Creating eLearning Courses that Effectively Engage Learners

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Learner Engagement Moodle Features Totara Learn FeaturesIt's no secret that a primary concern for most educators is the design of the courses that they teach.

Totara for Finance Training: How Totara Learn Solves Online Learning Challenges in the Finance Industry

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That said, Totara Learn – a leading open enterprise training solution – offers the ideal functionality to effectively support professional education and employee training for companies in this complex industry. How Totara Learn Solves Finance Training Challenges.

Totara vs. LearnUpon cloud LMS – How to choose?


In an attempt to address this, Totara ,a commercial distribution of Moodle came into existence. Totara is an adaptation of Moodle code with the changes aimed at serving the corporate market. To repeat, Totara is a commercial distribution of Moodle. Totara.

Why Blended Learning is Effective

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It can also involve using a learning management system (like Moodle or Totara) to deliver a diverse range of teaching methods and resources to offer more effective learning. On October 29th, Lambda is hosting a webinar on the Top Moodle Plugins for Blended Learning Strategies.

Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

programs as “somewhat effective” or better. Totara, an open source LMS), provides structure. that it simply provides a scalable and cost- effective way to drive outcomes similar.

L&D in the Digital Age Through Innovative Technologies

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As technology continues to permeate our workplaces, new ways need to be explored when delivering effective training for global workforces. Totara Learn Features Increase Your LMS ROIWith the explosive growth in disruptive technologies, “digital” has been embraced as the way of life.

18 Must-Know LMS Training Topics for Effective eLearning

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In this post, we’ll discuss 18 must-know LMS training topics that help navigate open-source Moodle and Totara, in particular, and how you can learn them with eThink! Both Moodle and Totara Learn are used, supported, and funded by a large open-source community, from partners and developers to organizational LMS administrators and L&D managers. The post 18 Must-Know LMS Training Topics for Effective eLearning appeared first on eThink Education | Hosted Moodle & Totara LMS.

LMS Market Trends: Issues and Opportunities

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Recently, Lars Hyland , Chief Commercial Officer of Totara , asked me to discuss LMS trends as part of their ongoing, incredibly interesting “ Disruption Debate ” series for their blog.

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What is an LMS? The Basics of Learning Management Systems

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Additionally, they make learning more streamlined, organized, and cost-effective. Built off of the “Moodle core” code base, Totara Learn adds specific functionality tailored to meeting corporate learning needs. As such, Totara is the leading open enterprise solution in the market.

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Top Ten Tools for Learning 2014

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Almost all of that is helping clients use Moodle more effectively. The active community for this open source tool and the numerous free tutorials and resources are a huge benefit for me when I’m working in Moodle or Totara (a corporate version of Moodle).

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Living up to the Promise of eLearning: Closing the Learning-Doing Gap

programs as “somewhat effective” or better. Totara, an open source LMS), provides structure. that it simply provides a scalable and cost- effective way to drive outcomes similar.

6 Reasons Why Digital Learning is Essential for Your Organization

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Effective training designed specifically for your organization can provide your employees with the knowledge and skills to successfully perform their duties and reach strategic business goals.

3 Ways to Use Video in Moodle

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Video is one of the most effective ways to keep students engaged and interested in the learning material, and can be used to provide students with lectures they missed, or to deliver learning videos (Eg. There are numerous ways to use video in your Moodle or Totara courses.

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Best of Learning Tech 2019: Moodle Workplace, Certified Partner in the UK & New Product Offerings

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eThink Education attended Learning Technologies 2019 in London last week alongside Moodle HQ & Totara HQ. On the heels of another record year and eThink being named Totara’s Global Partner of the Year , we’re keeping up the momentum by becoming a Certified Moodle Partner in the UK !

Social Learning – A Transformational Shift in Workplace Learning

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In this blog post, let’s look at the positive side and see how social media is being used effectively to deploy learning in the workplace. Solutions like ‘Totara Social’ are built into the ‘Totara Learn’ platform and improve the learning experience to a great degree.

HT2 Labs and eThink Education Partner to Bring Next-Generation Learning Software to the Workplace

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eThink Education provides fully-managed solutions for open-source Moodle and Totara Learning Management Systems (LMS) including cloud hosting, implementation, integration, consultation, and management services. We’re also looking forward to collaborating together on exciting, deep integrations with eThink’s existing software solutions, including Moodle and Totara.” eThink Education is excited to announce a partnership with award-winning software firm HT2 Labs.

Heading towards high performance

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This article was initially published on the Totara website on 4th January 2017. In this post, Totara Learning's Chief Commercial Officer Lars Hyland speaks to Charles Jennings. Charles believes that the 70:20:10 model is an effective way to ensure that this happens. “I

Learning at Large Ep4: Decentralizing L&D to support a successful learning culture


In this episode, I talk to Lars Hyland , Chief Learning Officer at Totara Learning. Simon: Lars, to get started, can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your role at Totara Learning? . So, I’m the Chief Learning Officer at Totara.

What is the Moodle Educator Certification Program and Why Should You Attend?

