metrics.

7 lessons how to use social media in an event with social media beginners

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The evaluation was quite positive about the effect of using social media. It's a method to get everybody's ideas and opinions out and make people think about their situation. on slideshare ). Last year we've experimented with various social media to improve a sharing event for about 100 participants (for more details see my older blogpost ). This is not too difficult when all your participants are social media adepts, you announce your hashtags and off they go.

Best Customer Education Blogs: 25 Must-Reads for Learning Professionals

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And how can you bring together multiple learning elements to create an effective onboarding mix? Don’t let the length of this embedded Slideshare deck intimidate you. Which blogs offer the best advice about customer education practices, strategies and technologies? Great question.

Social Grid Follow-up

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A few of the tools and methods I use to tap into the social grid. Tools and Methods for Networks and Communities - Discusses specific tools and methods for using Networks and Communities as part of Knowledge Work. But you need to find the tools and methods that work for you.

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How to Capture Screen Images in Under a Minute

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Marking up design concepts is faster and more effective than a wordy email. These methods work with different versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 8 and Windows 10. These methods work with different versions of macOS–10.10 (Yosemite), or higher. What is a Screenshot?

How to Record Your Desktop with Screencasting

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Common examples of screencasts are onscreen tutorials , video lessons , or slideshare presentations. Screencasts add a personal touch in ways that other methods (I’m looking at you PowerPoint decks and written proposals!) What is Screencasting?

Top 60 eLearning Posts for October 2010

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He also provides seven principles for effective mobile learning. Failing to See Money Hiding in Plain Sight , October 4, 2010 I’ve discussed ethnography, especially digital ethnography, several times taking note that, whether we use ethnography in marketing or design research remains irrelevant to the methods employed. How Do You Learn to Write Effective Voice Scripts? Slideshare (18).

5 great speakers from the AITD conference - a summary of ideas

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Amantha ran us through 6 idea generation methods, they were: Newsflashing. When you begin to get into it you soon realise that so many types of learning are covered by the umbrella term of E-Learning that to measure the effectiveness of ELearning generally is very difficult.