LMS Selection Roulette: Who Can You Trust?

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You pay “annual support and maintenance” fees but continue to use an older version of LMS software because upgrade costs are prohibitive. So, who can you trust to point you in the right direction? The post LMS Selection Roulette: Who Can You Trust?

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Custom Effects in Advanced/Shared Actions

Adobe Captivate

Almost 8 years ago I posted this article on my personal blog: Editing Motion Paths and Using Custom Effects. . Since that time Effects have been improved a lot, advanced and shared actions can make life much easier. When do you need a custom effect? Intro.

Five Tips for Creating Effective Learning Videos

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As a result, the expectations for this type of content have risen and video creators are finding it more difficult than ever to ensure that their content is effective and engaging. Use zoom and pan effects to bring sections of your content into focus.

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3 Ways To Instantly Kill e-Learning Effectiveness


As Instructional Designers, we all want to make the best e-Learning modules possible, so we better get these three things right or our courses' effectiveness will spiral down the drain. If your course looks anything like powerpoint slides, you're courses' effectiveness has taken a blow.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

outcome with the most effective and efficient set. effective learning solution or curriculum. specifies the most effective and. project charter can be an effective tool to determine if content belongs. need to create multiple versions of. effective meetings.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Mindflash.com Version – Product Review

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I deck out the house with special effects, ghostly lights, the whole works. While this makes sense if the archive is an older version and you are updating it, it seems an extra step, if you pulled the course because of whatever reason and it wasn’t because there is a new version online. In the beta version of the product, Mindflash.com included T/F, yet for the final version removed it. I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite times of the year.

What can Hollywood teach you about making your Elearning AWESOME?

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Now with the proliferation of digital cinema and insanely capable special effects and CGI tools, filmmakers can create anything on screen with a robust computer and plenty of time and tech skills. No need to make a miniature version of Jabba the Hutt’s desert hovercraft anymore.

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How Employers Can Make Every Employee a Top Performer

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Build relationships on trust. Trust is the most solid of foundations on which to build relationships, which in turn are also the foundation of a successful work environment. When your employees do not trust their leaders, it is only a matter of time until the signs will be evident.

How Custom Software Development Can Help Your Company?

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By being the only business that uses specific software, your clients will have more trust in your business. The problem with off-the-shelf software is that one cannot innovate but just rely on updates of the new versions which are not entirely representing the business’ vision.

Introducing UpsideLMS V5.0 – Best Value LMS With Stunning GUI

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The release of the new UpsideLMS version – 5.0, The Marketing team has been on their toes, getting the collaterals and other launch activities ready; the Sales team is now itching to show it off to prospects after laying their eyes on the new version. The Trust.

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The Changing World of Work

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To be competitive, companies are shifting from a focus on “efficiency of process” to a focus on “effectiveness of outcomes.”. Leaders are developing adaptive organizations that depend on collaboration and trust.

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6 Considerations on how L&D should prepare for the New Skills Economy


Trusting people with their own development will lead to increased engagement and a lowered turnover. This, of course, means investing in the latest LMS versions, keeping up with the technology and tapping into the immense potential Augmented and Virtual Reality have for learning.

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Usability and Networks

Clark Quinn

The rationale for the switch is that I don’t completely trust Google and Apple with my data. I had used Safari over Chrome because I trust Apple a wee bit more, and Firefox was a bit slow. And Safari just released a version that stops videos from auto-starting. Now, I want to have an integrated experience across my devices, so I downloaded the Firefox versions for my iDevices as well. Network effects are true for people and for data.

Working Arm in Arm

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While AI has the capacity to transform work experiences for the better, it can also threaten the trust that underpins a healthy corporate culture and strong employee engagement. Outside of the technological expertise it requires, the biggest obstacle to successfully implementing AI is trust.

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Egg-cellent Team Building Challenge

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Since creating training is our core business and we all regularly watch our own videos, it’s hard to sneak in a team building challenge that is fun and effective without eliciting the expected groans, eye rolls and a bad karaoke version of Kumbaya.

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The 25 (+1) Most Important Skills for Small Business Employee Training [INFOGRAPHIC]


Here are the most popular and effective topics for learning and improving small business skills: Click here to see the full size version. Acceptable appearance can increase trust and customer satisfaction.

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What You Need For A Top Notch B2B Explainer Video


With video becoming an increasingly effective marketing strategy, it is imperative that your B2B campaign includes videos. For example, do you want to raise awareness (top funnel), build trust (mid funnel), or generate leads (end funnel)? As such, the video builds trust.

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7 Tips To Use Serious Games To Resolve Workplace Conflicts And Facilitate Team Building

EI Design

A world where a version of yourself can roleplay, practice skills or take a risk is a liberating prospect. To build serious games that facilitate conflict resolution, focus on the following elements: Build Trust. In conflict, trust has usually seriously broken down.

