SlideRocket is HOT!

Mark Oehlert

I find a lot of good stuff following Brent Schlenker's Twitter feed but SlideRocket goes a step further. Update: How SlideRocket Plans to Make MoneyThis is by far, the slickest Web 2.0

10 Tools and Services For Successful Business Presentations

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And the effectiveness of a business presentation is determined by its style, design, structure and overall attractiveness. To build effective and creative presentations, businesses need to know what will be most engaging and inspiring.

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20 tools for legacy learning

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Video is also very effective for storytelling, and one of my favourite things to watch on video is documentaries. Tools to look out for: Slideshare , Authorstream , Speakerdeck , Sliderocket. I'm not going to be around for ever, and neither are you.

43 Great eLearning Posts and 5 Hot Topics Including Google Buzz and iPad

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Emotions and Learning: Part II - The eLearning Coach , February 25, 2010 Over the past few decades, research has shown that emotions have an effect on many of the processes involved in learning. Top five tips for measuring the value of learning - Spicy Learning , February 24, 2010 Evaluating the effectiveness of a learning intervention is often where projects fall down - it can be hard to know how to prove a return on investment. Best of eLearning Learning.