PENS – Why your LMS and Authoring Tool Solution should include it

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In 2005, PENS was launched by AICC but did not initially gain wide acceptance. Before we jump into PENS, let’s begin in the authoring tool industry. PENS Time. Can you provide some insight into PENS? Without SCORM PENS has nothing to work with. PENS Overview.


Tips for Creating Effective E-Learning Assessments

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Let us begin with an analogy: If training is a medicine, assessment is a mechanism to ascertain the effectiveness of that medicine. Simply putting them through objective type tests could well be achieved through pen and paper.

TechSmith Camtasia: Recording Effects

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However, using Camtasia's Effects Toolbar, you can add several attention-grabbing visuals while you are recording your video. After the  3-2-1  countdown, the  Effects  tools appear on the Recording toolbar.

Ways to be an Effective Student

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Here in this blog, we going to discuss some ideas and tips that will help you out to be an effective student and all your hard work will turn into smart work. To be an effective student is very important to plan your studies.

Weapon of choice

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My one weapon of choice is a dry wipe board and some pens. If there was nothing else, I could still conduct all my lessons using a board and pen. There are so many things you can do with a whiteboard and pens. Me with an incredible weapon What is your weapon of choice?


Four Instructional Design Lessons Inspired by the Lord of the Rings

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The pen may be mightier, but it definitely lacks the same “cool” factor. Instructional Design Effective e-Learning Design Learner Centric Design Learner Motivation e-Learning Instructional DesignBy Kody Jackson, MA, Instructional Writer Intern.

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Want to Improve Learning? Take a Break…

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You take good five hours to hold the pen in your [.]. eLearning ideas Learning Rapid Authoring rapid elearning Zeigarnik EffectYou’re watching your favorite daily soap on T.V. and just before an important plot unveils, the commercial break jumps in. You have to write an article and have a lot of cool ideas in your mind, but you don’t know where to start from. eLearning this week Adobe eLearning Suite 2.5


Best practice instead of malpractice

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She then got a marker pen out and drew a big arrow on my right forearm pointing towards the shoulder. This was to make sure I had surgery on the correct shoulder, I immediately loved the effectiveness of this solution. Although I couldn’t find out the exact origins of the excellent marker pen solution (leave me a comment if you happen to know), I still think it’s one of the ‘best’ best practices that I’ve come across.

Three themes at Learning Technologies 2012

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It’s all too easy to give in to business requests for ‘click Next to continue’ e-learning or to allow dense, dry subject matter to become an excuse for ‘crapathy’ Keeping the end users front and centre in mind helps to deliver engaging, effective learning. Learning and training creativity effectiveness engagement innovation inspiration learning lt2012This year’s Learning Technologies event was a bit different from previous years for me.

Is the Learning Tech Industry Failing Us or Are We Failing Ourselves?


If only we could have that shiny new technology, our training program would be so much more effective.” They don’t know how to use a pen knife to sharpen a pencil. Pen and ink will never replace the pencil. Students today depend upon these expensive fountain pens.

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eXSpace exploration

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The boards can identify what colour pen the teacher is holding, and can also sense for example, when someone has walked into the room (whereupon it automatically readies itself for use). However, picking up the red pen and then replacing it in the black pen socket didn't help matters.


Using Social Networking in Education


With so many people using social networks, how are the schools effectively using them to reach students and enhance the learning experience? Online pen pal programs. Most people would probably assume that today social networking and education are now pretty interrelated.

Step 6: #Sketchnotes: Action, Emotion, Color, and Adornments


Adding action or movement to a sketchnote is little extra lines that take no more than a flick of your pen to create. Depending on the flick of your pen they could be Hites, Vites, Dites, or Briffits. The first is another pen in a different color ink such as red or blue.


The Neuroscience of Handwriting and Learning


The company sells pens, so they obviously have a vested interest in putting this information out to the world. So, if you want to remember something, don’t throw out that beautiful pen your aunt gave you for graduating High School.

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Using Games and Avatars to Change Learner Behavior

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After the game was over, participants waited as the researcher then “accidently” spilled a cup of pens a few feet away. No former virtual world helicopter passengers helped pick up the spilled pens. A recent article in Wired presented an interesting research finding.

Instructional Designers: How to Pick Your SME's Brain in an Interview

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The SME may be a software programmer or a marketing analyst in your company, a professor, doctor, or a best-selling author who has penned books of encyclopedic proportions on the course matter.

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Shocking outcomes from ATD research on Instructional design

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Are the still using pen and paper? Funding, measuring of effectiveness, technologies and keeping up with developments are among the other top 10 challenges.

5 Thanksgiving Gifts Your Employees Will Love

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It is a good idea to present your staff members the daily planner Hello Life , which enables them schedule their activities effectively, this Thanksgiving. A fountain pen for elegant executive writing.

