How Can You Begin Building Video Animation on a Budget?


However, it is obvious that in order for a video to begin to perform all these functions and be an effective tool for your business, it must be of high quality. According to statistics , the ideal video length is from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.

5 keys for Section 508 Compliance and Web Accessibility

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Voiceover for vision disability accessibility: We recorded voiceover content to help explain complex conceptual issues and maintained transcripts of the audio to include on every related page in each course. 3) Provide a Transcript for Voiceover Audio.

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How to Optimise Video Content in Your E-Learning Courses


Video may not be the best option, however, with abstract concepts or if there are lots of numbers and statistics involved. Highly produced corporate-style videos are not as effective as those that learners can more easily relate to and that have a more personal feel.

Microsoft Word: Customize the Status Bar

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If you click it, it produces full statistics about the number of pages, words, characters, paragraphs, and lines.   Are you an eLearning developer who has been tasked with creating an effective voiceover script? If so, consider attending my Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts class. by Jennie Ruby.

Publishing Success with Digital First Publishing – Part 2

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Publishers have a number of entrepreneurial solutions to increase their effectiveness in the digital publishing environment. Voiceover technology and other features allow built-in accessibility. Through statistics provided by statista , we do know that in 2018 in the U.S.,

Writing & Grammar: Do I Italicize the Comma After an Italic Word?

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  The difference is statistically significant ( p < 05).     Are you an eLearning developer who has been tasked with creating an effective voiceover script? If so, consider attending Jennie's  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts class. by Jennie Ruby. "And do not underline the colon at the end of a heading."

9 Tips to Create Engaging Microlearning Content


Here are 9 tips to help you develop and implement effective microlearning content strategies for your organization: 1. Effective use of audio could just be the game changer. Cut down on unnecessary voiceovers. Reading Time: 4 minutes What is M icrolearning ?

Writing & Grammar: More and More Confusing Words

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The statistical analysis is interesting this week, as several words proved to be no challenge: everyone correctly answered  led ,  soundly  and  latest. Join her online and learn about  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts  and  eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts and Training Documents. by Jennie Ruby    Several respondents called these word-choice challenges fun, so let's do this one more time.

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How To Make Modern Video Courses Online with WordPress


Video is a highly effective way to communicate. Chris Badgett: Or, in a legal or government situation, that it’s definitely that we can, we have records and it’s in the statistics, and they physically cannot move forward until they watch the entire thing.

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


More specifically, it allows you to share photos and videos that are accompanied with cool special movement effects and music accompaniment. In this interactive environment, you can add short texts, images and photos, sounds, video and a range of special effects that are necessary to create an online multimedia presentation. It’s important to say that this data is available for editing and can be used in graphs, diagrams, or statistical analysis.