5 Best Practices for Effective Performance Questions


In this article, we cover two areas: when to use performance questions and how to make them effective. Performance questions are the pinnacle of training programs and are usually based on the performance context.

The 3 Ps For Effective Courses!


Apart from this valuable trait, there are the famous 3 Ps that need to be implemented for an effective eLearning course. The online trainer functions have been the pinnacle of debate for the past two decades. The post The 3 Ps For Effective Courses!

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5 Ways to Utilize E-Learning Games in Employee Training


Simplifying the training experience is pinnacle to both effective learning and knowledge retention. . Realistic, contextual simulations also help to assess cause and effect decision making. Follow Follow Follow.

Microlearning – what the devil is it and 5 things it’s good for

Rob Hubbard

It’s quick and cost-effective to produce. This enables the business to be very agile in learning delivery and to respond to rapidly changing business environments effectively. Every project is different though, and it’s important not to discount it as effective in its own right.

What is supply chain management, and how can it help your business?


The main benefit for businesses that maintain effective supply chains is a resulting competitive edge. What’s all the hype about “supply chain management?” ” And with all the buzz about it, how do you stay ahead of competitors?

E-Learning Design Part 5: Learning through Creating (Blooms 21)


Only the most academically adept are likely to reach the pinnacle.”. As Wright asserts, “the more churn a brain experiences, the more likely it’s going to retain information,” and so asking a learner to begin with creating is a really effective way of getting those cerebral juices flowing.

Bloom 103

What I Learned from Reading “Learn or Die: Using Science to Build a Leading Edge Learning Organization.”


Hess has seen the after action review work effectively in businesses of all stripes, especially where employees can safely confront the harsh reality of any situation. Edward D.

What Can We Learn From Toyota?

The Performance Improvement Blog

The point is that the climb often requires a distinct, unyielding philosophy, while setting up shop on the pinnacle requires something else entirely, like the ability to absorb some punishment. Organizational effectiveness is more than a consistently high quality product. What can we learn from Toyota’s fall from grace?

Gamification for Enterprises

Your Training Edge

The recent introduction of gamification is what I believe to be the pinnacle of design and creativity to enhance the user experience within a simulated environment. In order to measure the effectiveness of a training program, it may be best to not look at it by what we want one to learn, but rather what they will learn and takeaway with them. Cost-effective and able to yield a high Return on Investment.

MOOCs: Building Personal Learning Networks

Your Training Edge

MOOCs represent the intersection between these two models – knowledge can be transferred quickly and effectively to large numbers of people at the same time and spaces can be created for people to build their own learning networks. A PLN represents the pinnacle of informal learning. These networks are unlimited by physical constraints – employees can connect with each other just as effectively whether they work in the same office, different offices, or different countries.

3 LMS Must-Have’s to Support Synchronous eLearning


Video Conferences Bringing video, audio and multiple people/places together at one time, video conferencing is the pinnacle of synchronous e-learning.

Developing Training With What You Carry In Your Pocket

Training Industry

How Video Impacts Performance Learning professionals like to use video in training programs because it has proven to be an effective tool in the effort to improve performance. This research can easily cause one to draw the conclusion that video must be incorporated in order for training programs to be as effective as possible. Mobile apps for editing video like iMovie, Vitrimpro or Pinnacle are cost effective and easy to use.

Ideas, Tips, and Resources for Using Video in Your Online Training


They’re over-produced – replete with unrealistic scenarios, quasi-aspirational music, and distracting animation effects. Pinnacle Studio. I have a love/hate relationship with training videos.

Ideas 98

Ideas, Tips, and Resources for Using Video in Your Online Training


They’re over-produced – replete with unrealistic scenarios, quasi-aspirational music, and distracting animation effects. I have a love/hate relationship with training videos. On the one hand I love how engaging video can be for demonstrating complex concepts or processes.

Ideas 97

Merging Purpose with Design in the World of Gamification

Training Industry

Mastery by game is the pinnacle and most complex aspect of gamification. A 25-year industry veteran, Zamir helps clients navigate the choices that lead to effective training. Gamification and gamified elements have been a hot topic for the last year or two. However, too much of the conversation stays at the superficial level of how to make learning fun, without delving into the real reasons gamification works to change behavior.

What is an eLearning Authoring Tool? What is the Best eLearning Authoring Software?


Video processing: Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, Power Director, Adobe after Effects, Pinnacle Studio etc. If you are new to the eLearning sphere, you must be confused about numerous eLearning authoring tools available in the market. In fact, most of us even don’t have a clear comprehension of these awesome tools, and even confuse them for other types of content editing tools.

Creating business value through IT

Jay Cross

An effective leader and a well-designed organization will need not only to aggressively seek out and identify such individuals and the innovations they generate but also to develop and reward them appropriately. Customer/company conversations are the pinnacle of customer service. I suspect that the impact of investing in IT support of these web 2ish effects will overshadow the returns from ERP, CRM, etc.