Virtually there – VR AR World London

Rob Hubbard

and fighting off giant spiders The latter of these genuinely got my adrenalin going – intellectually I knew I was in Olympia, but my senses told me that with one wrong step I would plummet to my death or the giant spiders would scuttle up my trouser leg if I didn’t torch them.

Ambiguity and Emergence

ID Reflections

Should we cower in fear and scuttle into our shells, or venture forth courageously wearing the hat of a curious explorer? It's mostly the third-order effects that dismantle organizations. Neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity! Sigmund Freud Ambiguity leads to emergence!

Reducing Costs in Precarious Times

eLearning Weekly

I’ve recently taken several steps at work to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of our department’s offerings, and I thought it would be a good topic to discuss this week. Specifically, we are using WordPress , MediaWiki , and Scuttle. It’s no secret that we need to do more with less at work, given the financial mess the world is in.