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Good To Great In pursuit of excellence: my view on the world of learning and training Skip to content Home A bit about me ← Good e-learning: engaging, relevant and effective Learning about learning → Escape to the sun Posted on August 20, 2010 by Stephanie Dedhar | Leave a comment I’m off on my holidays for a week to enjoy some sunshine (hopefully), French food and the company of my lovely littlest sister in Salies-de-Béarn near Biarritz.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: eLearning Guild Demo Fest: Sun MicroSystems

Learning Visions

Thursday, December 06, 2007 eLearning Guild Demo Fest: Sun MicroSystems The eLearning Guild hosted a webinar this afternoon featuring the winners of The eLearning DemoFest which took place at the DevLearn Conference & Expo on November 7, 2007. Project Sun Microsytems Brandon Carson, instructional designer Project: New Hire Experience “Join the Network&# Sun has put a real focus on telecommuting -- many employees dont work in an office.

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The paradox of augmented reality

E-Learning Provocateur

In contrast, Sun Seeker lays the sun’s trajectory over the real background. Scott’s examples attest to the power of the medium in terms of visualisation, gamification and performance support – which are factors that make education in the workplace engaging and effective. Sydneysider Scott O’Brien is back in town after an extended stint in San Francisco.

Sun, Elite, and the future

Jay Cross

At the CLO Symposium, Karie Willyerd showed samples of how Sun Microsystems is preparing to greet the workforce of 2020. Sun is constructing a platform that makes the nuggets available; you can mine for them however you choose. Performance is what matters, not how you learned to perform. Sun and ILA are developing what I call learnscapes. Learnscapes are where and how modern work is performed – including workplace learning.

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EdApp Performance Team: Ironman 70.3 Championships, Nice, France

Ed App

EdApp performance team athlete Chris Wallace shares his experience from the Ironman 70.3 The course effectively entailed 35km of climbing, followed by 35km of descending, bookended at each end by a 10km flat TT along the Promenade des Anglais. No longer was I focussed on time, position, or performance or potential time losses, penalties or mechanicals. At EdApp, we believe that better learning means better performance. Learn more about our EdApp Performance Team here

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The Effectiveness of Learning – deleting “instruction”

Learning Cafe

This post follows on from “The Effectiveness of Learning – Design by Respect” and discusses some basic issues associated with design not always given the attention they deserve. ID is where we essentially bolt down specific performance objectives, specific assessment items/approaches that relate directly to the outcomes inherent within the objectives, and specific teaching strategies (the Design phase of ADDIE). Performance Objectives. Effective Learning

Effective B2B content is constantly evolving


Effective B2B content is constantly evolving. People don't want to spend a long or fruitless time searching for the information they need, and this holds true when they are performing research in a business context. Yu explained that 2015 needs to be the year in which chief marketing officers discover just how much business their materials are bringing in, while always improving their performance with the target market. Sun, 11/30/2014 - 10:26.

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Individual Motivational Profile – For all to use and needing your help

Learning Cafe

The sun was shining, the view of the harbour was stunning, I was excited about the material I was about to deliver, and by the first morning break of a two-day project-management course it had already become a fiasco. The dominant, behaviourist model goes like this: phase 1: define the behaviour you want; phase 2: pull levers (a training course; an incentive program; a road show; a performance-management system) to get the behavioural change you want; then. Effective Learning

Classical and Rigorous

Clark Quinn

We used to believe that the sun circled the earth, and that the world was flat. We continue to see practices like yearly reviews, micromanagement, incentives for limited performance metrics, and curtailed communication. the Revolution book), are more effective. A recent twitter spat led me to some reflections, and I thought I’d share.

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7 Tips To Create a Killer Onboarding Training Programs

Your Training Edge

This is because having a robust onboarding training program ensures that the new candidate is productive and has improved on-the-job performance. . There Are Several Benefits Of Having A Strong Onboarding Training Program: According to Recruiting Roundtable, employee performance can be improved by 11.5% You can enhance the candidate’s performance by simply asking the new employee what motivates them to work and what doesn’t.

5 Sleep Habits of Highly Successful Leaders

Your Training Edge

So, by getting more light exposure in the morning, successful people help their brain switch into the alert mode, which improves focus and performance. Aside from that, getting those first rays of sun in the morning may give you an uplifting mood, making other people view you as a nicer and more inspiring person. #2 Besides, not meeting your sleep needs nightly may result in sleep deprivation, which has a lot of adverse effects on your health.

