Hey You, Get Off Oracle Ravello and Onto Our Cloud!


When Oracle acquired Ravello Systems to grow its infrastructure as a service (IaaS) efforts during 2016, it hoped to enable customers to run any workload in the cloud, no matter the use case. They might not be from a vendor as big as Oracle, but you’ve seen for yourself what that gets you.

Oracle Ravello End of Life: Hey You, Get Off Ravello and Onto Our Cloud!


When Oracle acquired Ravello Systems to grow its infrastructure as a service (IaaS) efforts during 2016, it hoped to enable customers to run any workload in the cloud, no matter the use case. Oracle Ravello End of Life.

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Gamification

Your Training Edge

But how are we actually able to measure the effectiveness of gamification? For B2B companies Oracle, SAP, Jive, Cisco, Pearson and Salesforce, gamification has emerged as a key element in their consumerization of the enterprise strategy. And it’s not just engagement — gamification’s revenue effects are equally astounding. With the wide acceptance of gaming we are now seeing a cross-over of acceptance into the use and effectiveness of gamification.

How INNOVATION Is Driving Today’s Workplaces


We have been trying to leverage the possibilities of this quality while designing and developing cost effective and powerful learning and performance support solutions for our clients. How does it help make workplace behaviours (including workplace learning) effective?

Found - The Best Sales Learning Methodologies

Speaker: Joe DiDonato, Chief of Staff, Baker Communcations, Inc

In this webinar you will discover these secrets to help you build effective learning for your teams: How to develop smart learning paths. Finding the right learning approach for each topic you have to deliver to your learners can seem like a “problem of endless choices.”

The Cornerstone Effect

eLearning 24-7

Nor is it about the company itself, rather it is about the effect the system has on the entire LMS industry. If there is one word that will create panic in the LMS industry it is this word, “traditional” Its effect is the same one you would get if you saw a mouse scurrying past you as you ate at your favorite restaurant. The Cornerstone Effect on Traditional. Again, the effect comes into play, loud and clear. Thus the effect is in play.

Learning on the Job in a SaaS-Driven World

Origin Learning

Organizations like Oracle have set up the Oracle University eLearning initiative with specialized subscription-based learning models. Is your product training effective and up-to-date?

Specializing in the ELearning Industry


I recall one instructional designer that I worked with who specialized in Oracle UPK. Satisfaction ratings, completion rates, and effectiveness scores across the projects you have done.

Moving on from Ravello: Does your training look like an over-edited Tinder selfie?


Still, as we’ve all recently learned, Oracle has announced end of life in May 2020 for its cloud infrastructure service, Ravello. CloudShare is the specialized cloud solution you’ve been looking for, even when you thought Oracle’s Ravello was the answer.

3 Ways to Earn More Money as an Instructional Designer


Technology Focus: Okay, I am going to admit my bias on this one given my background in the field, but I firmly believe that if you have the ability to effectively create elearning/training for in-demand software systems, then you are setting yourself up for higher pay.

Vitalize Your Online Training Programs with Videos

CommLab India

Giants such as Microsoft and Oracle reported substantial savings in training costs after they started using videos as part of their training initiatives. Oracle saved over $10 million by replacing a single, annual in-person event for its entire sales staff with on-demand videos. .

Smooth your business training needs with Paradiso LMS HRIS integration


It helps an organization plan, control and manages HR costs, carry out detailed reporting and effectively recruits new staff. Paradiso LMS is fully capable to integrate with HRIS solutions like SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, BambooHR, among others.

5 Essential Qualifications to Look for in an Instructional Designer


Application Experience – If your developing training for a new system, such as an ERP like SAP or Oracle, then make sure your ID has experience with similar projects. Also, LinkedIn is proving more and more effective for finding qualified candidates – so you should certainly take a look there!

Profile of a learning architect: Bill Sawyer

Clive on Learning

Bill Sawyer, who works in curriculum development within the highly-technical and fast-moving environment of Oracle. Bill is currently Senior Manager of Applications Technology Curriculum for Oracle, based in Orlando, Florida.

Verizon recognized for Workplace Learning Innovation (2 Case Studies)


Verizon gets recognized every year as THE role model for effective talent development and workplace learning. Verizon recognized for Innovation in Workplace Learning. We are very proud of our multi-year partnership with Verizon.

Top 10 Competencies of a Gamified Learning Designer


In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the top 10 essential competencies that a learning designer is required to possess for designing effective gamified learning interventions. Skills to design and develop effective gamified learning programs to meet business objectives.

Design 204

Foresight is 2020: Looking Ahead to 2020’s Compliance Training Trends

Interactive Services

Getting the jump on these now will help keep your compliance training relevant and effective and will demonstrate the value in training beyond just meeting requirements to your employees. It’s a new year and a new decade full of potential for growth and opportunity.

