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With this being said, the question that pops up is that where is the “time” to learn and upskill? How can the employee learning experience be improved in such an environment of implacable stress? Learning cards.

Taco Mac Secures Fifty Spots in NRAEF Apprenticeship Program


The program, in partnership with the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), is designed to help employees who want to become managers develop their talents and skills while working—an earn while you learn program. Supervisor micro-learning program. “We

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Three Smart Steps for Success in 2018

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With these three steps, you can begin your year with a learning strategy that is sure to produce great results. Inventory your learning programs. Categorize your learning inventory needs by: What’s existing that you can archive? Have you considered micro-learning?


Microlearning Activities – 4 Reasons They are Ideal for Compliance Training

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Microlearning has been the trending word in the e-learning world for quite some time now. Microlearning refers to the delivery of online learning content in the form of short learning nuggets. The variety in the formats helps address individual learning styles.

5 Ways To Use Microlearning In Compliance Training

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There are several ways to create an engaging compliance training using immersive learning strategies and supplement the primary compliance training with additional measures that will keep the learners cued in. These approaches have helped us create highly sticky learning experiences.

Microlearning – A Small Format with a Big Impact

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My guess is that it’s not taking hours-long e-learning courses. Artisan E-Learning at ATD ICE. Diane Elkins conducted a presentation that focused on microlearning with immediate application – a project we completed with Pryor Learning Solutions. Magazine micro-learning

5 Benefits of a Learning Management System for Businesses


With a growing need to foster effective learning and cater to the training needs of a global workforce, organizations across the world are implementing learning management systems for corporate training. A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that can deliver course material to learners, administer assignments and tests, track the performance of participants, manage records, and offer continuous support. A more engaging learning experience.

Flattening the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve


As Bill Rosenthal pointed out, there is a learning curve and then there is a forgetting curve. But when it comes to employee learning and development, the forgetting curve can be a major obstacle. The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve shows how quickly staff forget what they just learned.

Change Management Training for Employees – Embracing the Change


With effective change management training , you’ll be able to ensure your employees understand and are invested in the change at your company. . An effective change management training program provides a toolkit for leaders to guide their teams through change.

Provoking Learners with Story Questions

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How do we design them to provoke, instigate and encourage learners to think and reflect and apply learning ideas? Shifting Gears Story questions help learners "shift gears" in their minds during learning and un-learning. This is how we learn.

6 Training Trends for 2018 (and 3 you’re still not doing right)


As we turn the calendar into 2018, training leaders are looking for the next big things in learning and development. There’s plenty of industry chatter about augmented and virtual reality, predictive analytics and machine learning. 1 : Convert classroom learning to virtual.

How Small Should Small Bites Learning Be?

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The challenge, then, in developing learning is what should be in your small bites content. How do you create these smaller chunks of learning? More importantly, it is learningcontent needed instantly for a micro task or activity at work. Diagnosing is an effective learning mode.

Popular Trends Of 2016 – Shaping The E-Learning Industry Today And Tomorrow


There are many stages in the corporate world where employees need learning the most – whether they want to learn for the first time or to increase their existing knowledge by further learning opportunities. The first step towards personalized learning is learning analytics.

Learning Technology: How it can support workers to deliver results


Learning and development’s future is set to be impacted by three key factors. . This blog will explore the growing need for smart learning technologies and the actionable solutions they will empower L&D professionals to implement. . The Impact of Learning Technology So Far.

Why Millennials Love Microlearning


The key to doing that job effectively is microlearning , a method that uses small moments of learning to drive better job performance and development. Microlearning is the most effective way to learn on mobile. More learning moments mean more personalization.

We’ve Entered a New Generation of Enterprise Learning


Technology continues to evolve and enhance enterprise learning activities – what’s next for L&D? But as technologies outside of L&D continue to advance, this is sparking a growing appetite for smarter enterprise learning offerings for both admins and learners. .

How to Fireproof your elearning Journey in 2018

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Few of the key trends that the market is witnessing include game-based learning, implementation of IT security and cloud-based solutions, rapid growth in online content & digitization, innovations in wearable technologies, enhanced use of cloud learning management systems (LMS) etc.

3 Reasons You Need to Go In for an E-learning Curriculum

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Are you planning to go in for e-learning? Would you like to have the highest ROI on your online learning initiative? Well, you need to go in for e-learning curriculums. What is an e-learning curriculum? What are the advantages of using e-learning curriculums?