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Sales eLearning – 21 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

Of course, it’s such a big topic that I decided to cheat and quickly point the person to eLearning Learning and particular to eLearning Sales , eLearning Sales Metrics , Sales eLearning Case Studies , and Sales Performance Support. Learning Performance Business Talent Focus - eLearning Technology , July 15, 2009 Performance – Responsible for ensuring that behavior change occurs in a way that improves performance. In effect, their capabilities are in recession.

How to be a learning mythbuster

Making Change

I like to use a flowchart to analyze performance problems. Expose myths to the sun. ” For example, here are some beliefs that affect our ability to design effective training. If there’s a performance problem, training must be the solution. Have you been able to fight them effectively? 28, London: I’ll be giving a talk on writing effective scenario questions at the Learning Technologies conference.

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Game Implications

Clark Quinn

Gaming is an optimized performance environment, with all that entails. Sun’s games to introduce their business units), and what the job is like (e.g. It can also serve as a filter or aptitude test, where the better the individual performs, the better a candidate they’re likely to be. First, is the belief that gaming is just ‘tarted-up quiz shows’, when it’s really truly challenging and effective learning practice.

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The #Blimage Challenge

Charles Jennings

My first thoughts were ‘am I looking at a tunnel or the sun? Is the tree heading down a rabbit-hole with its branches reaching into the long bright tunnel (or even along a yellow brick road) or are its branches holding the sun in its yellow sky? Workplace learning is generally more effective than simulations which, in turn, are generally more effective than being provided with information using a traditional ‘knowledge transfer’ learning approach.

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Embodiment Online


We had been using Zoom for meetings for a far-flung Board and Staff, and the Global Water Dances program, a bi-annual global event, had been exploring a variety of live-streaming tools for the 2013-2015-2017-2019 performances. We have learned to be aware of back-lighting, clothing colors, and lighting, including where the sun might be. Image courtesy of The Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies.

Skills Lifecycle Part 4: Strawberry Skills Forever


In the case of The Beatles, that mastery was achieved in part from trips to Hamburg playing an estimated 1,200 performances before most had considered beetles to be anything other than bugs. . But before you clear your calendar until 2025 to master the bass guitar, let’s explore how we can effectively develop our skills — and those of our workforce — more efficiently. With all that change, how can we effectively build skills in ourselves and others? Here Comes the Sun.

All You Should know about Needling Treatment


Needling treatment is a collagen induction therapy and has gained popularity and acceptance in the world as it is a safe, effective, and easy technique. This treatment is suitable for stretch marks, acne scars, fine lines, surgical scars, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and much more. Is there any risk or side effects in this procedure? There are no risks or side effects in the procedure. Who can perform the therapy?

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Uncertainty is the key to unlocking opportunity

CLO Magazine

zooming down a sun-drenched Hawaii highway behind the wheel of a cherry red Ferrari 308 GTS after another successful caper with your best buds T.C. Long-lasting performance is driven by the laborious process of wrestling with a problem and not taking the easy way out. What they lack in efficiency at the start they make up for with effectiveness in the end. The three most powerful words in education are “I don’t know.”. They’re also the most terrifying.

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6 Killer Examples Of Gamification In eLearning

Adobe Captivate

Gamification in eLearning is fast emerging as an effective technique to engage learners. It has found its place under the sun for serious learning (that is, meeting specified learning outcomes). Gamification in eLearning provides an effective, informal learning environment, and helps learners practice real life situations and challenges in a safe environment. An effective gamification concept is one that: Captures (and retains) learners’ attention.

#DevLearn 2012: Kapp Presentation Resources

Kapp Notes

Posing for a picture with former student Xiaomei (Ivy) Sun who is creating a lot of elearning in China. Watching an avatar that looks like you performing an activity influences you to perform a similar or same activity in the future. Creating avatars and having a learner perform a task as an avatar can influence a person’s actual behavior outside of being an avatar. Virtual self-modeling: the effects of vicarious reinforcement and identification on exercise behaviors.

Gamification of Learning and Training

Kapp Notes

Sun Microsystems has conjured up two, Dawn of the Shadow Specters and Rise of the Shadow Specters, which take place in an alternate universe called Solaris, colonized by a race of people who happen to reflect the company’s values. Lots of interesting potential in gamification, could it be the next level of electronic performance support or a motivational ploy to pull learners into boring training or a way to modify and alter behaviors based on rewards.

Think xAPI is Next-Generation SCORM? Think Again

Talented Learning

Rewind briefly to a day in 2010, when the dew was still fresh and early morning sun filled the meeting room at Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL). And although that difference may seem like subtle semantics, it can have a huge effect on reporting. At that point, the status changes to “completed” or “passed” or “failed” depending on how learners perform and how the course is configured to report outcomes.


