Announcing easygenerator version 7.3


We are proud to announce that we have released version 7.3 This is the first version under 'my command'. I must say that I'm very happy with the result and very proud of the team that created this version. This version was build in three month time, within schedule and planned resources. And what does this version contain? It is a very simple tool but very effective. Version control. All version are always available through the version list.

The Snowball Effect: Documentation and Training for Global ERP Systems

Dashe & Thomson

The scribes were quickly succumbing to the flurry of documents, back and forth, seemingly endless versions in various states of completeness. These projects added two more languages to the document versions maintained by the scribes, but blessedly few SAP changes. With the addition of these countries, the scribes were managing up to 12 versions of each document with translation and screen shots. My client and I are fully encased in the Snowball Effect.

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7 Highly Effective Tips on Technical SEO

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In SEO parlance, it’s optimizing your website and server to enable search engine spiders to crawl and index your site more effectively. In mobile-friendly versions of the website, these structures act as better organizers if placed better on websites with deep structures. Your Ready Reckoner to Effective Technical Search Engine Optimization. The post 7 Highly Effective Tips on Technical SEO appeared first on Hurix Digital.

Effectus LMS For effective Employee Training Management and Tracking

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Let’s see how Effectus helps in managing your training effectively. versions and AICC and Tin Can compliant courses. Effectus LMS has excellent tracking capabilities, you can effectively track online and classroom training activities. The LMS server has a Global domain as a default feature. All users and courses you add to the LMS server are included automatically in this domain.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

When they’re set up within an effective authoring tool, you don’t need to attend to every. different version of your courses for the myriad. and is displayed in the most effective way possible. servers in the world Just like other sectors, L&D teams are increasingly.

:the aerogel-weight jQuery-compatible JavaScript

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Library jQuery File Download is a cross server platform compatible jQuery plugin that allows for an Ajax-like file download experience Different types of Document Ready functions typically used in jQuery and why you might choose one version over another as they have the same effect

Windows 7 End of Support is Here—3 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10


Considering the number of PCs worldwide still running Windows 7 or older versions—about 200 million or 1 in 5 PCs, according to estimates from ZDNet’s Ed Bott 2 —the conclusion of Windows 7 mainstream support should be cause for concern. Keeping up with the competition: Sticking with Windows 7 and sacrificing security and functionality creates a ripple effect. Ensuring the applications people rely on are compatible with the new version is critical.

5 Factors to Consider in eLearning Outsourcing

Tesseract Learning

The systems and servers of the company should be secure and all data and files that are transferred should be encrypted. Then, the alpha and beta versions of the course should also be reviewed thoroughly.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based LMS

Convergence Training

However, just in case you don’t, a learning management system (LMS), here’s the short version of the story: an LMS is software application you can use to manage and administer your training program. That’s the short version. Basically, it’s one or more computer servers out on the Internet. And in those cases, a software application such as an LMS plus all the data inside the LMS can be stored on that remote server that’s not on your network.

Monotonous to Fascinating: Changing Employee Training Module


We thought to build a software microservice architecture and over the course of time, we developed a platform kind of web version like Netflix, Amazon kind of approach. They had this concept of they were talking about this concept of mobile internet, so what we realize that lot of the calculation, a lot of the analytic which have been done on the server, doesn’t need to be done on the server so. That’s the hyper-speed version of the QuoDeck.

The 9-Point Checklist for Monthly WordPress Maintenance

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Sometimes, it could be a problem related to your hosting company’s server. Expert Advice: When you take a backup of all your content, you have the option to save it on the same server or on a remote server (such as your Drive or Dropbox). It’s always advisable to backup your site on remote servers, so in case something goes wrong on your server, your website can be rebuilt with ease. . Most breaches happen because of outdated software versions.

HTML5 and Flash: Two Ways to Create Interactivity in Mobile Learning

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Develop HTML5 versions of your most commonly used interactive elements, and then code your server-side course pages to first check the browser capability and decide whether to display the Flash version, the HTML5 version or simply an image file in place of the interactive element. Course developed interactivity only once, Raptivity takes care of building the two versions.

Introduction to PKM Workshop & FREE Webinar

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“PKM: A set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world & work more effectively.”. Harold Jarche is facilitating the next version of his very popular and successful online, social workshop throughout September, you can find out more about it and how to sign up here. PC-based attendees: Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server.

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Customer Training Pricing and Packaging Best Practices


For example: Users on a free trial need a reason to upgrade to the full version. Virtual labs are a cost-effective way to deliver online training to customers around the globe.

The 8 best SCORM authoring tools to watch for 2021


There are a few versions you can choose from when you’re exporting from SCORM content authoring tools. Want to find out more about the different versions of SCORM? They’re hosted on an external server. And all without version control, thanks to your master course.

Moodle VS Paradiso LMS: Who is Leading the Race


Educators can likewise look for documents from any of their courses facilitated by the equivalent Moodle server. . Competency-based Learning : Introduce the most effective and interactive learning programs with your employees to nurture their skills and engagement level. .

Moodle VS Paradiso LMS: Who is Leading the Race


Educators can likewise look for documents from any of their courses facilitated by the equivalent Moodle server. . Competency-based Learning : Introduce the most effective and interactive learning programs with your employees to nurture their skills and engagement level. Introduction.

Moodle VS Paradiso LMS: Who is Leading the Race


Educators can likewise look for documents from any of their courses facilitated by the equivalent Moodle server. . Competency-based Learning : Introduce the most effective and interactive learning programs with your employees to nurture their skills and engagement level. Introduction.

