Effective Instructional Graphics in eLearning

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We always recommend finding a way to create an image that engages learners and effectively communicates a message. The challenge is, to create effective instructional graphics can be time consuming and costly. Another graphic is a pipe graphic.

Corporate University: Effective Staffing

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This sponsor will be able to tell you if your staffing model is currently a “pipe dream” or if it can be achieved. The worst thing you can do when setting up a corporate university is to get it rolled out and then find that you have too much or too little staff.

7 Steps for Effectively Handling Customer Complaints


7 Steps for Effectively Handling Customer Complaints. While you’re at it, try out some of these effective listening tips from Forbes : Don’t interrupt: You might be tempted to pipe in while the customer is providing his or her side of the story.

Five Barriers to Effective Learning in Organisations

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At other times it requires a total re-think of strategy and practice to break the barriers and implement effective solutions. Neither HR nor L&D can do their jobs effectively themselves. Without effective manager engagement, we might as well not bother.

Effective Training Visuals—Directing the Eyes


This is the second in a series of blog posts intended to help you evaluate elearning courses by considering the effectiveness of the visuals they include.

Effective Training Visuals—Abstract to Concrete


We’re back with the fourth in a series of blog posts written to help you evaluate elearning courses by considering how well their visuals add to the effectiveness of the training.

Employee Development in the Era of Screen Time

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The idea that society is going to change is a pipe dream. Only a handful of companies are effectively adapting to the changing needs of the modern learner. The only way to close this gap is through effective employee development. Tap, look, feel rewarded.

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Searching for the common ground

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K-12 : Those of us in higher ed and workplace learning have a huge stake in the effectiveness of the K-12 arena. If kids aren’t taught the basics, then those of us further down the pipe will find ourselves basing our learning solutions on faulty premises. Image via Wikipedia.

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How to Add Color and Use Creativity at Work

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In school, I was the kid who used every art supply on my project even though I was only supposed to use yarn and pipe cleaners. I thought my creativity shouldn’t be limited to yarn and pipe cleaners. If you’re not into sweating it out at the gym, meditation can have the same effects. • As a child, I thought creativity only meant art, music, and dance; things I liked doing but I wasn’t very good at.

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How to Master Mobile Gamification


It may sound like a pipe dream, but the key to creating just such an experience lies in an instructional design technique that has caught on in e-learning circles in a big way: gamification. If you can take your subject matter and turn it into a vibrant, compelling story, full of challenges, rewards, and quests, then the results are often more memorable and effective than the classic lecture format. Gamification on mobile can create a learning experience that’s hard to put down.

Creating avenues for On-Demand Learning in the Modern Workplace


So they are enthusiastic learners and do not always needs a trainers/instructors encouragement to complete a learning course effectively. Learning at the workplace is a continuous process.

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Using Analogies and Metaphors to Enhance Learning

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And electricity is often compared to water flowing through pipes. In short, if we can find an example that is common knowledge for our learners that can be used to effectively draw comparisons to a new concept, half the battle is already won.

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How to Up Your Competency Management Game for 2019


This vision isn’t a pipe dream. Technology can really boost the effectiveness of competency management programs. Think ahead to this time next year. What if you didn’t have to wonder where your employees shine? What if you knew exactly who you needed to recruit?

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Audio for eLearning: Do You Want to Sound Like a DJ?

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" The most sure-fire way to sound like a DJ is to have been born with great pipes (i.e. Getting closer will engage what's called the "proximity effect," lower the sound of your voice, and make it sound fuller. by Rick Zanotti One question I get asked a lot is "How can I get my eLearning audio to the point so that I sound like a DJ?" vocal cords)! But very few of us have been so blessed. So what's an eLearning developer to do?

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5 More Great Books for Your Learning & Development Bookshelf

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Robert Mager & Peter Pipe. Mager and Pipe do this from a holistic perspective focused on finding the true problem and then looking for the most effective and efficient solution.

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Bite-sized Learning Alleviates Sales Onboarding Stress


But replacing a portion of these with bite-sized, easy-to-digest content alleviates stress for new hires and drives more effective learning. After all, there’s no sense in training reps on best practices for negotiation before they’ve even got deals in the pipe.

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Curated Insights: Why knowledge sharing at work is a good thing


In this post, Carole breaks down her 6 core skills for effective curation. A great curator can bring order to the chaos and help you find the right information to help learn and solve problems effectively. Knowledge sharing has always been an important part of the workplace.

10 Best and Worst Types of Microlearning

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There are various types of microlearning with some forms being considerably older or more effective than others. It’s underused in the world of L&D but it’s effective and a webpage full of them is likely to be returned to many times over.

Elearning Predictions 2019

Mike Taylor

For example, looking back in time, we will find two simple yet super valuable resources to guide us toward the most effective and efficient solutions for our future learning and development work. Next, Robert Mager and Peter Pipe gave us a valuable set of questions to answer before starting any training project that helps point us toward the best, most efficient solutions. Every new year brings us opportunities to explore new tools, technologies, and strategies.

The Role of xAPI in Creating Powerful Learning Experiences for the Modern Workforce

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The LRS enables the tracking part of the learning experience and is the very basis of the xAPI system to work effectively. In developing countries, where full-scale data connectivity is still a pipe-dream; this is a big-big deal.

