The Evolving Role of E-Learning in Corporate Training


THE JOURNEY: After publishing our post ‘ E-Learning Forecasts & Trends for 2014 ’ a couple of months ago, we received a thought-provoking question from one of our readers, “How is e-learning faring in corporate trainings around the world with respect to ‘effectiveness’?”

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Infographics and Learning


However, a simple picture may not be effective for conveying highly complex data, data sets, or information such as the ones below: History of the world. Worldwide Internet usage statistics. The basic tools for drafting infographics are still pen and paper.

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GBL 2010 – Recap (Day 2 Part 1): Serious Games

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I have been thinking about penning this one for a couple of weeks now, but just couldn’t do sooner. No wonder that in trials they could see statistically significant better results in trainees exposed to this solution as compared to those undergoing the traditional training.

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How to Keep Readers Engaged

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For example, explaining a sequential process is far more effective by using an educational animation than it is by writing a full page of bulleted points. Instead of describing a general idea, start with a startling statistic or an intriguing story. Conclude with an effective summary.

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mLevel’s Top 3 Learning and Development Lessons Of 2017


The key statistic has shifted to making sure information retention per play increases as much as possible with the hopes that time to concept mastery can be improved. For decades, athletes have been using microlearning, technology, and data to train effectively and perform better. My fellow students and I used a large video camera, notebooks and pens, a VHS tape recorder, and our own observations to complete the study.

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A Look Back At DevLearn 2016 – Some Session Takeaways


Some of the key takeaways for me were: Every time you tell a story, be it a magician on stage or an instructional designer developing an eLearning course, you select what you want to say, but because you are unlikely to tell everything that happened you are effectively telling a lie.

Hook elearners by shattering their expectation

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She could refresh the eLearning developers’ knowledge of the essentials of effective story development. Wired for Story reveals these cognitive secrets--and it's a game-changer for anyone who has ever set pen to paper.

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SEO For Course Creators and Membership Site Owners with Lindsay Halsey of Pathfinder SEO


This is a place where we really see people struggle is putting pen to paper. So, if I’m going to answer this question, how am I going to do it in a really effective way for my users?

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2018: This Year in Learning– 109 Curated L&D Articles from 2018

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And yet, every time I see a warning about distracting background music, I think about the effects of soundtracks on how people feel about sharks.) Wanda Thibodeaux reminds us that pausing to reflect on content is among the most effective ways to commit information to memory.

eLearning Conferences 2013

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link] December 7-8, 2012 Effective Teaching and Learning in Higher Education , 3 rd , organized by the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the IT-Academic Core Processes and Systems, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon. Clayton R.