Work Skills Keeping Up?

Tony Karrer

In New Work and New Work Skills , I discuss the fact that most of us have not participated in formal learning since college on foundational knowledge work skills - especially metacognitive skills. Most of us have strong skills in some areas and are much weaker in others simply due to the fact that we acquire our skills in completely ad hoc ways. Tilde Effect What epitomizes the situation for me is the Google ~ operator.

Develop Work Skills

Tony Karrer

I sent him a reply and asked for his thoughts on my post New Work. There are also several studies of knowledge worker practices that suggest that a lot of what is effective is quite personal. That said, I think there is a tendency to lean on the skills that we are good at and not use other approaches when they are called for. Certainly helping to make it a natural part of work-flow to capture information in a way that helps the individual and the organization is the key.


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New Work and New Work Skills

Clark Quinn

really was all about new work skills - skills we should be learning. Actually, it's also about the fact that there's not really new work as much as there is new work skills. Work Skills Changing Most of us who used to use these things know somewhat know that they really aren't in use anymore. In presentations, I often will cite this as an example of the kinds of changes in work skills that have occurred and are constantly occurring.

Looking for Effective Employee Training Strategies? Read This Now!


It is how employers sharpen the skills of their workforce so that the latter can fulfill their defined roles and responsibilities. Only effective training methods can translate into positive employee performance and a significant bottom-line. A collaborative learning environment where new employees can pick up hands-on work skills is always essential for any successful corporate training. It makes employee training more effective.

7 Types of Learning Styles to Know: How to Accommodate a Diverse Group of Learners


This learner needs to see information in order to process it and effectively acquire it. They are highly skilled at recognizing patterns and can identify connections with material that have no obvious relation to one another.

7 Ways A Supportive Online Training Culture Improves ROI


Effective online training is an ongoing effort. Employees must be able to hone skills and talents throughout their entire career, not just during the onboarding process. Your new hires must be effective brand advocates from day one. Employees are encouraged to use the online resources to improve their work practices and essential work skills. Fosters A Collaborative Work Environment. And this carries over the work environment.

ROI 159

Global HR Trends are Affecting Corporate Learning: It’s time that HR and Learning came closer!


The challenge is to find the right employees, with the appropriate skills required to do a job. While employees have required credentials, developing their skills is now a priority for most organizations through sustained training activities. The organization now focusses not only on acquiring, but also developing and retaining the best talent to create a pool of skilled employees who display the required standard of work.

Global 188

How Covid-19 changed sales & skills you need to crush your quota


If you’re a sales professional (or someone who needs sales skills at work) you know the limitations presented by the pandemic are practical in nature , striking to the core of how you work day-to-day. Sales skills and changes in numbers. Change #2: Work from home.

Sales 52

Enough Tools for Now

Tony Karrer

In Work Skills Keeping Up? , I discuss the Tilde Effect. Still I’ll stick with: The bottom line for the Tilde Effect is that we live in a time of incredible innovation that directly affect the methods we use to work and learn. Our work skills cannot sit still. There's a lot of discussion about 21st century skills to be taught in schools, but what about the rest of us?

Getting Help

Tony Karrer

My post New Work is about changes in work skills. One of the bigger changes in work skills have to do with getting help. Is there a more effective way to approach this kind of problem?

Help 100

Trick or Treat? Why Not Both? Celebrate Halloween to drive work performance and learning


Halloween is one of the most fun holidays out there and one of the best to celebrate at work. Bringing Halloween spirit into office work and learning is not just great fun. Brain-research suggests positive emotions are vital to effective learning. Instructional processes that elicit positive emotions have been shown to increase the likelihood of driving effective cognitive processing. . . .

Managing to Learn, Learning to Manage in the Knowledge Economy

The Performance Improvement Blog

In our new book, MINDS AT WORK: Managing for Success in The Knowledge Economy , David Grebow and I lay the foundation for companies to compete in the 21st century knowledge economy by focusing on the incredible potential of empowering and enabling people’s minds. In the knowledge economy, we are working with our mind to produce work, to transform data into information and then into useful knowledge. . Harness the power of employees’ minds!

How is mobile format of learning evolving?

Origin Learning

On average, 59% of workers in the US work 50 hours and more a week. Did you know that the workers rely on this smart gadget to boost productivity during their work week? use mobile for learning is a trend that is casting a magic spell – for one has to wait to see the effect of the trick. So much so that in a report, smartphone devices are now perceived as valuable assets to improve and enhance work productivity !

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Impact of informal learning: output learning #LCBQ

Challenge to Learn

You are being told that you have to do these kind of things, but the point is that you have to invest time and money into them to make it work. It only will be if it has an effect on the learners working skills, making them more effective and productive. The output of learning is not what you have learned, but how you can apply it in your everyday work.

Why Soft Skills Are Important in Your Organisation and How E-Learning Can Help – Part 1


Why Soft Skills Are Important in Your Organisation and How E-Learning Can Help – Part 1. It makes sense in business to place a lot of emphasis on ensuring your team has the technical and hard skills required to meet the expectations of your clients. What about soft skills, though? Soft skills are becoming more and more important to organisations in Dubai and across the world. What Are Soft Skills? Ability to effectively delegate. Collaborative working.