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Social Network Analysis - Twitter - Social Media - Best Stuff from Last Week

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Upside Learning Blog , April 27, 2009 Online CEU Credits - eLearning Technology , April 27, 2009 508 Compliance, Even If You Do Not Need To - MinuteBio , April 30, 2009 Diffusion of Innovations - Kapp Notes , April 30, 2009 Gathering comments with Yahoo Pipes? Here is the best stuff from last week via eLearning Learning. Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals.

Smart talk

Learning with e's

Join Steve Wheeler as he explores how existing technologies such as GPS, cameras, light-weight projection and bar code scanning can be combined with new software to extraordinary effect. I'm an invited speaker at the Learning Technologies Conference at London's Olympia in January.

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Gamification in E-Learning – Are you really learning?

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Take a look at the following: It says, “This is not a pipe” You say, “wait it is a pipe” But it isn’t (if you know what it is, place it in the comments section). I’m an addict. An addict for games.

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

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Sounds like a pipe dream, right? Typically, groups tied closely to profit centers are considered essential to serve efficiently and effectively. What to include in an effective augmentation plan.

Curated Insights: Why knowledge sharing at work is a good thing


In this post, Carole breaks down her 6 core skills for effective curation. A great curator can bring order to the chaos and help you find the right information to help learn and solve problems effectively. I often use a similar example about broken kitchen pipes when I discuss the value of shared knowledge. Knowledge sharing has always been an important part of the workplace.

The 6 hottest learning trends for 2018 – Part 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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The best thing about AI is its ability to take over the most time-consuming chores associated with producing effective courses. This can increase motivation and course effectiveness. As far as automatic content creation goes, it’s still a pipe dream.

Paradiso’s Teeming Mahara Alliance


The Mahara optimized fully managed servers that we have are hosted in a secure environment with high speed data pipes. Advise on the effective use of your eLearning platform. We are official Mahara Partners (and a proud one at that)! Mahara, as a stand-alone e-portfolio system can be integrated into Paradiso LMS easily.

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LMS and Gamification


The good news is, with just a little tweaking, you can have things hot and piping in your learning management system. Follow these simple tips: Identify key performance goals of your business Gamification is only effective when it is placed for certain goals and behaviors within a system.

Compliance Training: Cheers or Jeers?

CLO Magazine

It manages cognitive load effectively, not overloading the user with vast amounts of information. This isn’t a pipe dream. If you said the words compliance training to your employees, what would their reaction be? Would they jump for joy, smile, roll their eyes, or run for the hills?

How to Create an LMS Mission Statement

Growth Engineering

Your mission will just be a pipe dream if you don’t have an inkling about how you’re going to succeed. If it’s effective training you’re looking for, a culture that encourages leadership unlocks countless opportunities to capitalise on informal learning.

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Interesting Information via eLearning Learning

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Also interesting topics: Cognitive , Effectiveness , LCMS , Social Network , iPhone , Director. Ken Allan - Blogger in Middle-earth Ken talks about everything including some that come up for me Writing a Blog , Analytics , Communities of Practice , Photoshop , Pipes , Firefox , RSS. We've implemented a few features in the eLearning Learning Community. You can see the first feature by visiting the site and clicking around on terms.

Preparing for Change

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My number one recommendation for preparing your organization for change is to not wait until change is coming down the pipe to start preparing for it. Additional tips on managing change effectively include: 1. When I was fifteen my father told me that one thing I can always count on is that things are going to change. In the moment I couldn’t fully comprehend what he was telling me. Since that time I have learned this to be true.

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Unicorn Release Note 8.4

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When editing the Question Bank template, once you've entered your question stem and appropriate Likert style answers, use the pipe separator key to indicate which answers count as a correct answer. The Effective Date can be set below the Personal Statement. Unicorn LMS 8.4

Mise-en-scène in eLearning

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Holmes is doing his Holmes thing, but it's the scenery that does the heavy lifting—the iconic pipe, the timepiece dangling from his vest, the books and paper stuffed in the cabinet behind him, the London smog coating the world outside.

Rapid Performance Analysis

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In a discussion with a LinkedIn connection, the topic of a quicker way to complete an effective performance analysis came up. I understand the importance of producing a tangible instructional product quickly but I believe with a mindset like this you will spend more time creating solutions that are not effective or you end up wasting time doing re work after you come up with a great idea halfway through the project. If so, maybe a job aid would be more effective then a course.

Twitter, Txtng, & Blended Learning

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Jane Hart recently posted 100+ (E-)Learning Professionals to follow on Twitter and Tony Hirst immediately followd it with a Yahoo pipe that aggregates the tweets from Jane's list. Tony Karrer tested the pipe, but left with the thought that there was no real need to follow it and wonders if he is missing something ? Effectiveness Of Traditional And Blended Learning Environments Science Daily. Twitter and Texting.

Essential Tools You Need to Record Audio for eLearning

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Without audio for eLearning courses, today’s courseware will not be very engaging or effective. Keep room temperature water handy at all times so you can keep those pipes well oiled. Audio for eLearning is Only As Good As the Tools You Use. We live in a multimedia society.

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