(VIDEO) Juliette Denny’s Gamification Seminar at Learning Technologies 2016

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She took full advantage of the opportunity and delivered a seminar titled ‘Gamification: Your Secret Weapon Against Zombie Learners’. This session proved so engaging that delegates voted it as the most appealing seminar of the whole exhibition! How to use gamification effectively.

A Tale of Two Seminars: FUN Compliance Training and Virtually Real Conversations

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If the company sees no educational merit in employees learning the information, then checking the box can be the most cost effective way to go about things. The post A Tale of Two Seminars: FUN Compliance Training and Virtually Real Conversations appeared first on ThinkingKap.

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LIVE BLOG - Craig Weiss 'eLearning 2020' Seminar

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Live updates throughout the day from Craig Weiss' 'eLearning 2020' Seminar at The Kia Oval. Companies think buying an authoring tool means they can create good eLearning but the skill is in creating that learning to be as effective as possible not the actual basic creation of a course. As gaming get more effective will be really exciting. CW constantly provide stats that online learning more effective - changing way universities are thinking about learning.

Best Practices for Effective Online Course Development

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What are the instructional design planning practices, and how should course creators go about putting them in effect? Knowing what ticks for certain set of people can help you go a long way in effectively designing an online course. People study for many reasons.

How Social Media is Effective for E-Learning

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Since classes are held online, it saves you the time to get to commute or drive to classes, trainings, and seminars. Twitter is an effective tool to get feedback from.

How to build an effective online course

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Easy to find information on how to build an effective online course (aka as WBT). courses well or effectively. A course standard does a lot of things, but it is not a factor in terms of you either building a linear course (which is awful) or non-linear (which is why WBT is so effective over ILT). . Uh, not my awful Algebra teacher, but the hierarchy to building an effective online course. Think of attending a seminar. I thought it would be easy.

How To Create An Effective Registration Form For Your Training Event


Whether you're launching a brand-new workshop or running a well-established seminar or training series, an effective registration form can make all the difference when it comes to the number of sign-ups you get.

Make eLearning Effective with these Top Mobile Learning Platforms 

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From educational institutions to enterprises – every organization is making use of mobile learning platforms to make learning fun and effective. The TalentLMS mobile app is highly effective in designing and deploying courses.

Make eLearning Effective with these Top Mobile Learning Platforms 

Hurix Digital

From educational institutions to enterprises – every organization is making use of mobile learning platforms to make learning fun and effective. TalentLMS offers a highly configurable mobile learning platform that allows course organizers to conduct online seminars and training programs.

Is using technology to facilitate in-house training effective?


It often comes in the form of externally-sourced sessions, where employees attend workshops and seminars offsite in order to gain additional knowledge thought to be of value to the company. The post Is using technology to facilitate in-house training effective?

Recommended Research: Constructivism & Learning Technology

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Last week, we had an awesome virtual class on how to implement an effective gamification strategy within a corporate learning environment! In class, we briefly touched on some learning theories and research related to constructivism and the effective use of technology, games and gamification within the overall learning environment. Here is the recording and slideshare.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Instructional Designers

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Stephen Covey is a well-known organizational consultant, perhaps especially well known for his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you can use that link to build a strong case that yields the resources you need, you get that all-around win - an engaging project for you, an effective learning experience for the learner, and the desired results for the client. By Shelley A. Gable.

Effective Web Conferences – 41 Resources

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I wanted to follow-up 19 Tips for Effective Online Conferences with some additional resources that relate to this topic. Raising the Bar on Online Event Practices - Full Circle , August 11, 2009 Alan Levine wrote a deliciously provocative post on last month that I’ve been meaning to comment upon, Five Ways to Run a Deadly Online Seminar.

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Corporate Training Choices Explained

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On-site Seminars by Consultant: This system generally is done for specialty job categories. On-site Seminars by Internal Staff: This method of training has been greatly employed by companies both large and small. Webinars : These are seminars conducted via a web browser. Seminars : These are high profile celebrity seminars. eLearning Featured Posts Learning & Development Training CBT certifications OJT seminars training systems webinars

6 Ways to Increase Your Sales Team's Effectiveness With LMS


Your sales professionals need to learn all they can about them to be able to sell effectively. Rather than being away at a seminar learning sales techniques during the day and checking out the town at night, your sales pros are in the office.

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Training Budget 101: How to effectively manage your training costs


Proper training has a positive effect on employee and customer retention, sales and overall profitability. Keep in mind that the most important item in effective cost management is understanding the cost-revenue structure of your business.

How to MOOC: Designing Effective MOOC Training Programs

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How do we design effective training programs for such an eclectic creature? As Bill Cushard over at Mindflash points out , MOOCs (unlike training seminars) are perfect for exploiting the “spacing effect,” in which people learn better when content is repeated over a long time rather than crammed into a short time. Not only will learning be more effective, but these groups will foster teamwork and cooperation.

