Effective Communication Training- The Three Most Important Words


No wimpy stuff, here Attention —When you''re attempting to communicate, you need to ensure you have the other party''s attention. You know those jokes speakers start off with? That''s to get your attention. Intention —A speaker has to project themselves into the audience.

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The Case for Self-Paced Learning in the Workplace


Compared to a traditional learning situation in which students may read huge amounts of textbook pages in one sitting, microlearning may seem a little wimpy. Self-paced learning may be especially effective for companies desiring a faster rate of product adoption.

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The Case for eLearning in the Workplace


Compared to traditional learning, microlearning may seem a little wimpy. It can be quite cost-effective for companies searching for training solutions. Self-paced eLearning can be very effective.

How to get everyone to write like Ernest Hemingway

Making Change

But changing your style to get a higher score can also have a profound effect on how the reader feels about you. Use strong verbs instead of wimpy “is.” Probably everyone on your team agrees that elearning should be concise and lively.