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Podcast 22: Launching a Learning Portal – With DirectEmployers Association

Talented Learning

That was the goal when the DirectEmployers Association (DE) envisioned its new learning portal, DE Academy. Join me as I talk with DE Executive Director, Candee Chambers and VP of Membership Engagement, Jen Bernhardt about how they’ve created a modern learning portal that will grow with their organization’s needs. That’s why we just launched DE Academy , a learning portal that provides digital access to our expertise, on-demand.

The 5 Most Essential LMS Security Features


Whether you’re doing online corporate training or selling commercial training courses, the security of your eLearning portal is something you should take very seriously. In this post, we examine the five most essential online security features and explain how they apply to your LMS. LMS security features to demand from your eLearning vendor. Security capabilities. In a few weeks, companies will be liable for security breaches under European law.

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ICAAP eLearning Portal for CME

Association eLearning

THE SOLUTION. Digitec’s Knowledge Direct® Med platform proved to be the perfect eLearning solution for ICAAP. With the portal and web-based courses in place, physicians are now able to earn CME credit and MOC Part IV credits through the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). The platform offers an effective way for ICAAP to assist their members in continually developing their knowledge and skills, while maintaining their certifications.

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How to Keep Your Cloud-Based LMS Software Protected

Your Training Edge

So, whether you’re training people internally or externally, LMS security is paramount. Luckily, most LMS vendors today offer cloud-based solutions with built-in safety features. When protected with reliable cybersecurity systems and protocols, cloud-based software solutions are no more vulnerable than an on-premise learning management system. Talk to your vendor about available anti-virus solutions for your cloud-based LMS software. Mobile Security.

10 Features to Look for in Corporate Training Solutions


Corporate training solutions have evolved over time. Discarding the one-size-fits-all model has been one of the contributing factors to the growth of corporate training solutions. As this move helped organizations to customize the solution as per the learning needs of the employees.

Learning Experience Platforms – A Sustainable Solution

Origin Learning

It is also vital to track and record the learning experience of each learner, to gauge the effectiveness of the learning course, and to measure the knowledge gained by the learner. Let’s look as how LXPs offer a sustainable solution for an enhanced learning experience. LXPs offer the flexibility of being a learner-focused learning solution, which allows learners and subject matter experts to contribute new content and provide references to additional learning resources.

The Learning Portal – A Simple Idea That Made the World a Better Place

Growth Engineering

A learning portal is an online gateway to a better version of yourself. Once you step through that learning portal, you can gain the superpowers you need to go further, reach higher and simply become even more awesome! If that sounds too sci-fi for you, maybe you’d prefer a more practical learning portal definition. In its simplest terms, a learning portal is a website, or an online archive. Learning Portal Content. A Brief History of Learning Portals.

11 Solutions to Blended Learning Challenges Where Clients Get Stuck

Obsidian Learning

Here are five common “sticky” complaints we hear from customers, along with solutions to get you and your organization moving forward. Solution: Assess needs and inventory assets to set priorities. Solution: Make compliance training compelling. Solution: Curate your content.

Bring power to your organization with a Training Portal Software


The training and onboarding of your employees are carried out effectively through training portal software. With training portal software, you will obtain the power to simplify and automate your training processes for employees, customers, vendors or associates. Also, you will be able to train, onboard and certify faster your customers and partners through our training portal software. Paradiso Training Portal Software features.

‘Best of Elearning! ’ Awards Honor 100 Top Solutions


awards honor best-in-class solutions across the learning and technology marketplace. All nominations are made directly by users of solutions. There is no better honor than to be nominated by users and customers of these best-in-class solutions.”. Research indicated 85 percent of readers had recommended an e-learning solution to a peer over the most recent 12-month period, and 61 percent claimed that award recognition “impacts their decision” to consider a product or service.

Scalable Web Meeting Solutions made Possible with LMS Webex Integration


With the organizations growing vertical and expanding horizontally, there arises a need when the allies are required to congregate in a single, centralized and cost effective middlemost i.e. A meeting. Now, how about getting the learners in the LMS in a meeting via a web meeting solution. Hence, the need for web meeting solutions… or so to say, LMS Webex integration ! Assured Security with the LMS Webex Integration.

