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Connected pedagogy: Social networks

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Photo by Steve Wheeler In a previous post I outlined some of the metrics around the use of digital media, technologies and social networks. Global social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter support various forms of communication and sharing actions that were previously unavailable.

How the 8 Effects of Arts Education Are Changing Online Pedagogy, Part 4


Photo by Teddy Kelly / Unsplash. discusses the distinctive effects arts-led learning is having on online learning design. Here he introduces the Mastery effect. The Mastery Effect. Digital Learning arts education online learning pedagogy

New pedagogies?

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In a recent blog post, Antonio Teixera , President of EDEN wrote: "By just adding 21st century technologies to 20th century teaching practices we’ll only be diluting the effectiveness of teaching." Thirdly, the effectiveness of both technology and teaching will be diluted.

What is authentic assessment?

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Photo by Frederick Rubensson on Flickr 'In every talk, I'm asked where I would start first in revolutionizing education (K-professional school): Answer, always. These have their uses, but there is much more available in the assessment repertoire of effective teachers.

Blogging: Five of the best

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Photo by Florian Klauer on unsplash I have been privileged over the past few years to have garnered a good audience for my writing. One group asked what the origin of the word 'pedagogy' was, and as I explained, I realised that I needed to capture the idea behind 'leading someone to learning'.

Video for learning: Today and tomorrow

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Photo by Vladimer Shioshvili on Flickr Educators have been using video for decades. They need to find resources quickly and effectively, so navigation of content must be quick and simple. No wonder video is considered by many teachers to be so effective.

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Why lectures?

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The first, as has been clearly articulated by Vicki Davis , is that technology should be used to support student learning and as a set of tools to encourage the creation of original/new content. Photo by Archbob on Pixabay Why lectures?

5 of the best

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It can be a thorny topic and a bone of contention for any number of reasons, but continues to absorb most of the oxygen in the debate about what constitutes good pedagogy. assessment blogging education learning pedagogy teaching Technology

eXSpace exploration

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Firstly, it will support collaborative learning in numerous ways, not least because students could use the board for the purposes of brainstorming ideas, organising their projects, mapping out alternative approaches to solving a problem, group mind mapping, and so on.


The numbers game

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But it is a vitally important part of pedagogy. Some would argue that giving grades reflects a product-based pedaogogy, while offering feedback supports a process-based pedagogy. When you mark a student''s work, do you give them a grade or do you offer them advice?

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One of the best

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It was a difficult time for our family and also for his teachers, but Carol was incredibly supportive, making sure my son had all of the resources to ensure he received a quality education. Autistic spectrum disorder education inspection learning ofsted pedagogy school

Corporate learning in the digital age

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Some are ditching their training rooms in favour of digital delivery of content, and bosses that are forward thinking are investing in social learning, social media and mobile devices to support the learning of their employees. Learning in many organisations is going through radical change.

Teacher Voices: Naomi Hancock

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Put less pressure on testing and assessment, more trust in teacher to instil a love of learning and supporting the children’s needs and interests. Live Skypes also have had the same effect giving the children a window of opportunity to immerse themselves in the topic and conversation.

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#40years of educational technology: Computers

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Technology needs relevant pedagogical actions to be wholly effective. It's clear to me, watching the development of technology from my early days in the 1970s, it has developed from a set of tools that were designed to support the teacher, to a range of tools that enable everyone to learn.

Teacher Voices: Megan Douglas

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As a learner, I believe an excellent teacher should be supportive, funny, challenging and fair. Our teamwork is smooth, neat and effective through the use of sharing files, planning and working collaboratively on documents.

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#LearningIs mobile

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However, these are still used effectively by those who desire to access educational opportunities to which they would otherwise have no access. 4) One of the most powerful methods of learning (and associated pedagogy) is to incorporate social media into mobile phone use.

Distance Education in transit? #EDENchat #EDENchatUS

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More formally, distance education has existed since the early, primitive but quite effective correspondence courses of Sir Isaac Pitman , who used the developing technology of the time, the uniform penny postal service to support his endeavours.