4 Unexpected Habits That Improve Memory


We all know that keeping a list is a great tool to help remember which groceries we need, but what about ways to permanently increase the brain’s performance? The long-term effects of vitamin deficiencies are important to be aware of, as many are serious. Twenty minutes of full-body sun exposure can provide an entire day’s worth of vitamin D. Another way to get performance-boosting compounds into the brain is to eat berries; especially dark ones.

Course of the Week: Refresh Your Goals & Skills for Spring!


As the sun begins to peak out and temperatures return to a comfortable level, many of us are getting the itch to organize and refresh our homes. Included in the bundle are: Creating Vision, Mission, and Values; Enabling Great Performance; and Effective Goal Setting. Spring cleaning season is upon us, and it can be just as beneficial to your professional life as your personal one.

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Nothing Has Changed. Everything Has Changed.

Charles Jennings

Despite the book’s title (or maybe that’s the point of it) Clark’s focus is not so much on learning and development as on performance. Learning as simply a means to improve performance. Quinn suggests that a focus on performance augmentation should be at the core of all learning and development activity. He describes a range of methods to achieve the transformation from learning to performance. When the sun was directly overhead it was noon.

5 warrior strategies for modern CEOs

Playware Studios

Knight tip for CEOs: Identify and reward your top performers, encourage them to share their knowledge and skill. They were devastating as waves against ordered formations and equally effective when broken into individual squads for mopping up their routed enemies. ” – The Art if War by Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ is perhaps the most acclaimed and respected work of military strategy.

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Brain Theory, Digital, Design, & Mentoring

Big Dog, Little Dog

The researchers also learned that Sun's mentoring program was least effective for the highest performers. This was an especially startling result since most mentoring programs focus on developing high performers with high potential, and led the researchers to conclude that "the better investment for Sun would be to spend the money on lower performers to help them raise their level of performance

Free L&D webinars for August 2019

Limestone Learning

Or are you working flat-out and barely registering that the sun’s out? In this session, we’ll see how the right authoring technology can help you to reduce the time it takes to create relevant content and how you can effectively collaborate with subject matter experts to get the very best to your learners quickly. We'll explore nine different types of videos you can use in your organization to keep your learners’ attention and impact their learning, training, and performance.

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Wonderful Brain

Delaying school start times for adolescents is often proposed as a policy change to address insufficient sleep and potentially improve students’ academic performance, reduce engagement in risk behaviors, and improve health. Poor Academic Performance – Lower GPA. Parents and caregivers know all too well that hauling a teenager out of bed while it’s still dark, or as the sun is rising is not a pleasant undertaking. “What is the purpose of school?”

Free L&D webinars for September 2019

Limestone Learning

In order to engage learners, develop critical skills, and improve employee and business performance, organizations must take a holistic view of the overall learning experience shared by their people and find new ways to enable and measure purposeful learning. New trends in learning and enablement that might help you prepare your people more effectively. What’s the lost opportunity by not delivering effective learning the first time?

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The Death of Training: Rumors Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Living in Learning

Compare the earth to the sun and the earth is no longer the largest object. Open up the scope to include the sun and what we perceived as large is now small. Some aspects of on-boarding and new hire orientation programs are most effective in a live classroom setting. Our end game must extend to direct linkage to the post-training domain of levels three and four evaluation – impact to performance and to the business.

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Avoid Fails With the Great Onboarding Iceberg


It is proven by many and documented by even more, that an effective onboarding process works. We call this the MOTIVATION PHASE , where the sun is shining and the positive vibes are in the air. The conclusion is very clear that all companies address the area and do something about it so they all expect to implement effective onboarding. Based on our surveys, this will have an extremely limited effect, and possibly none at all. Overall, they will give a 30% effect.

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Free L&D webinars for December 2019

Limestone Learning

Product Manager, Instructure, to discover how effective talent development comes to life by connecting career planning, enabling meaningful connections, facilitating continuous performance management, and bringing all your learning programs into one cohesive experience. But what goes into an effective candidate experience, and how does it play into the overall employee experience? Create follow-the-sun workflows and recurring tasks that ensure team coordination.

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What Is Mindfulness’s Place at Work?

CLO Magazine

Marine Corps are buying into its virtues — maybe the practice shouldn’t be celebrated as the sole or most effective mental health healing balm. Third, as romantic as it sounds to quiet all the noise in one’s head, the journey to get to that peaceful place is actually work in itself, perhaps easier for those “for whom a given moment is more likely to be “sun-dappled yoga pose” than “hour 11 manning the fat fryer.”. “It’s

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