What to Look for In Online Manufacturing Training Courses

Convergence Training

If you’re looking to add some online manufacturing training at work, you’re going to need to take a few things into account. They’re made to work with a learning management system (LMS) , and that combination of elearning courses and LMS is just as good as peanut butter and chocolate, allowing you lots of additional powers like: Assigning. If you’re going to buy instructional materials, you want them to work.

ASTD Follow-Up

Tony Karrer

Last week at ASTD TechKnowledge , I did a keynote on Work Literacy and eLearning 2.0, Work Literacy eLearning 2.0 Fourth Grader Wikipedia Update New Work and New Work Skills Work Skills Keeping Up? Knowledge Work Framework Tilde Effect Concept Worker Knowledge Work Not Separate from Learning Tool Set 2009 Search Better Memory Network Learning Information Radar Remote Collaboration Common eLearning 2.0

ASTD 101

Prediction: Half of Fortune 500 CEOs will be women before 2030

CLO Magazine

The digital age will dehumanize the workplace by automating tens of millions of jobs, substantially reducing human headcount, while at the same time it will require organizations to become much more humanistic with a new way of working — one that will enable human beings to excel at the emotional, cognitive and behavioral capabilities that will add value in ways that the technology will not be able to do (at least for the near future). Digital-Age Skills.

Graphic Designers: Do You Need One on Your Learning Team?

The Learning Dispatch

And often the most effective images aren’t photos, but rather diagrams, sketches, or charts. This takes work, skill, and practice. Elearning Team Roles: Critical Skills for Learning Projects. The Importance of Having a Learning Development Graphic Designer. Do I need a graphic designer on my learning development team?

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Inspire and Lead With Interpersonal Communication


The best leaders know their message must work on two levels. This skill enables leaders to assess the climate in the room and adjust their message accordingly. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to change the message if it’s not working. How can you improve your interpersonal skills ? Allison Kay , a career coach, has these tips: Practice active listening skills during all conversations. However, effective communication is just one facet of great leadership.

Social Learning Experiences: Making Better Connections

Talented Learning

The more relevant, dynamic and useful your core content is, the more effective your social learning experiences and outcomes will be. For example, you could encourage participants to create “work out loud” journal entries, checklists or other related resources. What communication channels and tools fit into their flow of work? Putting the Pieces Together: How to Deliver Effective Integrated Learning Experiences. Why these solutions are so effective.

Podcast 24: DNA of High-Impact Learning – With Paul Morton of CrossKnowledge

Talented Learning

Our conversation left me wondering how these new findings are actually shaping workforce skills development. Increasingly, that includes skills development – yet many organizations still struggle to deliver high-impact learning. Rigorous new adult learning research offers a fresh perspective on what works, what doesn’t and why. . They think, “I need to know how or why this works.” We don’t work in organizations. We work in companies.

Learning Power Laws

Tony Karrer

Several of them I regularly talk about: Amara’s Law ( backstory ) states that " we tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run. " – I cite this in Work Skills Keeping Up? But over time it often has pretty incredible effects that sneak up on us. This has big impact on us as it forces us to think about being in the flow of where the work and learning will occur.

UpSkilling – Change the Mindset

eLearning 24-7

Regardless of the preferred term, your employees, your customers are likely working from home. How, then can we train them on new skills, if we cannot physically be present and as of important what skills do they need to know in the current business situation? Nearly “25 percent of workers reported that their skills were mismatched to the demands of their current job.” It takes 36 days to learn a new skill (IBM Institute for Business Value.

Better Memory

Tony Karrer

I'm only 43, but posts like New Work Skills are a bit of an eye opener that we were taught metacognition using note taking on paper, card catalogs, microfiche readers , rollodex, etc. The reality is that metacognitive techniques are changing rapidly - hence so are work skills. Better Memory Tools and Methods If you are experience more and more of your information electronically, it stands to reason that we need to be good at effectively using this as a better memory.

Team Building 101: 5 Tips for Building Successful Work Teams


Fortunately, there are several work team building strategies you can apply to keep your employees happy and productive. If those benefits sound worth cultivating, read on for five tips to building a successful work team. While communicating effectively on work-related matters is vital to a team’s success, the ability to maintain a casual conversation about other topics indicates that a team gets along well. Practice Work Skills through Play.

Enhance employee performance by keeping them engaged

Designing Digitally

But, the most effective solution is often the simplest one. Practicing what you preach is a very effective employee engagement strategy. If organizations hire for cultural fit more than skills, the employees will have the right attitude and be engaged in their work. Skills can be taught, attitude needs to be ingrained. Making work fun is a great recipe for engaging the employees. Disengaged employees are a burden on the economy. The U.S.