Tablets: The correct prescription

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A total of 27 quantitative studies on the use of tablets in schools dating from 2010 were analysed and the major finding was that the tools are most effective when used in student centred learning, rather than within teacher controlled environments (Tamim et al, 2015a).

Here comes the SAMR

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Technology integration results in digital tools being embedded into learning, so that for example maker cultures emerge, or the classroom activities are flipped , supporting more effective pedagogies and improving student learning outcomes.

What's Better: eLearning or Classroom?

The Performance Improvement Blog

They are told elearning will be cheaper, faster, more convenient, and more effective than traditional, classroom training. Feeding this appetite for online programs is research that seems to support the notion that online is better than face-to-face, classroom instruction.

Fade away

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Technology in itself is not enough to solve all of the problems inherent in education, but in concert with new pedagogies, visionary educators, and strong leadership, change can, and does happen. I wrote a post last year that argued for pedagogy to remain uppermost in our minds.

Our digital future 11: AI enhanced course design

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Photo by Andras Vas on unsplash Previous posts in this series have highlighted the importance of human intelligence and emotion in education. However, replacing some aspects of what teachers do is both effective and inevitable. "AI

What has been and what is yet to come

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Photo by Guillaume Speurt on Flickr Tallinn is one of my favourite European cities. I visited it a few years ago during the early spring, when snow and ice lay around and the medieval towers and wooden walkways of the old town wall were truly magical.

A fine balance

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Perhaps the biggest objection traditional educators have about learners taking control is the argument that students don't really now what they want, so can't effectively direct their own learning. It will require effective management of expectations - of both students and teachers.

What is digital learning?

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Over the next two weeks I''m in New Zealand, doing a series of keynote presentations to teachers on the future of education and technology supported learning. Using the tools and technologies I outline above will enable you to connect with more content and peers, more quickly and effectively.

What's different about mobile learning?

The Learning Circuits

As the doors open to a new era of mobile learning and performance support, it's a good time to step back and think about the new mindset required when designing for mobile. Instead, it demands more effective information design, to provide quick and searchable access to content.

Inspire to learn

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I have gone on record as saying that although I don't need to work any more , I continue to work at Plymouth University, mainly because it is a great place to learn and to continue developing my research interests around digital pedagogy.

New learning environments

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One of the key discussion points was around the nature of these approaches and their effectiveness as learning environments. The final question asked whether new learning environments such as MOOCs, flipped classes and blended learning represented a new or emerging pedagogy.

Shifting sands

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Such approaches to pedagogy were rooted in the behaviourist model of psychology that privileged expert knowledge and formalised its transmission to novices. With the agenda for student centred learning, teaching staff should now act more as a supporting cast rather than as leading actors.

Good morning Barcelona!! Jim Groom at #EDEN15

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Groom made several key points around the process of 'uneducation' (borrowed from Brian Lamb) where he talked about 'descent into the maelstrom' - an account of effects of modern networked communication on professional practice. Photo by Steve Wheeler Good morning Barcelona!!

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Personal devices in higher education

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This is misplaced ICT and such resources could be deployed more effectively. Secondly, the pedagogy that underpins higher education is in need of reform. Ultimately, the role of the teacher changes, as lecturers assume supportive and facilitative, rather than directive duties.

The survival of Higher Education (5): Recommendations

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Recommendations Ultimately, to ensure that technologies are successfully adopted, institutions need to demonstrate that each is relevant and can be used effectively to support, enhance and extend learning beyond what is currently possible.

Praxis makes perfect

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They influence each other, and in effect, become a part of who you are, your identity as an educator. How can you justify your actions and decisions in the classroom, if you have no theory to support you? 1970) Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Today we discussed praxis.

Freinet and social media

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Here are five of his then radical methods placed into the context of social media: 1) The Pedagogy or Work. Others support their students to develop apps or other digital stuff which can be sold online through established retailers.

Interview with Terry Anderson

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Terry: I think like any professional, distance educators need to know how to effectively use the tools of their trade. Second,to follow from Marshall McLuhan the Medium is the Pedagogy (first coined by Cousin (2005).

Praxis makes perfect

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They influence each other, and in effect, become a part of who you are, your identity as an educator. How can you justify your actions and decisions in the classroom, if you have no theory to support you? 1970) Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

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