Explore TopClass LMS at ASI Europe Insight Day 2016

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The seminar will inform the ASI Europe Community about the latest product updates, how to use the products more effectively, and most importantly provide an opportunity to network with colleagues from the not-for-profit sector. TopClass LMS, the flexible way to integrate learning with iMIS.

4 Stages of Falling in Love with your LMS

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We were shown an impressive demo of TopClass working in sync with Personify and it had a professional look and feel that blew the competition away.”. Every aspect of the TopClass implementation has been flawless. TopClass has made our lives and our users lives much easier.”.

Podcast 22: Launching a Learning Portal – With DirectEmployers Association

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Or organizations that touch agencies like Homeland Security, Cybersecurity or the NSA. JEN: TopClass LMS is the learning management system we chose for DE Academy. WBT Systems makes TopClass, and they’ve been wonderful. TopClass has that capability.

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Unlock Your eLearning Differentiator & Iconic Advantage

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You want to provide assurance to your audience that what makes your online courses so effective and popular is still part of your recipe—your iconic advantage is still strong. You have to find a balance between old and new by taking advantage of innovation to make what you’re good at even better—a more cost-effective approach that involves less risk and, therefore, results in a lower failure rate.

Creating Connections: From Association Education to Employment

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These activities will also provide additional value to your learners and members, by helping them to make connections that could secure future employment.

10 Unconventional Ways to Get More Value from Your Association’s LMS

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Now you can make orientation even more enjoyable and effective by moving it to your LMS. You can prevent this associate member churn by teaching them how to develop relationships and business effectively. Design targeted orientation content for associate members that covers topics such as effective networking, relationship-building, and association marketing opportunities. 3 – Provide more effective employee onboarding.