I Believe in the Value of Working out Loud

Tom Spiglanin

In many other subjects, term papers were effectively show-your-work products that described a train of thought, taking the reader from preliminary premises to the conclusion. They are incentivized by a sense of importance and job security.

PKM 204

Personal Work and Learning Environments (PWLE) - More Discussion

Tony Karrer

I also am finding myself ever more convinced that we are discussing basically the same thing being discussed in PKM circles and even some overlap with productivity. I'm not quite happy yet with PWLE (p-Whale) as a unifying term - but I prefer it to either PLE or PKM because both of those seem to be taken; somewhat limited in their scope and also seem to imply separation from day-to-day work

PWLE 100

Pick of the Month: August 2012

Jane Hart

” Personal knowledge management is clearly becoming a key workplace skill, and in fact Harold Jarche, in Please tell me about your PKM , takes it one step further … “I think that asking, “ What can you do for the organization today?” , would be a better way to start an interview.

PKM 199

Context is King: Excerpts from posts and articles - Part I

ID Reflections

PKM: our part of the social learning contract Creating good content on a platform that lets users (teachers & learners) add context may be the the real killer application in education. User Generated Context for Learning The real value of Twitter and other social media (or, the more secure, IT -approved corporate equivalents) is the ability to target messages at specific audiences and tune your filters to the topics that interest you the most.

PKM 129