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However, with all that said, it proves that PowerPoint can be an effective graphics tool when building your rapid elearning courses. You could just use one of the default arrows, but you don’t get that swish. Then I edited the points to create more of a swish look.

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NextGen LMS Features (Now and Later)

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Some “swish”, others toss “bricks” (hoops reference). course; video streaming, video analytical data, ability to upload video from mobile devices, ability to retain any filters, special effects, etc. The way I see it, if you can get an app in the iTunes store that does video editing including effects for $2.99, a vendor should be able to build something decent in their LMS. Earlier this week I presented a webinar on LMSs of tomorrow.

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Corporate handwriting – why typography is important in e-learning.

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Serif fonts (or “Roman” fonts) are the ones with the swishes, and sans serif typefaces are the ones that don’t. lf business communication attains a greater degree of homogeneity, then the knock-on benefit for elearning is that instructional designers will be able to replicate the business “voice” of the client with greater success, maximising the effectiveness of their courses.

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And it would be ideal for just-in-time learning, if only it could be effectively searched. In this webcast, you’ll learn about: The design of a year-long program focused on building leadership effectiveness. Describe how to make a program effective.

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

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If we give people access to broadband, and they learn how to effectively use the new digital tools, how can we be sure they become digitally literate? A Deliberate and Effective PLE - Learnadoodledastic , September 17, 2010 Thinking about my own PLE in relation to the reading led me to developing my own PLE Model. Conversation was a more effective teacher than school. Best of eLearning Learning in September 2010.