Learning Thursday #6: Track Classroom Attendance Using a Scan Gun (Includes Video)

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Some learning technology platforms provide QR codes that a learner can scan to receive credit for completing a course. Having learners scan a QR code is probably the most efficient way of marking course completion because the learner is able to do it themselves.

Applying Usability Techniques to eLearning Documents

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What usability techniques could improve the effectiveness of online support documents? Scan pages? The answers to these questions will help you to determine visual cues to use to guide learners to scan for information, such as: o Meaningful link labeling. Is the document easy to scan to find needed information or do learners have to scroll through much information to find it? Instructional Design Usability scan online document link labeling eLearning call center

Developing An Effective Mobile Learning Strategy Via Robust Learning Management Systems


For instance, a worker can scan the QR code on his mobile phone to pull up information about a specific equipment. Changing employee demographics and shrinking markets, are driving the need to train the modern workforce whenever and wherever needed.

Effective Interface Designs for eLearning

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Eye Scan Friendly Layout : When you look at eye tracking research, you’ll notice the gaze naturally travels from left to right, and down towards the center. Caitlin is a graduate of the University of Florida, where she focused on the effect of viral and social media in online learning.

8 Effective Scenario Ideas for Instructional Designers

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Elements of Effective Scenarios. Here are some elements that designers should consider when creating effective scenarios: involves mentally processing and connecting the content presented to the question/task. Here is more research done about the effectiveness of scenarios.).

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7 Innovative Ideas to Enhance Workforce Effectiveness


We’d advise you to say no to meetings simply, but unfortunately, they are one of the most effective ways of getting things done at work. Get an MRI scan, mixed dementia test and know what has been going in your head!

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How To Create Engaging eLearning: 10 Highly Effective Strategies For eLearning Professionals


In this article, I’ll share 10 effective strategies to follow in order to create eLearning courses that highly interest, motivate, and engage your learners, no matter who they are. #1

Effective Training Visuals—Reduce Realism


This is the third in a series of blog posts intended to help you evaluate elearning courses by considering the effectiveness of the visuals they include. The silhouetted human figure, gears, and mangled arm convey this hazard effectively.

Grammar Check for Effective E-Learning

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A recent study has found that 79% of people reading online merely scan or skim through the content and only 16% read every word. Through proofreading and grammar checks, we can address content sloppiness and errors and create simple, effective, and impactful e-learning content.

Guest Post: 5 Effective Ways of Maximizing Mobile Tech In Learning Pursuits

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They can also scan textbook barcodes with their phones to find the best available online deals. This will will start off with a guest post form Jenni Birch who writes about apps, computer art, music and the latest developments in technology.

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Effective Corporate Training: Microlearning Is the Key

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A custom design helps transform a series of slides with information into an effective way for learners to assimilate and retain pertinent information. Title: Tip 2: Favor a custom design based on ‘scan path’. Then, sequence the sections of text along the scan path.

Writing Effective eLearning Narration: Making It Easy to Read, Say, and Comprehend

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Commas allow the narrator to catch a breath, give the learner a visual checkpoint while they’re scanning the CC text, and keep the ideas small enough so that the learner can keep up with and understand the concepts as they’re being presented.

Effective Training Visuals—Directing the Eyes


This is the second in a series of blog posts intended to help you evaluate elearning courses by considering the effectiveness of the visuals they include. Consequences” sequence, and as our eyes scan to the right, we see that the sharp blade is an example of the “What?”

Videos in eLearning: A Snack Sized Solution

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The most effective videos show a person what to do or what not to do, especially surrounding topics such as customer service and sales. According to the website fortunelords.com, YouTube is the 3 rd most visited website in the world.

5 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in the Classroom


But Augmented Reality (AR) is a much more accessible technology that educators can begin to implement more effectively in the classroom. Marker-based uses: Marker-based AR applications are ones that can recognize or scan an object using the phone’s camera. For instance, they may scan a QR code, or they may identify features on a model or manikin. You could ask learners to scan objects to learn more information about them, or even have them input information themselves.

Learn a New Skill: Tips for More Effective Writing


Learning to write, let alone effectively, is a huge challenge for many professionals. Therefore, “I want to learn to write more effectively, and I want to improve my grammar.” gets a comma, but “I want to learn to write more effectively and improve my grammar.”

Incorporating Infographics in eLearning

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But what is the secret sauce to create effective eLearning courses? Infographics are one of the best visual tools to hook learner’s attention and convey message effectively. It will not enhance the effectiveness of eLearning course, but increases its visual appeal.

Realistic Graphics and Learning: What’s most effective?

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And if so, how much realism will be most effective? Surprisingly, a lot of research points to the opposite; realistic graphics are frequently not as effective as those with reduced realism. Post from: The eLearning Coach Realistic Graphics and Learning: What’s most effective?

