Connected pedagogy: Social networks

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Most of us are connected to each other through numerous social media platforms. Many writers have highlighted the power of the global digital tribe , particularly the way groups tend to solve problems more effectively than individual experts (Surowiecki, 2009).

Pedagogy in Game-Based Learning – Tips to align ID strategies in Learning Games


But there is often a disconnect between the advances in video game technology and the research on its design and effectiveness. These tools include devices like instruments, special effects and so on.

The foundations of innovation in L&D

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There are two sides of the innovation coin in corporate learning & development: technology and pedagogy. In this way, not only do we innovate now, but we have a platform for innovating into the future.

Online assessment: the student voice

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But most LMS platforms have more options. assessment Digital education learning online pedagogy schools students teachers TechnologyPhoto by Jason Roswell on unsplash Online learning is becoming increasingly popular and widespread, and is now reaching into compulsory education.

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Podcast 24: DNA of High-Impact Learning – With Paul Morton of CrossKnowledge

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So I think we find high-impact learning in the difference between two wonderful terms: pedagogy and andragogy. (Or You won’t get meaningful, lasting skills improvement or effective business results. Effective assessment offers frequent feedback throughout the learning process.

Blogging: Five of the best

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It's important to realise that the posts listed below have been amplified through social media, reposted and shared on various platforms, and also translated into other languages. blog education learning pedagogy schools teachers Technology

Video for learning: Today and tomorrow

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There are many platforms that offer free access to video content, but not so many that do so in an ad-free, safe and secure manner. They need to find resources quickly and effectively, so navigation of content must be quick and simple.

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The Sun has Risen on Learning Experience Design


Margaret Weigel, from Six Red Marbles , defines LXD as “a synthesis of Instructional Design, educational pedagogy, neuroscience, social sciences, design thinking, and User Experience Design.” Digital Learning Trends Effective Instructional Design Best Practices

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5 Myths About Video Based Learning

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A lot of people still have a tough time to accept video-based learning as an effective and engaging learning tool. From how to tie a shoe lace perfectly to create complex charts in the Excel spreadsheet, you will find the video of the same on the YouTube and other video streaming platforms.

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How Data Analytics Helps Boosting Your E-Learning Experience


Rather, they are embracing new strategies to shift towards effective digital learning. The efficiency of an adaptive system is calculated by its ability to improved results by effecting these changes. Whitepaper on Analytics in Learning.

How to Create a Better Blended Learning Experience on Mobile


How can mobile learning make blended classrooms more effective? Problems aside, the educators who are able to effectively combine mobile learning and blended learning will have set themselves up for a successful learning program.

Constructive criticism of Coursera

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The mooc in question was e-Learning Ecologies: Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning for the Digital Age by the University of Illinois on the Coursera platform. I have put the word ecologies in inverted commas because I would have used the term “pedagogies” instead.

Framework for Instructional Designers Implementing eLearning

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The TPACK framework is an effective approach to the implementation of educational technology or eLearning practices. TPACK outlines how content (what is taught) and pedagogy (how the educator communicates the content) should form the foundation for successful eLearning.

Heutagogy, Self-Directed Learning and Complex Work

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Pedagogy had always established an unequal relation between the teacher and the taught. In the Complex domain: “Complex – relationship between cause & effect can only be perceived in retrospect. Andragogy stepped in to rectify this and foster awareness about how adults learned.

MOOCs: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We’re Headed

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The courses offered through these platforms were fundamentally different from the 2008 MOOC experiment, more closely mirroring the traditional classroom experience, with lectures, discussions, and tests that consisted mostly of multiple-choice questions.

The 3 mindsets of m-learning

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Instead of pushing out yet another course, I’m more inclined to host content on a mobile-friendly platform like an intranet or a wiki that the learner can access, browse and search via their device of choice – including a smartphone.

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7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates

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While corporates are increasingly realising that classroom delivery is not necessarily the most effective pedagogy for employee development, neither is delivering the training in exactly the same way via a webinar or converting the PowerPoint slides into an online module.

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How Machine Learning and AI are Making Online Learning More Beneficial


Access to these insights and data allows online learning platforms to develop a better understanding of learner behaviors and to predict needs by recommending and positioning content based on past behavior.

The Personal Versus Personalized Learning Debate

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Curricula and pedagogy are selected pragmatically. It is also easier to integrate feedback from a group of learners or a beta-testing group to improve the effectiveness of bite-sized learning.

ROI of continuous training: HR Directors’ unsolvable problem?


Learning, learning tools, content, pedagogy, trainers, senior executives are also playing an important part in this cycle. Do you want to learn on a e-learning platform full of bugs where you can easily get lost? At last, pedagogy need to stay at the heart of the learning system.