How to perfect your eLearning content distribution strategy

Rustici Software

From ensuring each client has the latest version of a course to manually enforcing licenses, the traditional eLearning content distribution process can be extremely burdensome. You manually send new versions of a course to each client who uses it and ask them to update it in their LMSs. If you release a new version a course, you send the new version to your client and ask them to update it in their LMS.

Podcast 26: How to Extend Learning Content Availability – With Troy Gorostiza

Talented Learning

When you offer training to external audiences – whether it’s free or you’re charging for access – the most up-to-date version of your content must be available at all times to all learners, wherever they choose to consume it. An automated process can handle versions and updates much more efficiently and effectively than a manual approach. So let’s say your content is located in your LMS on one server.



Users of Moodle LMS have the choice of installing their Moodle account on cloud or server. Moodle is free LMS and can used for in its vanilla version endlessly. Paradiso LMS is best of both the worlds & currently, is used by 1 million+ users and is known for easy to use UI and cost effective solution. Understanding Moodle versus Canvas.

AWS Sandbox: How to Set One Up Securely and Responsibly


These environments may also be referred to as test or development servers or working directories. 9 Metrics to Help You Build a More Effective Sales Engineering Team. However, to be truly effective and secure, AWS sandboxes should be configured properly.

Top Open-Source LMS in 2020 to enhance your learning experience


Among the things and factors of your business that should be taken into account are budget, the Return on investment, a platform cost-effective, the number of employees, the training and learning goals, etc. Learning Paths: You can build Learning Paths according to the students’ needs, and provide a more effective eLearning process. Users of Moodle LMS have the choice of installing their Moodle account on cloud or server.

Digital Badges for Educational Achievement

Web Courseworks

To effectively convey your badges’ value, position issuer and requirements information up front. BadgeKit is currently in private beta testing, so a version of the web app hosted by Mozilla is not publicly available. However, if your association has IT resources, you can download the source code and set up an instance of BadgeKit on your own server. Is Your Organization Ready? Learning today happens everywhere, not just in the classroom.

The best option for virtual training is to get an LMS for online courses


It won’t just simplify the process of creating effective online learning courses, but also ensures that those courses are easy to read and access for all users, no matter where they may be. The servers for our LMS uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as an application-level protocol that ensures the highest level of data security. The LMS platform by Paradiso Solutions has freemium, the free version of our Learning Management System.

Tech Tuesday: Translating mLevel Events to xAPI Statements


The other option is called Learning Locker which is an open source LRS which does require a server to host the LRS. Historically, this is the only type of reporting that a learning admin had looked for as it could provide them with the “check the box” answer for each employee rather than providing the level of depth that would allow them to grow and expand the learning programs to a point of maturity that would help effectiveness.

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What is eLearning?


This because it’s been around the longest and still is cost-effective as far as in-person learning goes. Jude adds that Amazon’s AWS expanded the ability to host and accelerate web development through its cloud servers.

Paid vs Free LMS: Which one do you need?


Then there’s the free version of a paid LMS. Courses, gamification, user groups and all sorts of other features that make your training effective will be just out of reach. These LMSs are usually hosted on the vendor’s servers, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Learning management systems have become a 30-something-billion-dollar market. They’re popular, and you’re not afraid of a good trend.

The 5 Types Of Cyber Attacks To Protect Against In 2018

Your Training Edge

Ransomware is, essentially, the digital version of kidnapping. A hacker manages to get a ransomware file onto your servers. When the user opens the file, the ransomware file is deployed, encrypting and locking specific, highly sensitive files on the user’s computer or your servers. The effects of a ransomware attack can be crippling. It’s every system administrator’s worst nightmare.

LMS Scalability: How to grow your online training platform without compromise?

Plume - e-learning & learning management systems

You may need to rebuild your hosting infrastructure or replace bloated plugins/modules with custom-built versions, but ultimately, it’s a small price to pay to give your learning management system the scalability and flexibility your business needs to grow. What is scalability?

Remote working? Why an authoring tool to create e-learning courses is the best choice for your company


Although online training is now a reality, it’s not always easy for companies to develop e-learning content and share it effectively among their audience, let alone achieve a high rate of completion.

Benefits of a Tin Can API Compliant Learning Management System


Tin Can xAPI, also known as Experience API, emerged as that solution, the ultimate panacea for assessing the effectiveness of the corporate training programs. This particular software specification has proved to be an improved version of its predecessor, SCORM. Also, the e-learning course can make use of the data which is sourced from different servers. Are you familiar with Tin Can API?

Does Your Team Need Sharepoint Training?

WalkMe Training Station

The collection of services offered includes the Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), and the Microsoft Search Server. It helps users store documents in a more effective format, while bringing an organization together so everyone receives the information they need to be successful in their role. Sharepoint offers collaboration , so is a more effective method for sharing information among staff.

How to select an e-Learning authoring tool

Challenge to Learn

You can come up with many requirements, but I found that it is much more effective to focus on no more than 5 to 10 really important ones. So the advantages of cloud based tools are: No installation, always the latest version of the software, ability to collaborate with others and they usually will work on any operating system. These tools need to be installed on your PC, you also have to install updates to get the later version.

The Case for Documentation

The Learning Dispatch

If people can only access the latest version on a document server that requires a separate login, which can only be submitted if they are using an active VPN connection… well, people are more likely to go from memory. And, as a bonus, you’ll be able to identify trouble spots and address them, making documentation more effective in the long run. Do you hate documentation? You have to create it, keep it up-to-date, use it, make sure that other people use it.