Experimenting with three network tools: Wonder Me, Spatialchat and Gather

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Time for a meetup with my Dutch network (called Losmakers ) to experiment with three different tools and brainstorm about ways to use them. This gives the real pub effect, but the question is whether this is desirable online. elearning online networking

The 5 Criteria MEANS Test For Effective eLearning delivery

Dan Keckan

eLearning Design and Development eLearning Networking Measure Training Spaced eLearning Virtual Learning EnvironmentDo your eLearning design protocols meet the MEANS test to optimize participant learning?


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Usability and Networks

Clark Quinn

As I mentioned in an earlier post , I have been using Safari and Google to traverse the networks. My point is that I’ve been leveraging the benefits of networks for a bloody long time. Network effects are true for people and for data. The post Usability and Networks appeared first on Learnlets. And in a comment, I mentioned that the recent launch of the new Firefox browser was prompting me to switch.

Business Networking Tips for Professional Career Development

Your Training Edge

Building a professional network is incredibly important as you get to know about the skills that are essential for you and possibly take steps to learn them. For this, first it is important to understand that a good networking needs proper planning. Only a strategic step-by-step approach will let you gain a networking circle that can contribute towards your personal as well as professional development. Featured Featured Posts listen networking

Go Beyond with Learning Engagement

Speaker: Amit Garg, CEO and Founder at Upside Learning Solutions & Keith Keating, Global Learning Strategist at GP Strategies / Head of Global Learning Network at General Motors

In this webinar Amit Garg, Founder & CEO of Upside Learning, and Keith Keating, Global Learning Strategist at GP Strategies / Head of Global Learning Network at General Motors, will discuss learning engagement from different perspectives while sharing tips to help you achieve this high level of engagement in your training programs.

Social Networking – A Contrarian View

Upside Learning

We all know social networks promote learning; while the mechanisms aren’t documented or well-understood, that it works isn’t in doubt anymore. But we must ask, are the ‘social media/networking systems’ out there promoting this learning? I have seen that early attempts to bring social networking inside companies as a work tool have failed. Has your organization implemented a social networking platform? Social Learning Social Networking

MOOCs: Building Personal Learning Networks

Your Training Edge

One major change that MOOCs have greatly contributed to is the gaining recognition of learning as a primarily social activity, where the networks created are just as important (if not more important) as the content learned. Because of this, education is moving from a model of knowledge transfer to a model of learning network development. A personal learning network (PLN) is a network of resources including people (subject matter experts, coworkers, friends, mentors, etc.)

Extended Learning Networks can be supported by E-Learning – An Effective Case


But training initiatives have to often extend beyond the confines of the organization and create an effective, relevant and uniform way of learning. The LMS was able to track a variety of data and create logical as well as relevant reports that could provide a lot of pertinent information on the effectiveness of the training initiative. All modern organizations strive to create innovative avenues to provide training, which educates, enables and inspires its people.

The big myth of social networking

E-Learning Provocateur

So while 600 million people are technologically connected on Facebook, practically they aren’t because everyone’s effective network only stretches so far. social networking connectedness effective network Facebook myth network theory Six Degrees of Separation social mediaA little while ago, someone tweeted his awe of the fact that over 600 million people are connected to each other on the one platform, ie Facebook.

Leverage the Network Effect to Unlock Innovation


When we hear the term “ network effect ” the discussion is generally based around consumer oriented environments; but there is little discussion of the key benefit of this effect in the enterprise or inside organizations. The post Leverage the Network Effect to Unlock Innovation appeared first on Braidio. SAN FRANCISCO (TLNT) MARCH 21, 2019. By: Paul Pluschkell.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

outcome with the most effective and efficient set. effective learning solution or curriculum. specifies the most effective and. XYZ Fire Association is a network of. Through their network, they identified a. effective meetings. create effective.

Do You Need a Mentor or a Network?

Experiencing eLearning

Maria is impressed by how effectively Jack builds relationships with his clients, and she wanted to learn more about his strategy. Personal Learning Networks. Rather than looking for a single mentor who will spend hours working with you (a pretty big commitment to request of a stranger), work on building your personal learning network or PLN. In Jarche’s Seek – Sense -Share model , you Seek knowledge from your network and Share what you learn back to the network.

The differences between social professional networks and communities of practice


The meaning of ‘community’ has changed drastically with the spread of the internet and the rise of all the social networks. There is special emphasis on developing communities of practice (both within the organization and outside it) to encourage the professional development of employees in a friendly, effective and non-invasive manner. Social networks focus on relationship.

Building Effective Employee Social Networks

Learning Cafe

Read our blog on “4 reasons why employee social learning will fail at work” View our presentation at LearnX 2010 on Accelerating Onboarding using Business Social Networks. Our Presentation – LearnX 2010 – Accelerating Onboarding using Business Social Networks. Employee Social Learning – Ingredients for Success! About the Workshop. No one can deny the all-powerful nature of Social Media and Social Learning.