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BLP Wins 2015 Horizon Awards for Knowledge Guru Mobile and Custom Game-Based Solution

Knowledge Guru

These award-winning solutions build on BLP’s recent success in the Horizon awards: BLP has now won six Horizon Awards since 2013, including two awards for the Knowledge Guru platform. employees learn how to create secure passwords. They created a multitude of interactive modules that fit within a one-stop-shop Security Toolkit designed to help our employees access and navigate our security resources and learning portals” said Bryan Langley, Global Security Manager at Cummins, Inc.

eThink 2019 Year in Review: New Markets, Solutions & Recognitions

eThink Education

eThink also expanded our solutions to offer more products and services that can help L&D professionals meet and exceed their eLearning goals. . Our very busy Solutions Team provided 485 individual demonstrations and technical overviews of our solutions to prospective clients.

eThink 2019 Year in Review: New Markets, Solutions & Recognitions

eThink Education

eThink also expanded our solutions to offer more products and services that can help L&D professionals meet and exceed their eLearning goals. . Our very busy Solutions Team provided 485 individual demonstrations and technical overviews of our solutions to prospective clients.

Virtual Classroom Software for Online Teaching by Paradiso Solutions


A virtual classroom software for online teaching has all the necessary tools to conduct effective training, with precision, dynamism, and interactivity, but you must also seek to overcome the traditional classroom using data collection and technological development for the benefit of the student in terms of time, personalization of the educational process and, of course, the success of the training programs. The files are stored with top grade secured infrastructure.

Your Learning Platform – Your Sales Enablement Machine


Fortunately, the solution to these ongoing issues is actually quite simple, and involves equipping your sales teams with the tools they need to succeed and enable further growth. Sales enablement gives sales staff the content, tools, knowledge and skills they need to be effective.

Designing Intelligent eLearning

Origin Learning

In a highly competitive industry, how does one stand out from the rest of the crowd and continue to generate new business and develop successful eLearning solutions? In this blog post, we list down the best practices that we have adopted in creating effective and engaging eLearning solutions.

Find out if social learning chemistry works for you!

Origin Learning

Which brings us to the question as to the start of how to craft, design, and lay the foundation of using the social media platform as an effective engagement tool in the sphere of learning? The desire to have a single portal for learning, sharing, and collaboration that could be accessed through any device (PC, smartphone, or tablets). Create a portal for sharing of success stories and lessons learned.

Maximize Your Learning Platform’s Potential With These Integrations


To link up your talent acquisition efforts with your learning activities, your learning platform must have an integration with your HCM / HRIS solution. Not only does this mean your transactions are secure, but now you never have to worry about delays in content sharing.

The need to switch to a cloud-based LMS is upon us all – here’s how to make the switch seamless


A cloud-based LMS is a learning tech solution that is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and hosted on the web. All information is housed (in the cloud) and learners can log into a web portal to gain access to the platform from any device. Security: It’s no secret that cloud-based systems are more secure than in-house IT infrastructures. Cloud solutions have a variety of safety measures in effect, from data encryption to SSL.

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Why is an eLearning Content Delivery Platform Valuable for Your Company?


The platform also enables secure online training using an intuitive interface. Most eLearning content delivery platforms support multiple types of content, such as audio/video files, presentations, articles, eBooks, assessments, tests, infographics, practice portals, etc.

The definitive checklist for selecting the right partner training LMS


Differentiated learning solutions. Pro tip: integrating with partner portals creates even more personalization for different audiences (say it with me: oooh, ahhh). This is the best domino effect that ever was.

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2020 LMS pricing guide: Here’s what makes up the cost ??


All this to say, once you have a more tangible cost associated with your problem, the cost that comes with a solution will feel reasonable and, for your boss, more justified (no sweat needed). Some vendors refer to this “multi-portal” functionality.

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Why you need an LMS Video Conferencing integration?


Paradiso LMS’ fully virtual eLearning solution delivers a level of engagement that gives learners a feeling that they’re together in the same room. You get to log in to your video conferencing portal through single sign-on (SSO) , which is the USP of our LMS. Your learners skip the tedious tasks associated with remembering two credentials for login into two portals. The files are stored with top grade secured infrastructure.

Partner Problems – 5 Common Challenges Channel Networks Face


Partner channels provide a cost-effective way to globalize your business by pairing with aligned organizations to sell products and services. Docebo’s newest publication, “Powering Partner Performance Through Channel Training” explores challenges in enabling channel partners and provides a number of solutions meant to increase the likelihood of a profitable partnership. Five common complications faced by channel partner network managers, and how to avoid them.

