Second Life Happenings: CEO Steps Down (again)

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Here is what he wrote on the Second Life blog. With the above cited article containing quotes like: Scott Diener, associate director for information-technology services at the University of Auckland, said his institution was “very likely to move out of Second Life.”

Think Virtual Worlds: Not Second Life

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Here is this Month's ASTD Big Question: Second Life Training? More specifically: In what situations, do you believe it makes sense to develop a learning experience that will be delivered within Second Life?

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Questions about Second Life

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Recently, I received a some really good questions related specifically to Second Life but primarily are about virtual worlds and the use of these worlds for education. 1) Kids use these “places” like Second Life, Facebook, etc.

Class Meeting in 3D World of Second Life

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Jumping into a virtual world can be a fun but scary and daunting place for first timers. To that end, last night, I threw students into the 3D virtual world of Second Life. The class accomplished its goal of pointing out some difficulties in virtual worlds.

Second Life Webinar-Today

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ID Stadium which is used for in-world presentations. So today I am going to discuss the basics of Second Life and how it can be used in educational settings effectively. Video showing the educational uses of Second Life created by students. Second Life Books.

A Few More Alternatives to Second Life

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With all the bad news in the virtual worlds space this week (read Not a Good Week for the Virtual World Space ), I wanted to point out that many healthy 3D virtual immersive environments still exist and more are coming on line daily. Here are three more virtual worlds to explore Blue Mars Hanging out in the visually rich Blue Mars Virtual Immersive Environment. Tags: virtual immersive environment

Using Virtual Worlds in the Conspiracy to Create an ah-ha Moment

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Yesterday, I had the privilege of touring a fascinating project in the 3D virtual immersive environment of Second Life. It is called The Virtual Worlds Story Project with the tag line "Weaving the Narrative Threads of Our Lives."

Virtual World Brainstorming Session

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One of the great things about what I do is getting to meet and work with really thoughtful and creative people and the other day, I got a chance to brainstorm with a group of great people on the topic of Virtual World Implementations. Tags: Second Life 3D worlds

Second Life again

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Found an interesting article about Second Life and other MMORPGs and their use for learning today. Several scholars have suggested that massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) such as Everquest and Second Life have educational potential, but we have little data about what happens when such tools are introduced in the classroom. The second course used the game Second Life to teach the fundamentals of video-game design and criticism.

Avoiding Virtual World Mistakes

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A group of avatars in a corporate virtual world wondering what is going on? Organizations seem to rush into virtual worlds with little planning or forethought and then wonder why their virtual world experience was a failure.

Teaching Higher Order Skills in a Virtual World

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Another question about virtual worlds and learning. abstraction; synthesis; evaluation; experimentation; reflection) in a virtual world? Virtual worlds are ideal for placing a learner into a problem solving situation.

OpenSim and virtual worlds

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Apart from my work here at Bromley Colleg with Moodle and all that that involves, some time ago, I think it must be about 7 or 8 years now, I discovered 3DML and started to do some developing with buidling 3D worlds or Spots as they were called back then.

I Have Seen the Future of Conferences.and it is 3D!

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Terrence Linden discussing the new Second Life browser at VWBPE conference. If you missed the Virtual Worlds' Best Practices in Education Conference , you missed not only a great conference with really good content and presentations, you missed a glimpse into the future of conferences.

Resources for Researching Virtual Worlds

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Recently, a number of individuals have inquired about resources for virtual world research. Journal of Virtual World Research --Great resource. This journal has freely available PDF articles describing the vast amount of work being done in virtual worlds. Recently, the journal featured a number of articles on using virtual worlds in the field of Healthcare. Tags: virtual immersive environment 3D Book 3D worlds

Learning, KM vs. SM, Information, Web 2.0, and Second Life

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Web 2.0 - More Effective for Formal Learning Than For Informal Learning - The Pursuing Performance Blog. Second Life's Second Wind -Forbes. But Mark Kingdon, Linden Lab's new chief executive argues that Second Life has some life in it yet.

More Advantages of 3D Learning Worlds

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Here are some more advantages of 3D worlds for learning: The first is that these worlds allow the learner to explore places he or she could not visit in the physical world. Virtual worlds make the inaccessible assessable.

Implementing Learning Interactions Using 3D Metaphors and Ideas from Virtual Worlds

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

In this post, I present some thoughts on how to effectively use 3D metaphors and virtual worlds to enrich content presentation with little effort. Virtual World Ideas for Content Delivery Have you played with Second Life? This software creates a world around you, where you live a life of your choice, make your decisions, explore what is around and just be part of a whole different experience.

Online, en masse

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Photo by William White on unsplash Still other virtual clans are emerging from the cultures surrounding online leisure activities such as massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), strategy games and transnational special interest groups that meet en masse, online.

Designing a Virtual Immersive Environment for Learning? Some Considerations.