Partner Problems – 5 Common Challenges Channel Networks Face


Five common complications faced by channel partner network managers, and how to avoid them. Partner channels provide a cost-effective way to globalize your business by pairing with aligned organizations to sell products and services. The excerpt below reveals five key difficulties faced by channel partner networks. Even though 80% of companies utilize partner channels for some portion of their revenue, 65% of CMOs report feeling overwhelmed in managing these growing networks.

Building Effective Employee Social Networks

Learning Cafe

Read our blog on “4 reasons why employee social learning will fail at work” View our presentation at LearnX 2010 on Accelerating Onboarding using Business Social Networks. Our Presentation – LearnX 2010 – Accelerating Onboarding using Business Social Networks. Employee Social Learning – Ingredients for Success! About the Workshop. No one can deny the all-powerful nature of Social Media and Social Learning.

Building Effective Employee Social Networks

Learning Cafe

Read our blog on “4 reasons why employee social learning will fail at work” View our presentation at LearnX 2010 on Accelerating Onboarding using Business Social Networks. Our Presentation – LearnX 2010 – Accelerating Onboarding using Business Social Networks. Employee Social Learning – Ingredients for Success! About the Workshop. No one can deny the all-powerful nature of Social Media and Social Learning.

Measurement & ROI for Social & Network Learning

Experiencing eLearning

These are my notes from the Learn Trends: Networked and Social Learning online mini-conference. Measurement & ROI for Social & Network Learning. Social & network learning really falls into the OTJ learning, not formal. PFL: Preparation for Future Learning–setting up people to be able to learn more effectively. This can be the social network. This isn’t my usual comprehensive live blogging, just snippets of things that caught my interest.

Campaign For Effective Elearning (#c4ee)

Upside Learning

Earlier this year Rob Hubbard chair of the eLearning Network launched a campaign for effective elearning at the Learning Technology 2012. Upside Learning Campaign For Effective Elearning Effective Elearning Effective Elearning Campaign Elearning CampaignWith so much of mindless elearning being created around us everyday this is a welcome initiative. Here’s a video by Rob Hubbard explaining the campaign.


Learning Cafe

Posts such as ‘ You ready to fail at social networking ’ and the excellent post from Jeevan Joshi ’4 reasons why employee social learning will fail at work ‘, have really made me think and reflect on the hype surrounding social business and more specifically the rise of social networks / communities within the work environment. Are you looking to provide more effective ways for people to work together?

Connected pedagogy: Social networks

Learning with 'e's

Photo by Steve Wheeler In a previous post I outlined some of the metrics around the use of digital media, technologies and social networks. Global social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter support various forms of communication and sharing actions that were previously unavailable. Many writers have highlighted the power of the global digital tribe , particularly the way groups tend to solve problems more effectively than individual experts (Surowiecki, 2009).

CCK09: Notes on Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge

Experiencing eLearning

Over the last few days I’ve been working through Stephen Downes’ paper Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge. He explicitly rejects the ‘isomorphic’ view of mental contents, and instead describes a network of distributed representations. we can identify the essential elements of network semantics. First, context , that is, the localization of entities in a network. Third, emergence, that is, the development of patterns in the network.

Network Effects - YouTube - Video Blogs and More

Clark Quinn

Wow, what a great presentation / video from Michael Wesch and the author of The Machine is Us presenting to the Library of Congress. It's an hour long, so make sure you give yourself time

I Believe in the Importance of a Personal Learning Network

Tom Spiglanin

When I started using Twitter for my professional growth and development, I didn’t realize that I was also starting to build my personal learning network. ” By the time I heard the phrase, “Personal Learning Network,” or PLN, I’d already begun developing and maintaining professional relationships through social media. Several sources referred to PLNs as networks focused on learning about a given topic. A network, by definition, is quite different.

Network effects

Jay Cross

Six-minute video on how networks form and why this inevitably leads to flatter organizations, faster cycle times, information glut, and unpredictability. The story continues here. Web 2.0

Re-imagining Work & Learning in a Networked World

ID Reflections

Will we still continue to speak about learning as an activity to be undertaken in order to be effective at work? Some of the skills that are identified as pre-requisites to being effective today are: Sense-making Social Intelligence Cross-Cultural Competency Novel and Adaptive Thinking Transdisciplinarity Design Mindset Cognitive Load Management Virtual Collaboration Ref: [link] What are some of the steps we can take to enable organizations to meet this change?

The Power of Your Network | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS The Power of Your Network by Michael on February 9, 2011 in customer service , marketing , sales , social learning Whether it is building our LinkedIn Contacts or Followers on Twitter, gathering Friends on Facebook or Yammering with our fellow work teams, the buzz of “networking” is always present. Networking comes naturally for some people, but not-so-much for others.

