Toolkit: NexLearn SimWriter by Joe Ganci

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passive approaches are not effective. What is effective? This month’s review looks at SimWriter, one of the few tools that can help in this regard. In many cases, eLearning consists more of passive reading and watching than it does activity. And research suggests that. Well, scenarios and simulations are, and they need not be difficult to. create. Design & Development Tools Immersive Learning Training Strategies

Two Software Tools for Creating Simulations

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Here are two tools that can be used for creating effective and engaging simulations. SimWriter. Screen Capture from SimWriter simulation creation software. Let me know of other tools.

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Will Thalheimer, Subscription Learning: A Fundamentally Different Form of eLearning #LSCon

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Characteristics of subscription learning: Learners are subscribed or subscribe Many learning events Usually short Usually tech enabled Usually relies on push technology Usually utilizes the spacing effect Engaging any particular learning event may be optional Usually good to vary the types of events The Learning Landscape Learning (build understanding)> Remembering > On-the-job performance (apply what you''ve learned) > individual results/organizational results.

Top Tools for Developing Simulation Based E-learning Courses – Part 2

CommLab India

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some more Authoring tools that will help you to build effective and efficient software courses, offering learners the opportunity to practice in a low-risk environment. SimWriter.

E-learning Development Software that Add Zing to Simulations

CommLab India

The champions of corporate training advocate that learning is more effective if learners are given the opportunity to apply the skills they learn in their work. SimWriter.

Course Authoring Tools for eLearning Developers and the masses

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Tools these days come in three flavors. Geared toward e-learning developers and instructional designers. Geared towards the masses. A combination of both. Authoring Tools for developers.