Give User Adoption the Respect it Deserves | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

According to a study done by the Sand Hill Group and Neochange, the most critical factor for software success and ROI is effective user adoption (70% listed it as #1).

Adopt 191

Why MOODLE Is the Best Course Management Software

CommLab India

What does it take to deliver and manage online courses effectively? A CMS is a software application that helps companies store and manage course materials in a seamless, effective manner. Manage Online Courses in a Cost-effective Manner.

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

Talented Learning

Originally, many LMS specialists tried to compete head-to-head with the established giants of the talent management LMS world like Cornerstone , Saba , SumTotal , SAP/SuccessFactors , Oracle. What to include in an effective augmentation plan.

Corporate Training Trends 2020


One of the “most effective remedies” mentioned in the report for this growing skills gap is to improve employee retention rates. Whether you invest $7,000 or $700 million, effective training is always advantageous to the business. Follow Follow Follow.

Saba to Acquire Halogen Software in 2017’s First Big HR Technology Deal

CLO Magazine

billion Oracle-Taleo deal or 2011’s $3.4 This strong foundation for growth and innovation and our combined expertise will enable Saba to meet the ever-changing workplace needs of people and help organizations more effectively adapt, perform and thrive.”.

Saba 54

How to have a Happy Ending to Your ERP System Implementation Story

Dashe & Thomson

Implementing an ERP system – whether it’s SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Microsoft Dynamics AX – is a big, hairy deal. Ensuring that end users learn the new system, embrace it as part of their daily work routine, and use it effectively is a daunting task.

System 203

The DNA of a Customer-Focused Sales Team


Communicates effectively among departments. Maximizing the experience across the buyer journey increases satisfaction by 20% and drives revenue growth by up to 15% -Oracle.

Hey Zvi, what do you see? CloudShare’s leader takes a look at the year ahead in training and sales enablement


You’ve got complex scenarios that require more power to train, sell and develop products effectively and rapidly. Zvi: First, we’ll continue to see commodity providers – mainly AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform , Oracle Cloud – fighting on price, making offers like “first year free.” In this blog we sit down with our intrepid co-founder and CEO, Zvi Guterman, to ask questions about what to expect in 2020.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Software Training Platform


Training is crucial to effective software learning. Almost half of employees in an Oracle survey said that insufficient training was a barrier to adopting new workplace technologies. Do you want your users to quickly learn your software and use it to its fullest capability ?

Creation of Value and Intangible Assets: the Paradigm Shift

Learning Wire

They are companies that manage intangible assets effectively, whether this be software, patents, intellectual property, copyright, client data, brands, or human capital.

Hospitality LMS: What to Know


This may be more cost-effective in the beginning, but is not the best option overall and can actually be more costly in the end. So you can see having a hospitality LMS is key to properly train new, seasonal, and short-term team members quickly and effectively.

What is contextual guidance?

Epilogue Systems

This proactive assistance provides quick and effective help to employees in the context of performing their work. However, once the total number of fields and steps exceeds 40-50 for a single process, field level contextual guidance tools can become difficult to effectively use at scale. The best contextual guidance tools work with any desktop or web-based application; some only work with web apps, and some might work best with applications from one vendor (SAP, Oracle, etc.).

Free L&D webinars for June 2018

Limestone Learning

Monday, June 4, 2018, 1:30PM – 2:30PM PT: Facilitation Agility: Off the Rails but Still on Track (Free for IPL members) Planning and delivering effective learning events requires not only skills in adult education, curriculum design and training, but also the ability to adjust to changing conditions.

5 Must-See PowerPoint Tutorials for Creating Better Training


The ongoing Death by PowerPoint debate resurfaced last week when Oracle CEO Larry Ellison delivered a keynote address featuring PowerPoint slides that had a distinctly 1987 vibe, delivered in a style that was as passionless as it was mind-numbing.

How do you measure how training creates value? – The 7 learning principles

Learning Wire

According to Kirkpatrick, each dimension of the pyramid has an effect on the one above: it impacts the one above, but doesn’t necessarily trigger it. If I find my training satisfying, I’ll be able to remember it more effectively….

The Top 5 Best Bridge LMS Alternatives


This may be more cost-effective in the beginning, but is not the best option overall and can actually be more costly in the end. Slack, Okta, OneLogin, HRIS (Workday, Oracle and others), SCORM, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Google Analytics, Open API.

Everything You Need To Know About Workday® Learning Center HCM

WalkMe Training Station

Measure learning effectiveness through built-in, actionable reporting. Oracle HCM Cloud – suitable for large enterprises, but online commentators note that it’s not easily customizable.

Don’t Believe the Hype. Learning Management Systems Are Alive and Well

CLO Magazine

That’s why Salesforce still competes against Oracle and Microsoft — the CRM old guard — as well as Base — the innovative new guys in the CRM space. Better yet, senior leaders now have visibility into the effectiveness of Hyatt’s learning investment.