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The first MEC offering available through the eThink Academy is the “Foundation Certificate”, where program participants will work through six different modules in order to demonstrate effectiveness with digital competencies using Moodle Tools. .

Learning Management Systems and Training: A Complete Guide


This is where an open source LMS, such as Moodle or Totara, can be a great choice, because with this comes a multitude of providers who can work with and further develop the system. Although an effective new employee training program will also need some physical presence, elearning is a great solution for providing flexible, consistent and modern training for new hires. One of the most cost-effective ways of training staff is through e-learning. Totara Learn LMS.

7 Tips for Creating a Successful Compliance Training Program

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GRC Solutions are leaders in Governance, Risk and Compliance training with proven experience in delivering effective programs with the latest technology for compliance culture.

Free L&D webinars for April 2019

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You’ll learn the practical skills needed to run role plays effectively. Effective role play provides insights, creating dramatic changes lasting long after the “show” is over, so roll up your sleeves and see how role play can make your next training a resounding success, with rave reviews and real results—no theatrical experience necessary. Beyond customer service training, everything from compliance to information security and more can have an effect.

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Free L&D webinars for May 2019

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You'll learn: How VR enables effective training and the myriad of VR use cases. In this webinar, we’ll review the new opportunities for effective learning interactions that Artificial Intelligence is creating for mobile. How to create an effective learning environment using technology.

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6 Steps to Writing Compelling Course Descriptions

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Competing amongst dozens, if not hundreds of similar online courses, you want something that effectively catches their interest, but still manages to clearly and concisely explain what the course is about.

Learning Technology Blogs: An Analyst’s Reading List

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Open source LMS Totara topped our list of 2016 learning industry thought leaders. The Totara blog is one reason why. In this post, he outlines the four characteristics that make robust knowledge networks effective.

eLearning Hacks: Ways to Increase Information Retention Among Learners

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This effectiveness and the variety of the learning experiences increase learner engagement, thus ultimately making the information easier to remember. The post eLearning Hacks: Ways to Increase Information Retention Among Learners appeared first on eThink Education | Hosted Moodle & Totara LMS. Today’s modern learner is constantly bombarded with information and at a rapid pace.

What Factors Are Shaping the LMS Market? 2018 Learning Systems FAQ

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Of course, no vendor can innovate effectively in all areas at once, so each chooses matters most in its niche. You can even monitor attention levels to measure effectiveness and continuously improve content quality. Develop effective pricing and marketing strategies.

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Should You Use an Employee LMS for Extended Enterprise Learning in 2019?

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Examples in this group include Cornerstone OnDemand , Docebo , Totara , PeopleFluent NetDimensions , Saba , SAP Litmos , Schoox , TalentLMS and UpsideLMS. These systems can effectively drive learning programs that target employees, customers, business partners or a combination of audiences.

Free L&D webinars for November 2018

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The learning science—the marriage of psychology and brain science—is clear: XR technologies have the potential to provide cheaper and more effective healthcare training than traditional approaches. A methodology to measure program effectiveness.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Designing Blended Online Courses

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It also proves to be the most effective one as it combines the best elements of traditional and online teaching. Cost-effective. This type of hybrid learning is effective but very rigid in many respects. This is a guest blog post by VEDAMO , a partner of eThink Education.

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

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Typically, groups tied closely to profit centers are considered essential to serve efficiently and effectively. What to include in an effective augmentation plan.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Corporate Extended Enterprise Systems

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Totara. In other words, NetExam helps channel organizations manage partners more effectively and tie partner education more directly to business operations. TOTARA. Totara used that foundation to reinvent the LMS from a corporate standpoint.

Selecting Your LMS

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Totara – This is the “PIMP MY MOODLE” version that comes at a price. One of the best systems for any company is Captivate Prime, which has a minimum of 10 trainees at a cost of $4, per month, this is really cost effective and comes ready setup to start your online training in around 90 minutes ( Check it out here ). Cost effective $4 per trainee per month. Selecting a Learning Management System (LMS).

#25 to #11 LMSs of 2012

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With its m-learning capability including on/off synch and rather solid UI, the product continues to be an effective solution. A great example of someone who doesn’t do a lot of advertising, is under the radar, inexpensive but still provides enough to be effective. 14 Totara LMS by Totara Learning Solutions. It is the holiday season and for those who see me as the grinch (okay a few vendors do, but I digress) here is a special post.

How Social Learning is Powering Up Today’s Workplaces


“ Learning would be exceedingly laborious, not to mention hazardous, if people had to rely solely on the effects of their own actions to inform them what to do. It also includes some interesting tips for using Facebook and Twitter effectively in formal programs. THE QUOTE.

Free L&D webinars for September 2018

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How open-source Moodle and Totara offer the flexibility, scale, and functionality to provide a scalable and interoperable learning platform. Looking to update their existing knowledge of the Moodle & Totara Learning Management Systems. Coaching questions for effective delegation.

Custom Learning Experiences: Next Commercial Training Trend?

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But we’re seeing an interesting side effect. Hoping for a more cost-effective solution, many commercial training decision makers are turning to open source. I may in fact be obsessed with learning technology.