Free Webinar: Successfully Implement Your Learning Management System (LMS)

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Work effectively with your LMS vendor to determine a timeline, set expectations, and get everything done on time. I’m doing a free virtual session on November 29 for anyone implementing a new learning management system! Content is based on my book LMS Success. Come join our awesome, always energetic audience. Register here: [link]. Here is the session description: Congratulations! You’ve selected the perfect Learning Management System. Now what?

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The hidden audience effect

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Held in Bradford's prestigious National Media Museum (more on this in a future post), the day was packed full of quick fire workshops, seminars and plenary presentations. What both projects have in common is their capitalisation on the 'hidden audience' effect.

5 Effective Ways Micro Content Can Boost your Mobile Learning Strategy

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How can you use micro content effectively in your mobile learning strategy? Maybe you’ve attended an all-day seminar on how to conduct effective job interviews, but when it comes time to conduct your first interview, you access a cheat sheet of effective questions on your phone.

Guild Summer Seminar Series 2008 - Learning in the 21st Century - August in Chicago

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

On a side note this seminar series will be 1 week before the 3rd anniversary of Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development. Mark Oehlert and I are gearing up for an outstanding 2 days of Collaborative Learning.

Task List for Your Learning Management System (LMS) Implementation

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Exploration of the benefits of xAPI, and how it can be effectively introduced. Discuss how to utilize assessments and surveys more effectively. Are they cost-effective? If you’d like to attend a free webinar on how to implement your LMS, join me tomorrow ! Quite a few of us hear the words “learning management system implementation” and run for the hills. It’s natural to be afraid of taking on a project that is totally outside of your normal, everyday function.

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How to Create More Effective & Engaging Training Content


So, wondering how to make training more effective in your business’ training program? Here, we’ll look at a few ways to make training more effective by improving your content. . The post How to Create More Effective & Engaging Training Content appeared first on Bigtincan

Just how effective is using technology to facilitate in-house training?


It often comes in the form of externally-sourced sessions, where employees attend workshops and seminars offsite in order to gain additional knowledge thought to be of value to the company. The post Just how effective is using technology to facilitate in-house training?

Why the Right Vocabulary Is Key to Effective Training


Imagine, for example, being a novice HR manager tasked with forming a training seminar at work. The future of learning, many have speculated, will almost certainly be less formal and structured and more about picking things up as you go.

It is All About Effective Employee Training Methods

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With so many techniques at their employ, choosing the best and most effective employee training methods can be quite a hard task. The following are among the most effective employee training methods. Video conferencing audio conferencing, web meetings and emails are among the commonly used forms of employee training method that are very effective when using multiple locations simultaneously. Classroom training is also very cost effective.

Effective Ways to Motivate Your Employees through Peer-Based Online Learning


The programs include seminars, team building sessions, continuous development of skills, and systematic feedback. This is a cost-effective training method. Peer-based learning is a highly effective method of gaining knowledge and skills. In 2011, researchers from DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois , explored the effects of online peer review on the progress students made. What’s the deal with peer-based learning?

Blending Webinars with Traditional Classroom Learning

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Webinars (term for web-based seminars, presentations, lectures or workshops) are an interesting and effective medium for knowledge transfer and learning. This post was originally written by Sunder Ramachandran on his blog Learning Experiments. Many thanks for sharing. Blended learning Webinars

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Audio in eLearning: When Rough Around the Edges is Better

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009 Audio in eLearning: When Rough Around the Edges is Better At our seminar today on using Articulate and Moodle and "Doing More for Less" , the conversation turned (as it always does) to using audio in eLearning. Well be hosting another seminar this week in Chicago on Thursday, June 11! More details on the Articulate/Moodle seminar. Hi Cammy, Can you post any resources you have gathered at these seminars that you attend.

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How to Turn Incremental Learning into Lifelong Learning


We take a course, we read a book, we attend a seminar, and at the end of it, we’ve learned something! We might attend a seminar, but we haven’t really learned it until it becomes something we use regularly on the job.

8 Reasons Your Company Should Prioritize Remote Learning


Remote Learning Is Cost-Effective. Compare this against the cost for, say, a team of 15 to attend the same in-person seminar, plus their travel time, per diem, and the productivity lost during those days they aren’t in the office.

Web Conferencing: Voices from the Underground

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Let’s see, I have a training seminar that needs to be presented to my five sites across the nation on Wednesday. Three of the sites will be able to attend, but one site who has 39 employees will only have 50% of them viewing from their cubicles, and the other site has only overnight staff, so I have to figure out how I can have them view the seminar… This is learning in 2010.

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Gamification Basics

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Gamification Strategies for Instructional Designers and Trainers skills seminar I led at the recent ASTD Chicagoland Chapter meeting at the DePaul University School for New Learning on September 18 th. I also used a game at the seminar session to drive home some main points.

How to Pitch Online Training to Senior Management


Why online training is an effective way to onboard new talent and grow leaders from within. Online training is very cost-effective compared to renting out conference space and hiring trainers to teach your employees in batches.

How To Use Social Learning To Boost Collaborative Learning


Asynchronous Form: via group discussion, forums, interaction, seminars, etc. They also have a direct effect on learners’ performance, which contributes to the ease of measuring results. Effective ways to use social learning to boost collaborative learning in the workplace.