Zoom LMS – Web Conferencing in e-Learning just got Better


With organisations expanding, there arises a need when all their allies meet in a single, centralized and cost effective middlemost i.e. a meeting. Hence, the need for web meeting solutions… or so to say, the current Zoom LMS integration! With Zoom coming in the mix, you get unified cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and a software-based conference room solution into one user friendly platform. Additional solutions that complement Zoom LMS.

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The definitive checklist for selecting the right partner training LMS


Differentiated learning solutions. Pro tip: integrating with partner portals creates even more personalization for different audiences (say it with me: oooh, ahhh). Choose an LMS that offers customization features and give each partner their own portal that they can configure and personalize to suit their needs. Going so far as to find a solution with AI (wink wink) helps even further by providing content suggestions based on user behavior and interests.

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SCORM Cloud vs Learning Management System comparison


Inside an LMS the user experience is greatly increased, this is due not only to a high degree of personalization for administrators and users but also to the intuitive design and artificial intelligence features that LMS platforms use to deliver programs of virtual education much more intuitive, effective and successful incomes. Portal: Company Intranet, Portal even your website all integrated with Paradiso LMS. Secure and easy shopping cart experience.

How to Proctor Exams and Courses on LearnDash to Prevent Cheating

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Naturally, skeptics of online learning methods argue that online tests can’t possibly be effective. If you have a LearnDash LMS , there are so many ways to secure your online exams. You can have custom proctoring solutions built right into your LMS or make a few tweaks to your test creation methods. Throw in a couple of technology-backed solutions and you’ll even have your most creative students beat. And then talk about different solutions for them.

Don’t Be a Prisoner of Onsite Training


Challenge: Setting up an inspirational online training portal sufficient for Prison Wardens while ensuring it possible for them to access training at all times and at their convenience. Gain: Effective learning portal that allows students to access training at their own pace and convenience. Reporting and security issues. These six e-learning courses were then set up into the eloomi learning solution to be accessed by the students anywhere, anytime.

Webinar Recap: Constellation Research, Check Point Software Technologies and CloudShare Discuss New Business Acceleration Cloud


As a result, companies now must move faster to compete, be more effective and efficient, and require intelligent, agile methods to scale and maximize growth. He also detailed why they chose CloudShare and its link to a powerful demo portal that Check Point Software Technologies created.

5 Employee Training Management Software that You Must Consider


Not only are you burdened with the responsibility of creating a training program with measurable goals, but also make it effective and efficient because as they say, in a corporate environment, every hour counts. To shore up against these non-productive hours and to deliver effective training , many enterprises are switching to Employee Training Software. This solution combines a powerful LMS—SAP Litmos Training—with a robust course library—SAP Litmos Training Content.

8 Best LMS Options to Enable Online Course Creation for your Employees

Hurix Digital

It allows you to create your eLearning portal within no time and build interactive online training courses with minimal effort. TalentLMS helps you create a better learning portal with a homepage to highlight offers and key messages. Effective Collaboration.

Remote working? Why an authoring tool to create e-learning courses is the best choice for your company


Although online training is now a reality, it’s not always easy for companies to develop e-learning content and share it effectively among their audience, let alone achieve a high rate of completion. Analyzes the feasibility of the different solutions.

5 Top IT-enabled business trends that are affecting Corporate Learning


But today, all forward thinking organizations are open to harnessing the immense potential of social media platforms to increase the effectiveness of their learning solutions. For instance, we developed a learning portal that allows learners of a soft-skills training company access to short learning modules on the device of their choice. This trend is especially beneficial when procuring software solutions or IT infrastructure – including e-learning platforms.

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GDPR: Docebo is ready – are you?


It builds on the 1995 Directive’s requirements for data privacy and security, but includes a number of new provisions that bolster the rights of data subjects (users/citizens) and makes penalties for violations more severe. GDPR applies not only to organizations that operate within the EU, but will also affect companies that undertake “real and effective” business activity there. Process for regularly testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of TOMs.

The 9-Point Checklist for Monthly WordPress Maintenance

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Or worse, you could lose your website to hackers or some other security breaches. 2 Scan your website for security breaches . WordPress security is a serious concern and should not be taken lightly. Ideally, security monitoring should be a daily maintenance activity. Why should you continuously monitor website security: Being an open-source platform, WordPress provides website owners an opportunity to add new features through plugins.