Making Learning Games Effective: 5 ways of ensuring that players LEARN


With the advent of computers, internet and communication technologies games have become more accessible, less costly, highly engaging and lots of fun for players of all ages. As long as the games appeal to their target players, they can be successful.

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Customizing the Articulate Storyline Player

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But one of the more underutilized features in Storyline is the ability to fully edit the Articulate Storyline player. Imagine having an amazing template that you have been pouring your blood sweat and cramped fingers into surrounded by a boring pasty white player of mediocrity.

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Ready Player None: The Pitfalls of Gamification

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Studies have consistently supported the use of gamification both from a learner preference and effectiveness perspective. While gamification is certainly effective when used properly, there are several common mistakes that undermine the efficacy of a gamification effort.

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Consider Player/Game Interactions

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The best way to design from that perspective is to think about what the learner needs to do on the job and try to mimic those activities, actions or behaviors in the game and then design the game so the player has to do those activities. Since interaction is a major driver of game play, then understanding interactions can then lead to effective instructional game design.

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Team Players: Collaborating in Business


Being a team player is one of the most coveted traits that employers look for in new candidates. What does being a team player mean? Millennials grew up participating in sports and being team players from their earliest days of playing tee-ball.

Knowledge Guru Adds Player Analytics and Reporting Automation

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2) Player-Facing Reports. Players have always been able to assess performance by monitoring their score within Knowledge Guru, but now they can get detailed feedback on their performance on each learning objective associated with the game.

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Adobe Captivate – Card Flip Effect

Adobe Captivate

In this video tutorial, I show you how you can use effects in Adobe Captivate to create the effect of a baseball card flip. For example, on one side of the card you have the image of the baseball player and on the back side, you have the player’s statistics.

Effective Elearning Content Development Gets Players in the Zone

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Most people know the feeling of being so immersed in an activity that they aren’t even aware what’s happening around them. They have lost all track of time and may not even remember where they are

Implementing Gaming System to Reach Effective Corporate Learning

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Gamified learning is one of the most effective methods of learning that have cropped up in the digital age. There are also many reasons why companies put in place gaming systems to help their employees reach effective corporate learning.

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5 Effective Strategies for Gamification at Work

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Related: How to Setup Effective Game-Based Learning for Enterprises. Sharing challenges and victories add excitement around the game and bring the players closer, leading to more collaborative efforts between them. Gamification at work is today an integral part of corporate training.

How Gamers Learn: The Game Player’s Brain

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With games, the player is thrown into an environment and they’re often given no instructions on how to proceed. Serious games, game-based learning and the use of gamification in learning platforms have given rise to a learning revolution that’s showing just how effective games can be.

Jazzing up Your Video Courses with the LearnWorlds Interactive Video Player


Adding captions and overlays to your videos is about to get a whole lot easier with our Interactive Video Player. In this article I am going to give you only a taste of the captions available in our new Video Player and provide you with actionable tips you can take away and immediately apply.

Measuring Training Effectiveness Through Gaming

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So what does this mean for the lowly Instructional Designer (or his still-lowlier Project Manager) when faced with that scary question about “measuring training effectiveness?”

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7 Steps to an Effective Serious Game or Gamification Implementation

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Will you require players to play? Encouragement from senior leadership can be even more effective. In one survey, a player commented that they learned a more effective way to do their job through the game that had not been covered in company-wide training.

Gamified Classroom-based Training Solution for BFSI Client: Engaging Learners for Effective Learning – Video Blog


G-Cube imparted an effective gamified solution for its esteemed BFSI client. As a result, gamified learning approach within a classroom setting motivated the players to access more courses and improve their overall knowledge competency. ?

Three Guidelines for Effectively Integrating Games in the Classroom

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The vast frozen wilderness faces the player as she learns about heat flow formula. The effectiveness of instructional games: A literature review and. Effective Electronic Gaming in Education (Vol. A Meta-Analysis of the Cognitive and Motivational Effects of Serious Games.

Know All about The Players in the E-learning Outsourcing Process

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Sometimes SMEs overlook the value of e-learning, as they believe in the effectiveness of ILT. This can hamper your e-learning effectiveness and may not give the desired results.

HTML5 in E-learning – Signaling the End of the Flash Player

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For years, the Flash Player reigned supreme in the world of e-learning. It seemed that the Flash Player was destined to rule the technology-enabled learning world. This means that many learners could not access online learning on mobile devices, using the Flash Player.

The Importance of Player in E-learning Courses: Customizing it in Articulate Storyline

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Let me guess… You love it when the skin of your music player or the interface of your messaging app gets updated. It displays the Player of an e-learning course. You would not mind taking the e-learning course with such a Player, would you? Customizing Player Features.

Improve Sales Performance by Identifying Poker Players Part 2

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Can your sales team identify Poker Players? Negotiation process begins by assessing Buying Behaviors Sellers with a strong backbone learn how to identify the poker players and how to counter the game with tactics to neutralize the playing field for successful negotiations. What you have is a poker player! Gamification in the negotiating process The good news is it’s all a game and, sellers can learn to more effectively play their role.