Enhancing Employee Engagement with Content Delivery Platform


The Learning & Development (L&D) managers operating inside the workplace identify soft skill training as the topmost priority concerning employee engagement teams. With 68% of employees willing to learn for advanced work knowledge and 58% wanting to keep their natural pace, talent developers are inclined towards digital learning solutions. Effective Content Delivery Platform for High Employee Engagement: Most employees carry customer-like expectations.

The 3 Most Important Steps for Adaptive Learning Development


3 steps to help your learning department become fully Adaptive. In an ideal world, learners would be automatically prompted to complete a learning module based on time of day, location, daily patterns and most of all, relevance to their activity. learning anywhere .

Part III : Where Are You with Your Blended Learning Strategy?


Thank you for joining us on our third part of our 4 part blog series on the different type of Blended Learning strategies, and how you could begin strategizing or implementing these blended learning strategies into your training plans. Blended Learning CraneMorley Articles

What is Elearning?


Learners can acquire qualifications or develop new skills using electronic devices such as a laptop, mobile device or tablet, accessing educational material often delivered through a learning management system (LMS) which is hosted online. Thank you to our Guest Blogger spearhead eLearning.

Part III : Where Are You with Your Blended Learning Strategy?


Thank you for joining us on our third part of our 4 part blog series on the different type of Blended Learning strategies, and how you could begin strategizing or implementing these blended learning strategies into your training plans. Blended Learning CraneMorley Articles

Modern Onboarding Training Program: A Necessity for Any Business


This starts with an effective onboarding training program. An effective onboarding training program improves employee engagement encouraging them to stay for the long run. People can not retain all the information they learn in a couple days of intensive training.

Easily Overcome Your Top Compliance Training Challenges

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When providing training online, you have many more options to make your content effective and appealing. Incorporating real-life scenarios will engage employees in the learning process. Blended learning support: Not all compliance training is created equal.

Give Your Service Technicians An Edge With Online Training Formats

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This can be best achieved through online training and just-in-time learning. What’s more, technicians can learn at their convenience. Micro-learning. Training service technicians with quick and effective online programs is the way to go.

5 biggest misconceptions about mobile learning


A WEF Young Global Leader, TEDx speaker and McKinsey alumni, Gnowbe’s CEO and Founder So-Young Kang debunks 5 of the most prevalent misconceptions organizations have about micro-learning. 1) Smartphone learning is only for easy topics Mobile learning is not for simple information only, on the contrary. Bite-sized learning on the smartphone allows you to progress at your personal pace, in your own time.

Free L&D webinars for April 2019

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It can be tough to find downtime or even work time for all the projects we have on the go, but sparing an hour for some learning can be a good way to work smarter—not harder. This interactive learning tool and strategy focuses on not only personal, but also group learning objectives. You’ll learn the practical skills needed to run role plays effectively. Companies often underestimate the full impact learning can have on customer experience.

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Evidence or Proof of L&D Impact? Why Not Both?


In the world of Learning & Development (L&D), impact is super important. So, the need to measure impact is the #1 objective learning leaders have when it comes to their measurement strategy, process and technology.

Introducing the TalentLMS’ App for iPhone & iPad


The TalentLMS’ mobile app offers an exciting new way to consume your learning content. It also turns TalentLMS into an effective tool for delivering offline learning, micro-learning and micro-certifications. Offline Learning & Synchronization.

Modern Sales Training: Turning Learning into Currency


The end goals and the logical outcomes of sales training, of course, are improved skill sets and broader knowledge that enable sellers to perform more effectively (i.e. How Does a Culture of Learning Affect Sales?

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From Why to Wow: Develop E-learning Modules for Engaging Compliance Training

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For training that deals with topics important for risk mitigation and business survival, organizations need to focus on improving the effectiveness of the training so that learners find it immersive and engaging. Instead, provide short bite-sized modules covering 1-2 learning points.

10 Awesome Ways To Use Mobile Learning For Employee Training

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Mobile learning for employee training is fast becoming an essential part of training delivery. In this article, I share 10 ways to showcase how you can use mobile learning for employee training for formal training and Performance Support (job aids).

Visiting Learning Technologies? Here’s what you can expect from Unicorn this week…

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Learning Technologies returns to Kensington Olympia across Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd February – bringing together over 7000 visitors all keen to get their hands on the latest in education tech. What are the implications for e-learning design?

Free learning & development webinars for August 2017

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With a laptop (and a frosty drink in hand), it’s easy to put in a quick burst of learning. Few leaders would argue that learning is critical for organizational growth. During this webinar, you’ll learn: The importance of design thinking in driving business results.