Spilt milk

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As it started to pop, he knew he had discovered a revolutionary new effect. During an otherwise normal working day, a Canon engineer accidentally placed his pen on top of a hot soldering iron. Within seconds, ink was being ejected from the pen, and he investigated further.


E-learning tools and technologies used in online training

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When thinking about studying, many people still imagine a traditional boring classroom with whiteboard, desks, notebooks and pens. Actually, Harvard researches find this tool more effective and engaging than PowerPoint.

How Writing a Learning Journal Can Increase Critical Thinking Skills

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Keeping and contributing regularly to a personal learning journal can be an effective way to encourage reflection and develop critical thinking skills. Second, the act of putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) engages our brains. Remember reflection?

Attract and Retain Millennial Employees with LMS Collaborative Learning Features


In 2014, Sanjeev Agrawal, the founder and chief executive of Collegefeed and former global head of product marketing at Google, penned an article titled Six Reasons Millennials are Actually the Best Workers.

Give Your Photos Some Artistic Flair with Snagit 11

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I know there are TONS of really great apps out there that let you add amazing effects to your photos with just one click. Snagit allows you to add some terrific photo effects using the basic tools and some photo masking stamps.

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Employee Development in the Era of Screen Time

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Only a handful of companies are effectively adapting to the changing needs of the modern learner. The only way to close this gap is through effective employee development. How can companies effectively develop employees in the era of screen time? Tap, look, feel rewarded.

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The ROI Disease is Killing L&D

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Poke yourself in the eye with a pen, start bleeding profusely, and get taken to emergency to avoid the question; B.) Their primary objective is to produce learning that is effective. Length: 1032 words. Reading Time: ~ 5 minutes.

ROI 130

Silicon Valley Parents Question Value of Technology in Learning. Should We?

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the school’s chief teaching tools are anything but high-tech: pens and paper, knitting needles and, occasionally, mud. What’s clear to me, however, is that we still have a lot to learn about how technology best serves learning and how to clearly measure and assert its effectiveness.

Web-Based Authoring Tools for Scalable eLearning Development: The Time Has Come

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Truly scalable development requires an authoring tool capable of effectively leveraging the collective skill and expertise of large, dispersed teams. PENS. · Publish to Word document and edit Word output. and 2004. · PDF. · PENS.

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Whatever Happened to Simulation in eLearning?


Let’s start with where you are able to evaluate the effectiveness of most of your curriculum on the Kirkpatrick Scale: By benchmarking your top 20% performers and using these KPIs as operating guides, you can enable any manager to compare their metrics to top performers.

Time Saver Tuesday - Camtasia Studio Hot Keys

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ScreenDraw allows you to add drawing effects like arrows, circles, highlights, pen and more over the screen while you are recording. OR after recording, you can add arrows or callouts in Camtasia Studio and it creates a similar effect. Effects Hotkeys.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 for the Macintosh: Skills & Drills Workbook

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Slide Shows, Transitions and Builds Review a Slide Show Without Transitions | Give a Presentation From Your iPod | Use the PowerPoint Pen | Set Slide Transitions | Set Animation Effects and Builds | Change Build Order and Object Timing | Play a CD During a Presentation | Insert Music | Record Audio for a Presentation. We are pleased to announce that our newest book, Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 for the Macintosh: The Essentials is now available.

Innovation Showcase

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It occured to me, that we should together with our Marketing department, assemble in addition to any visitors pack that may already be in existence, include a folder, pad, pen and coloured flyers.

Benefits of Gamification in Online Learning

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Gamification is the use of games in eLearning (usually in an LMS) to make training more fun and effective. And since they feel positive about the way they’re learning, they are able to effectively absorb that information and memorize it more easily.

Self-Expression Has Power for Performance and Learning

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They threw darts they customized with more precision, came up with more anagrams when using a personalized pen and played a beer-coaster flipping game better when they used a coaster that, like the others, had been customized.

Affinity Designer, and Bezier: This Week on #BLPLearn

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Basically, it’s Adobe Illustrator only if you were also able to do the very core features (drawing, textures, make selections, adjustment effects, etc) of Photoshop on top of vector illustrations all within the same program.

CBS features ProProfs: Secrets of online training


In the article, Sameer pens down some excellent tips on how businesses and trainers can “maximize the benefits of an online training program “ How to make the most of an online training program.


The Why’s and How’s of Social Learning in the Workplace

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It has been proven that Social Learning is an effective training strategy for the workplace too. Luckily, experts have penned tons of material on Social Learning, and we have cherry-picked 10 of the best resources on the Web to help you find your way through the sea of information out there.

Enhancing Employee Engagement with Content Delivery Platform


Effective Content Delivery Platform for High Employee Engagement: Most employees carry customer-like expectations. Training: The digital medium of delivering information or training is particularly effective for certain types of employee training. Once that is achieved, it is possible to track employee performance and generate performance reports to assess the effectiveness of the program. Related: 5 Ways to Create Effective Interactive Training Content.