Storytelling in Training


Scientists have seen this come alive in brain scans of learners. Employee Training Featured #storytelling #Training Effectiveness #Training StrategyStories have a way of sticking with us.

Storytelling in Training


Scientists have seen this come alive in brain scans of learners. Employee Training Featured #storytelling #Training Effectiveness #Training StrategyStories have a way of sticking with us.

Guide the Learner's Eye: Quick Tips (and Examples) for Effective eLearning

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But a simple, usable design—one that guides the eyes smoothly along the screen—would definitely make learning much more effective. Attention span is short and users don’t read but scan instead. Web designers use the “F-Layout” to allow online surfers to scan content naturally. The scanning begins with the horizontal movement in a page’s upper part. 4) Use a Visual Hierarchy to Communicate Information Effectively.

How Does Learning Management Systems Deliver Just-in-Time Learning For Corporate Training


Today, majority of organizations adopt effective learning strategies that are tailored to the customized needs of diversified audiences. Different practices that are followed by organizations to make JIT more effective are as follows: ? Design Effective Content.

What Does Being Strategic Look Like?

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In fact, my favorite quote is by futurist/author Joel Barker: “An effective leader is someone who you will choose to follow to a place you would not go by yourself.”. Being strategic is a critical attribute in an effective leader.

Digital (Learning) Readiness: A Call for L&D Action

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Employees need to get the necessary digital skills to survive and to remain effective. Digital Learning Readiness scan. We used international workshops, roundtables and conferences to gather expert input on this DLR-scan concept and adapted based on the feedback.

My blogging year in the rear-view mirror

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I invite you to scan the list below and catch up on any that you may have missed. Game-based learning on a shoestring – GBL can be surprisingly effective, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. As the year draws to a close, I like to reflect on my blog posts.

eLearning in the Age of Automation

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This conversation agitated one of my classmates so greatly that he loudly refused to participate, effectively kiboshing the class discussion. An algorithm might be able to determine if that mass on a scan is a tumor, but it can’t comfort you after a painful diagnosis.

The power of Digital Storytelling: A corporate learning perspective


Transition effects can be utilized to increase the visual impact. Multiple effects can be used to create drama within the digital story – all the while making sure that it does not overshadow the main focus – the story itself. Stories are a powerful way of communication.

How to Teach Distracted Learners

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Either way, it is your job as an instructor, to create effective eLearning content that will grasp the learners’ attention and allow them to successfully complete it. Online Training Software Tips and Tricks Effective eLearning eLearning Checklists

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Apply Design Thinking to Story-based eLearning - Tip #180

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Have you ever had an MRI or CT scan? Now imagine a child going through that same scan. The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh used to sedate children under 9 years when they came for an MRI scan. He realized that the scanning environment simply didn’t work for the young patients.

The First Ten Learning Thursday Articles!

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Is Constructivism an Effective Approach to Instructional Design? Track Classroom Attendance Using a Scan Gun. Last December, I began publishing Learning Thursday articles every other week. The series covers both learning technology and general training topics. Past articles are listed below. Please comment if you have topic ideas, and follow me if you’d like to be notified of future posts. Mobile Technologies in Education. Project-Based Learning.

Take Learning to the Next Level

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L&D professionals know how important knowledge retention is, and there is viable data showing the effectiveness of learning through an engaging experience.

Performance Support In Our Daily Lives

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It’s also quite possible it has missed your attention even if you are using performance support tools to do everyday tasks more effectively and with less effort – probably with better results. Chances are you’ve noticed performance support has entered our daily lives.

3 Steps to Chunking Your Online Course

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Chunking is especially useful for material presented on the web because readers tend to scan for specific information on a web page rather than read the entire page. Online Training Software Tips and Tricks Content Design Effective eLearning eLearning Checklists

How to Teach Distracted Students

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Either way, it is your job as an instructor, to create effective eLearning content that will grasp the learners’ attention and allow them to successfully complete it. Online Training Software Tips and Tricks Effective eLearning eLearning Checklists

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Learning on a Screen – Some Facts


While many of us don’t think twice about this, there are studies out there that analyze the impact (and effectiveness) of the learner and content relationship. Online culture has taught people to scan and interpret – quickly.

Time Spent on Blogging

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Some quick thoughts - Scanning Activity Replaced I likely spend an average of 30-45 minutes per day reading/writing that is part of what I call "scanning" which is staying up to speed on what's going on. Blog reading and writing as part of scanning has been a replacement of other activities that I used to do - reading magazines and books. Scanning really becomes scanning. This is separate from scanning as described above.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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With the increasing trend towards mobile learning, is also an increasing speculation and awareness about how to make it more effective. When the worker scans the object in front of him, the app uses the device’s camera to ‘understand’ it.

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