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As a result, you will have a highly-effective tutorial that will enhance the quality of your online course. Thinking Cap. You can use Thinking Cap to manage large amounts of content, workflow, and team members. Guest post by Robert Morris.

Business Writing that Works: 3 Key Principles

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If you think that you would sound like a corporate professional by incorporating business jargons in your text, you’re sorely mistaken. Rephrase it to something like, “Click here (a link to your business) to know more about effectively managing your mystery shopping business!”.

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Brain Power: How to Engage Your e-Learners


It’s time to put on your thinking cap! In order for challenge to be an effective mode of engagement, you must make sure that your learners have all the necessary skills to succeed.

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I would hope they would think about their attendees more than the revenue. . Consumer goods are to follow, after all, if consumers are not going out and buying (and cutting interest rates to zero, wouldn’t be a factor to someone who is debating about going to the theater), then a ripple effect occurs. . In the association market, D2L (also on FindAnLMS) continues to lead the pack, but others including Thinking Cap are worth consideration.

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eLearning 24-7

Personally, I never understood this angle, after all, if you have some one running that department, and have the knowledge of effective or best types of training/learning, shouldn’t they be the decision maker? . of 2020 – and represent into 2021 (think of it as a special holiday treat). Thinking Cap – Has some very nice coaching capabilities, offers a wide set of features, UI is solid, UX is good. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Course Authoring Tools for eLearning Developers and the masses

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Thinking Worlds - offers a free version (lame) and a commercial version (better) – create sims and 3D games publish to iPad (have to purchase the TW Pro + iOS edition), very slick. Thinking Cap Studio - Vastly improved – offers features for the masses and the developers.