Network Skills

Tony Karrer

I personally believe that one of the areas where learning professionals need the most help is how communities and networks impact learning and building individual and facilitation skills around these: Knowing how to individually leverage Network Skills and Communities to help with work and learning tasks Community and Network Facilitation Skills to help others learn and work using networks and communities In my post Networks and Learning Communities , I looked a bit at this topic.

TCC09: Evaluating Social Networking Tools for Distance Learning

Experiencing eLearning

Summary: “Debates rage about the appropriateness of using social networking in teaching, with arguments ranging from waste of time and distraction from academic goals to needed to reach net generation student. This paper explores the range of current social networking choices and argues that like any tool, it should carefully evaluated in terms of affordances and course goals. An example of using a social networking tool, Ning, in an online class is reported.&#.

7 Components for Designing Your Extended Learning Network

JCA Solutions

7 Components for Designing Your Extended Learning Network. Companies are training more people at a distance now more than ever before, and having an effective and reliable platform to support this is crucial. Training Vault provides multiple ways to showcase that brand effectively.

Resources from Training Magazine Network Webinar

Kapp Notes

In this webinar, for Training Magazine Network , I discussed how Gamification should be thought of as a design sensibility and not merely a digital tool. Five Gaming Elements for Effective eLearning. We talked about how gamification and game-thinking is more of a thought process and a methodology to engage and motivate learners. We explore several methods for applying game-thinking to your online and classroom learning designs by participating in a gamified learning event.

Networking and Social Media in Education – Video Interview with Josh Murdock


We have been talking a lot about building effective eLearning courses and the importance of engaging and motivating the students along the eLearning journey. What we haven’t talked about yet is how to utilize networking and social media for making learning effective.

10 ways to use an Enterprise Social Network for Social Learning

Jane Hart

Today, I’m at the Learning Technologies 2016 conference and I’m going to be talking about how to use an ESN (Enterprise Social Network) for Social Learning Many organisations now have an ESN – and although they might not be using it as effectively as they could, you don’t actually need another social learning system but […].

How Social Networks Can Harness the Power of Weak Ties | Social.

Dashe & Thomson

A lot of the Social Media Mavens , however, are really ranting, not about the technology, but about the human dynamics related to social networking. If we separate the human aspect of social networking from the technology, we can learn a lot more about the power of networks – not just from today’s pundits, but from many years of sociological research on the topic. Instead, they might want to help us build, maintain, and exploit a large network of weak ties.

Presenting in a networked age

Clark Quinn

Blogging is, effectively, note-taking so should be valuable too, and tweeting may also be valuable (any studies? The Learning Circuit’s Big Question this month has to do with the increasing prevalence of internet access during presentations. The context is that during presentations it’s certainly possible that your audience is multi-tasking, and the question is; what are the implications?

Chicago Learning Impact Workshop & Networking Event


Discuss methods to more effectively review verbatim/comments. This dinner offers attendees the chance to network while also enjoying great food and drinks. Event: Chicago Learning Impact Workshop. Date: Thursday, March 28th. Time: 10am – 4pm CST. Location: WeWork, 515 N. State, Room 15C, Chicago, IL 60654. Overview: A top priority of L&D executives is to demonstrate value and show impact. This does not need to be complex or cumbersome nor a project.

How To Watch And Learn Effectively?

Origin Learning

It is also predicted that it would take someone 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks in a single month. The post How To Watch And Learn Effectively? General Video Learning Effective learning learning methods methods of learning video learningLearning has no boundaries. That is a well-known fact given the influence of the digital age we live in today. But, the growing emphasis is on finding out ways and means of accelerating it.

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

Jay Cross

What Universities Must Learning About Social Networks. THE ISSUE IS NOT whether you are going to become a socially networked university but how soon. A social business is one where all the members of the corporate ecosystem (employees, customers, partners, and customers) network with one another to delight their customers. IBM describes socially networked corporations as the next step in the overall evolution of business. Networks are the glue that connects us.

Using Social Network Analysis in Social Business Design

Skilful Minds

Overall, as the post's subject indicates, my interest is in showing how social network analysis, applied to the ecosystems of organizations, can assist us in applying social business design in a manner that avoids the fallacy of open/closed business cultures. My previous post discussed the Open/Closed culture fallacy in social business design.

Creating an e-Learning piranha network!

Challenge to Learn

Whenever we come up with something new it’s likely to have an effect on the next step in the chain (the learning environment). Last week I was cleaning up my bookcase and I found an old book, called the piranha economy. It is written by three Dutch guys (John Caspers, Guido Hosman and Stefan Verkerk) in 1999. I don’t think it was translated in English and there is no website to link to, so it is really old stuff.