5 Simple and Effective eLearning Interactions

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It’s simple and effective to ask people this, and no fancy graphics or programming skill is required to use this interaction. Players answer customer questions, and their overall sales increase or decrease based on their results.

5 Things Successful NBA Players and Good Salespeople Have In Common

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Good salespeople, like successful NBA players, see failures as learning opportunities and use them to hone their skills. Successful NBA players know who their opponents are. Top NBA players understand this very well and lay emphasis on regular training. They have done it.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Gamification

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But how are we actually able to measure the effectiveness of gamification? And it’s not just engagement — gamification’s revenue effects are equally astounding. As you can see by the above examples, turning applications into games is a trend that is here to stay and one that is being widely accepted by big brand names and proving the concept of gamification extremely effective. What is effectiveness and success? Have you ever been gamified?

7 steps to an Effective Knowledge Guru Drive Implementation

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If you are unable to make your game mandatory, plan a series of communications that promote the game and remind players to play. Encouragement from senior leadership can be even more effective. Make sure you explain to players how they will download the app and register.

How to Setup Effective Game-Based Learning for Enterprises

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Builds Non-Cognitive Skills: Game-based learning helps to develop non-cognitive skills such as patience, motivation, self-control, and perseverance, which are just as important as intelligence in fulfilling job responsibilities effectively.

Upcoming Workshop On Designing Effective Learning Games

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Others made creative use of physical space and had players move around as part of their game. I’ve written quite often about our Play to Learn workshop because, quite honestly, it’s an amazing experience. I sat in on the inaugural session (which was sold out) at ASTD ICE last May.

E-Learning Specialist: What’s Your Perspective? Key Players For Development!

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The problem is that E-Learning has evolved and one individual can’t tackle all training challenges effectively. At the end of the day, the primary goal is to create and shape training that effectively changes behaviors.

Adobe Flash and the Danger of Zero Day Exploits


Our Head of Technology, Nik Goile, gives us some background on last month’s Adobe Flash exploits , and explains how CDSM was prepared to deal with them… You probably heard about the Adobe Flash Player vulnerabilities that came to light in July.

5 Ways to Create Effective Interactive Training Content


L&D teams are looking out for interactive training content so that the employees can learn and retain the information effectively. Given below are 5 Ways to Create Effective Interactive Training Content: 1. These are cost-effective ways of creating a professional looking training video. If you can provide a voice-over for the subject, then that would be more effective than reading plain text. Playing a game keeps the player engrossed in the activity.

[Free Webinar #2!] Convert Classroom Training to Blended Learning Using Your Creativity and Adobe Technology

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You may mix and match many delivery formats in order to create a learning environment that is engaging and cost-effective. Understand how the Fluidic player can help you leverage fully blended courses in your training programs. I recently did a webinar on this topic. Check out the recording and the slideshare.) We had an awesome group who shared tons of ideas, so we’re going to do the webinar one more time! Join us on April 2 at 9AM Pacific.

Abstract of Study: Effect of Computer-Based Video Games on Children: An Experimental Study

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This group played the game Fire Captai n is a real-time strategy game, the players needed to put out a fire atthe end of tutorial mission, and their performance was graded by the game. Effect of Computer-Based Video Games on Children: An Experimental Study.

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3 Ways To Instantly Kill e-Learning Effectiveness


As Instructional Designers, we all want to make the best e-Learning modules possible, so we better get these three things right or our courses' effectiveness will spiral down the drain. If your course looks anything like powerpoint slides, you're courses' effectiveness has taken a blow.

Game-Based eLearning: Making GBL Effective Through Avatars And Immersive Stories

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Good games have strong, avatar-based play and compelling storylines that keep players on tenterhooks throughout the experience. In my experience, I have found avatars and immersive stories work very well in eLearning games. In this article, I will share my understanding of this gamification solution. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Game-Based Learning eLearning Games Gamification Examples

Flash Player 10 New Features- Online Training Course

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Flash Player 10 New Features is a new online training course including how to set up a system for development and testing from Adobe evangelist Lee Brimelow. Lee covers the new sound and drawing APIs , which can be used to add real-time audio effects and UV texture mapping to any project. The 9 minute Overview of Flash Player 10 module is free.

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

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How About: Accessible Elearning Is Effective Elearning. How About: Accessible Elearning Is Effective Elearning. Designers and developers are focused, in other words, on making sure that they create effective digital content. Why is the effectiveness of remediation limited?

How Leadership Skills are Being Taught in Modern Training Programs

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All these may hamper the effect of message to a great extent. Featured Posts Leadership change management emotional intelligence listening skills team player trainingLeader is not the ringmaster only any more.

SimWord of the Day: Paths (Player-created)

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Players create paths on maps , especially in tycoon style games, to connect processes and places, and direct and sometimes limit units ' movements. Yet the effective, no, intuitive ability to do that across a multitude of fronts differentiates between success and failure for many of us