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Here are a few considerations when thinking about developing a virtual learning environment in a 3D world. Virtual blending. This decision will influence much of your design and building of the in-world environment. Tags: Second Life 3D worlds

Learning in 3D Summer 2009: Class One

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Recently, we had our first summer class of the course "Learning in 3D," the class focuses on how to create 3D learning spaces and how to use those spaces effectively to promote learning and to leverage the wonderful attributes of 3D. Tags: Second Life 3D worlds

As virtual environments merge

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The arrival of shared media in Second Life, has meant among other things, that I can now give access to our vle and all its facilities to students from inside the virtual world.

Learn to Drive Safely–Leveraging a Virtual World for Immersive Driver’s Ed

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There are many creative ways to leverage virtual world platforms from conducting job interviews over a distance to conducting training on critical incidents to machinima to teaching new military recruits.

Imagined worlds

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One of the new skills that teachers will need to master in the future will be the ability to manage virtual learning spaces. Such imagined worlds can also be very flexible, in that they represent spaces where the student is not constrained by the traditional boundaries of space and place.

3D Virtual Immersive Environment: Conceptual Orienteering

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The learner can then get behind the wheel of a virtual car and see and feel the effects of trying to drive while "drunk." For example, there is a location in Second Life that shows what the world looks like from the view of a schizophrenic.

Class Meeting in 3D World of VirtualU

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Virtual immersive environments come in all shapes and sizes even though many people tend to only think of Second Life when they think of virtual worlds. Then we began our tour of the virtual world. Checking out the virtual exhibit hall.

Immersive learning environments – a great example

The E-Learning Curve

As it's the first anniversary of the Lehman Brothers' collapse, I've been considering writing a post on the economic "anarchy.loosed upon the world" and it's impact on the Learning & Development industry as a follow-up to my 2008 post Recession and the challenge to e-learning.

Anders Gronstedt Discusses How to Lead Learning Sessions in Virtual Worlds

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The other day, I was speaking with virtual world learning expert Anders Gronstedt about teaching in a 3D virtual immersive environment. For those of you who don’t know, Anders Gronstedt ( is president of the Gronstedt Group , which custom develops immersive learning programs for Fortune 500 clients, and host of “Train for Success,” a weekly Second Life speaking series that has been ongoing for several years.

En masse, online

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One very popular online role-playing game, World of Warcraft , has millions of adherents who compete seriously on a regular basis in guilds with strangers they become very familiar with but never meet face to face.

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Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Attending an ISTE Meeting in SL

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Last night I attended my first meeting in Second Life. The diverse group is trying to work toward determining the best ways of teaching within a virtual world. It was sponsored by the International Society for Technology in Education better known as ISTE.

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Fourth Summer 2012 Learning in 3D Class

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We built models of the 3D learning process in the virtual world of Second Life under the careful watch of our host, Stylianos Mystakidis, it was great to have him help conduct the class and provide the students with an interactive exercise that included all four Macrostructures.

En masse, online

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One very popular online role-playing game, World of Warcraft , has millions of adherents who compete seriously on a regular basis in guilds with strangers they become very familiar with but never meet face to face. avatar cyberculture MMORPG MUVE Second Life virtual clan World of Warcraft

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Effective Web Conferences – 41 Resources

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I wanted to follow-up 19 Tips for Effective Online Conferences with some additional resources that relate to this topic. World Cafe’s online ? Liveblogging an Online Conference - Experiencing eLearning , April 17, 2008 Wendy Wickham asked a good question in the comments on TCC08: Second Life: Teaching Tips from the Virtual Frontier: Christy - are you using 2 computers (one for blogging, one for the conference ), or just one?

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Philadelphia ASTD Meeting Lot of Fun

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The planning for the meeting started some time ago and the innovative learning in 3D folks practiced what we preached and had our planning meetings in 3D virtual spaces. Greater Philadelphia ASTD members learn about 3D collaboration and learning in virtual worlds.

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The Rise and Fall of 3D Learning – Lessons from Real Implementations

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On being asked to write a blog post on my experience with virtual learning, our near obsessive interest, few years ago, with Virtual worlds and 3D Learning comes to mind. Effective Learning 3D Learning Learning Lessons Learned Simulations Virtual Learning

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A Conversation with Andrew Hughes

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Working in the space of 3D virtual immersive environments (VIE) is a small, but dedicated group of people who are creating some really wonderful and powerful learning. The other day I had a chance to virtually catch up with Andrew Hughes who is the president of Designing Digitally, Inc.

We are not lost

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It's a converted planetarium, which among other things, is now used to research some of the principles of virtual reality. VR headset versions are being used in a variety of learning contexts such as military training, but how effective are they?

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Brainstorming, Cognition, #lrnchat, and Innovative Thinking

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I really like his approach to provide an underlying rationale about why activities that follow the structure implicitly address our cognitive limitations and are highly effective at getting individuals to contribute to some emergent outcomes. Not only was she thinking of leveraging this for tech topics, but she was also thinking about leveraging new technologies, e.g., a Second Life Salon. Tags: design social virtual worlds