Distance Learning and the LMS: Advice From a Higher Education Expert

Talented Learning

Getting any one of these elements right is challenging enough, but ensuring that they work together in a complementary way requires a deep ongoing commitment. A modern, robust LMS is important from a pedagogical perspective, as well as for effective student/faculty communication. This empowers students to learn more efficiently and effectively, which in turn improves their level of comfort, engagement and satisfaction. Why these solutions are so effective.

Learned about Learning in 2009

Tony Karrer

It’s always fun at the end of the year to go back and take a look at what you’ve been working on, what you’ve learned during the year. In June 2008, Work Literacy Launched. I’m convinced that we are all struggling to have our Work Skills Keep Up. When I look at my particular skills, methods and tools for 2009 and compare them to 2008, I would say that it’s mostly a question of degree of use and certainly my use of Twitter has grown. Work Event?

PWLE 106

Work Literacy Skills - New Workshop

Tony Karrer

Harold Jarche, Michele Martin and I are pleased to announce a new workshop offering that relates to the recent posts on Tool Set 2009 and to the issues of Work Literacy. Work Literacy Skills Workshop Was the last formal training you had on knowledge work skills the use of a card catalog and microfiche reader? We are left trying to figure out where all these new tools fit in our day-to-day work life and our professional life.

Skills 100

6 Ingenious Ways To Refresh Compliance Knowledge In Online Training


It often covers things like safety, quality control, and relevant work skills. But they leave their knowledge in the testing room and never apply it in their day-to-day work. A quick video or interactive game works well. Contextual training is the most effective kind. One of the most effective ways to remember something is by teaching it. They must use all their skills to solve the problem or figure out who committed the “grievous compliance crime”.

15 Tips for Successful LMS Implementation


With effective and clear reporting and tracking, you will not be able to provide constructive feedback and ensure compliance from all team members. All of the above requires narrowed objectives – start broad and work your way down. This is part of a larger strategy that needs to focus on equipping your staff with new work skills, maintaining skills and providing routes of growth.

15 Tips for Successful LMS Implementation


With effective and clear reporting and tracking, you will not be able to provide constructive feedback and ensure compliance from all team members. All of the above requires narrowed objectives – start broad and work your way down. This is part of a larger strategy that needs to focus on equipping your staff with new work skills, maintaining skills and providing routes of growth.

Remote Collaboration

Tony Karrer

My primary interest here are the methods and tools that allow us to work better as part of remote work teams. In other words - How do we collaborate together in remote work teams to be as effective or even more effective than a team that works down the hall? I cannot claim to be an expert, and I feel like this topic demands a lot of soft skills such as communication skills, team skills, handling cultural and work style issues, etc.


Tony Karrer

Within this context, metalearning depends on the learner’s conceptions of learning, epistemological beliefs, learning processes and academic skills, summarized here as a learning approach. A student who has a high level of metalearning awareness is able to assess the effectiveness of her/his learning approach and regulate it according to the demands of the learning task. Where work and learning are not separate, metalearning is really the focus of performance improvement.

10 Must-Read Articles About Blended Learning


Although some experts claim that we all use blended learning and don’t even know it, we surely can do it better and more effectively. 5 reasons why blended learning works Okay so we know what blended learning is but if we want to get a deeper understanding of this subject, we should ask why it actually works? Asynchronous and synchronous learning mixed together? Brick and mortar school structure and online delivered content at once? That’s blended learning.

Podcast 16: Integrated Learning Experiences – With Paul Morton of CrossKnowledge

Talented Learning

An effective learning experience reaches individuals on their terms and influences their behavior in specific ways. Starting as a face-to-face trainer, I learned how effective it can be to have a good conversation in a class of eight people. And over the years, working on so many projects with such a wide range of companies, I found it all comes down to one question – how can you scale? And it never really worked. They need to improve their skills.

Pick of the Month:12 resources from March

Jane Hart

CLOs who embrace this challenge of integrating learning into work face enormous job enrichment. 3 - Net Work Skills , Harold Jarche, 12 March 2012. Spreitzer and Porath broke thriving into two main components: Vitality – the sense of being alive, passionate, and excited; and Learning – gaining new knowledge, skills, and status as an expert. There were lots of great resources made available in March, that I shared on Twitter and in my Pick of the Day.

Study: Firms Must Tap Worker Passion to Address Competitive Pressures

CLO Magazine

The effect of mounting competitive pressure is visible in the downward trend in Return on Assets, or ROA. The data suggests that the typical corporate response of reducing costs and squeezing more productivity out of the remaining workers by making them work harder is not a long-term solution to competitive pressures. Recruiting wars have typically focused on finding particular skills, but Deloitte uncovered that the typical modern work skill becomes outdated within five years.

Study 44

8 Unexpected Ways To Use Microlearning Online Training Activities


Microlearning improves knowledge retention and gives employees the ability to brush up on skills whenever it’s most convenient. They also allow them to build essential work skills and continually improve their performance. They can immerse themselves in the situation and observe skills in action. Skill-Based Online Training Simulations To Impart Real-World Experience. As such, they are able to build practical skills and test out different strategies.