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Reseller program for UpsideLMS launched

Upside Learning

Following the recent release of UpsideLMS Version 4.0 The core of our alliance is driven by mutual benefit and the creation of a long term relationship, and it hinges on the principles of trust, transparency, and mutual respect. Free trial access, video tours and live demonstrations of UpsideLMS Version 4.0 Related posts: Presenting UpsideLMS Version 4.0 Seven Tips for an Easy and Effective LMS Switch Learning Management: What does a Training Company need an LMS for?

Online Course Evaluation Surveys: How to Get Feedback


Getting the email subject headline right means that you are setting up the scene effectively and your students immediately know what it is expected of them. Typeform’s free version offers an unlimited amount of surveys and questions but only up to 100 responses each time.

Explore TopClass LMS at ASI Europe Insight Day 2016

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The seminar will inform the ASI Europe Community about the latest product updates, how to use the products more effectively, and most importantly provide an opportunity to network with colleagues from the not-for-profit sector. Explore the new TopClass LMS version 10 at ASI Europe Insight Day!

Learning Myths

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In the same way, you’d probably be willing to agree that many professions and fields of study have their own version of urban myths that people new to the field–or even those who have studied, practiced, and worked in the field for a long time–believe even though there’s no evidence to back the idea up or in fact there’s evidence that disproves it. And it’s also not clear we can trust tests to categorize learners into different learning styles.

Putting Into Practice What We Preach

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In their seminal 1974 book “Theory in Practice: Increasing Professional Effectiveness,” Chris Argyris and Donald Schön define this relationship as “theories of action” comprised of two components: espoused theory and theory-in-use.

Do we really need narration?

Making Change

In one study , students who read silent text at their own pace finished more quickly and scored better on both retention and transfer tests than did students who used a narrated version of the materials. When should elearning be narrated?

Do we really need narration?

Making Change

In one study , students who read silent text at their own pace finished more quickly and scored better on both retention and transfer tests than did students who used a narrated version of the materials. When should elearning be narrated?

The science of using audio in e-learning

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One of the greatest advances since I was at university is Google, so I started by trying to answer three questions: Is e-learning with audio more effective than e-learning without audio? Are there certain types of audio that are more effective than others? I don’t think I can bridge these chasms by next week, but I trust that those attending eLN will take away some useful insights into how to use audio to enhance the quality of e-learning for learners everywhere.

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5 Simple Habits Bad Leaders Can’t Seem to Shake Off


While this can help, I’ve also found removing or changing habits can be just as effective. Here are five habits bad leaders can’t seem to shake that continually hold them back from becoming a more effective leader. Great teamwork and trust are built when leaders are quick to take the blame and deflect praise to their team. ” At the end of the day, the best leaders leverage their time effectively and continually invest in their education and development.

Wowing Your Learners

Innovative Learning Group

It had even more interactions than the original version. But having mutual trust and a valued relationship with my client, I was able to work openly with him to eliminate potential deficiencies in the training, creating an effective, engaging course that met all the objectives we set. I’ve had the pleasure of managing many memorable projects during my two and a half years at Innovative Learning Group (ILG). One thing I’ve always emphasized is the value of being consultative.

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Resolving Industry Compliance Challenges


Welcome back to work in this new year and a new opportunity to continue our journey to a paperless and more effective workplace. The Nvolve platform allows us to control all our procedures and with appropriate version control. Trusted by these organisations.

7 Signs You Have a Great Leader


They have built a bond of mutual trust. In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond. They know and live out a leadership principle from the Welder Leader Program : Elevating a team’s performance requires a bond of mutual trust. A version of this article originally appeared on Inc.com.

How a Time Management Worksheet Might Change Your Life

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Most people don’t know how to allocate their time effectively in the workplace. Here are some top advantages of using a time management worksheet at work: Meet Deadlines More Effectively. With a time management worksheet you can manage your workload as effectively as possible. Time management involves allocating time to complete tasks, so you can operate in the most effective way possible. Have you ever felt overwhelmed and lacked direction at work?

The Big Question - What I Learned About Learning in 2009

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It’s going to radically alter elearning and I must understand what we need do to continue delivering effective learning solutions. At Upside we built a version of our LMS that came with a whole range of social networking and content sharing tools built in.

Managers Must Pass Through These 4 Levels of Leadership to Be Successful


They immediately start working to create mini versions of themselves. He explained in a LinkedIn blog a few years ago, “The best way to earn respect, to earn trust, and to earn the right to lead others is to lead not by word but by example. When I know you truly believe what you say – because your actions support what you say–then I will start to trust you. A version of this article originally appeared on Inc.com.

Mentorship Programs in Online Courses Improves Learning & Training Outcomes


Today, the concept of mentorship has become central to effective learning. Effective learning in turn fosters the growth of great leaders, thinkers, and communicators who can be great assets to your company. Phase 1: Earn learners’ trust. Once trust is established through these initial steps, students will feel comfortable having the mentor as a point-of-contact between themselves and the instructor.

The #1 Habit for Successful Sales Teams: Advice from a Leader Who’s Been There


Because our brains throw up resistance to change, it’s more effective to ease yourself into a new behavior than to make big shifts abruptly. For example, if your reps prospect with cold or warm emails, try out various templates and track the response rates to see how well each version works.

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