Education in India is taking giant leaps forward, both in terms of pedagogy as well as the technology used for imparting learning. Learnnovators , headquartered in Chennai (India), is a multiple-award winning organization that specializes in the design and development of innovative and effective learning solutions for the workplace. It also offers its own learning platform, Learnosphere. Chennai (India).

#LearningIs mobile

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However, these are still used effectively by those who desire to access educational opportunities to which they would otherwise have no access. 4) One of the most powerful methods of learning (and associated pedagogy) is to incorporate social media into mobile phone use.

13 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 25

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It’s no secret that effective learning cannot be achieved without a robust strategy. Further, with the relatively less number of mLearning tools available and the myriad number of different devices and platforms, creating content for the mobile devices is no mean task.

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How mLearning is Changing The eLearning Landscape

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mLearning is generally delivered through mobile apps which adds more value to the learning experience by leveraging features that are unique to the mobile platform such as video-based communications, texting, tracking, geo-locations and more. What is Mobile Learning?

Podcast 10: The New Face of Nonprofit Leadership Development – With Meera Chary of Bridgespan

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Compelling collaborative learning experiences demand high-quality content, a robust learning platform – and more. It’s actually a team-based process that involves more than pedagogy and knowledge sharing. And what role does the online learning platform play in this?

The Andragogy Theory

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There has been much research into pedagogy over the year, however significantly less study of andragogy. If you would like to learn more about how to build the most effective training strategy for adult learners! If you’d like to know more about how EdApp’s mobile learning platform can help your internal training practices, get in touch at Malcom Shepherd Knowles (1968) coined the Andragogy Theory as the theory of adult learning.

The Mobile eLearning Express: A Brief History of Distance Courses

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However, universal design principles provide the most effective way to reach diverse learner demographics and needs. Design of mobile pedagogy requires guidelines for a thorough audience analysis, and knowledge of the device delivery and its shortcomings. Guest post by Marie S.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment): Open source learning platform mostly implemented in education settings. One of the main benefits of open source platforms like Moodle is that they’re free and can be highly customized.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


It’s a five-phase framework that instructional designers use; a guideline for building effective training and learning support tools. A cloud-based LMS is a web-based platform that helps companies to deliver, track, and report on eLearning. Pedagogy.

7 Pro Tips To Create Top-Tier eLearning

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Modern day eLearning is a carefully balanced amalgam of nifty technology and precise pedagogy. Giving learners the power to choose their own learning paths can have tremendous effects on their skills, as they know best what they want. If you would like to learn more about how to build the most effective employee training strategy! Thus, eLearning professionals and designers always have to be on their A-game if they want they want their eLearning courses to be successful.

Entering The New Era: The Learner Experience and Learning Experience Design


Learning Experience (LX) Design focuses on solving, as best as possible for the relevant platform, content delivery mechanism, business constraints, and intended audience, a number of difficult problems, including: Adapting the material to the target audience.

Informal Learning For Startups: Preparing For Internal Social Collaboration


With increase in competition, companies have started pursuing more efficient as well as effective methodologies of social learning. [1] Make use of a game-based learning platform to create a meaningful program for them.

How Companies Use Gamification To Motivate Their Employees


It’s also a survival trait in itself, as it helps animals to learn to switch and improvise their behaviors and reactions more effectively, preparing them for the unexpected in a non-threatening setting.

Skills That an ELearning Project Manager Should Possess

Designing Digitally

Effective eLearning is comprised of many components. You cannot expect to create successful eLearning courses merely by hiring someone who is an expert in eLearning, investing in a few rapid eLearning authoring tools or getting your hands on an open source e-learning platform.

Performance Architecture

Clark Quinn

We need to think of content architectures, blends between formal and informal, contextual awareness, cross-platform delivery, and more. The pedagogy’s wrong: it’s not a flood, but a drip. it’s not efficiency, at least until it’s effective. I’ve been using the tag ‘learning experience design strategy’ as a way to think about not taking the same old approaches of events über ales.

Our Favourite Uses of Technology to Make Learning Fun and Easy

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Probably the most well-known piece of software available for learning languages, Rosetta Stone is well known for being an engaging and effective way of learning a new language. Learning Management Systems are online platforms for delivering, monitoring and reporting on training programmes.

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Why yesterday’s skills and development strategies aren’t enough to survive today’s digital transformation

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Learning is now happening on a subway platform, on a plane, in a taxi; as such, contemporary learners expect learning experiences to be quick, engaging and immediately useful. Organizations today are faced with a disruption that is nothing short of historic.