Team Building 101: 5 Tips for Building Successful Work Teams


Did you know the performance of your star employees might be dependent on their team? A Harvard study found that the highest-performing surgeons only performed at their best when supported by a familiar and trusted team. Ensuring that you have cohesive teams in place then, is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are several work team building strategies you can apply to keep your employees happy and productive. Practice Work Skills through Play.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Training and Development

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In a perfect world, the effectiveness of employee training and development programs would be measured by a simple formula which would give us the Return on Investment, or ROI. Measuring effectiveness of training still needs to be done, but it’s time we had a fresh look at how we go about it. The business goals of the organization should always stay the focus – after all, this is no charity work! Encourage Communication About the Effectiveness of Training.

The Power of Your Network | Social Learning Blog

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Business networking not only brings new business and new talent, but it supports collaboration – whether it’s collaborating with internal team members or making connections outside of the organization. Outside of work I enjoy several hobbies including camping, travel and photography.

5 Key Ways to Improve Training and Development


Tracking Performance : A training program is not effective unless the progress is tracked. If you want to know more ways to improve training and development or are interested in some of the tools we have mentioned, do not hesitate to contact our team.

7 Collaboration Tools for Efficient Remote Teams


Remote work teams are increasingly commonplace thanks to the prevalence of technological tools to facilitate this type of work structure. This makes it easier to find qualified candidates, and it may be more cost-effective to hire individuals who live in […]. The post 7 Collaboration Tools for Efficient Remote Teams appeared first on GO1 Learning. Business & Management business tools communication remote team remote work

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LMS Competencies and Learning Plans in your eLearning platform


A competency-based Learning Management System can help you organize effectively a system of development for workers or students. It helps to define and manage competencies of each user or work team. It can help define and manage the competencies for each employee or work team.

Remote Collaboration

Tony Karrer

My primary interest here are the methods and tools that allow us to work better as part of remote work teams. In other words - How do we collaborate together in remote work teams to be as effective or even more effective than a team that works down the hall?

21st Century Skills in eLearning

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We also need to understand the output from our automated work to determine its accuracy. Collaboration is the ability to work effectively and respectfully with others. We are increasingly seeing cross-disciplinary work teams.

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21st Century Skills and eLearning

Web Courseworks

We also need to understand the output from our automated work to determine its accuracy. Collaboration is the ability to work effectively and respectfully with others. We are increasingly seeing cross-disciplinary work teams.

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Detailing the Coherent Organization

Clark Quinn

I had, as Harold’s original model provided the basis for, separate groups for Work Teams, Communities of Practice, and Social Networks. I ended up with the following diagram, which is very much a work in progress.

Employee Experience vs Employee Engagement. What’s the Difference?


Companies like Airbnb are setting the Employee Experience standard by offering an overall holistic experience to retain staff, boost morale and work towards an overall happier workforce. It stems to create and form the personal perspective the employee has on their place of work.

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What does change(d) look like?

Clark Quinn

What would an effective L&D unit be doing, and what would the employee/manager/exec experience be? I see employees experiencing less ‘training’ As I’ve said, effective training is expensive when done properly, and should be used only when significant skill shifts are needed. Employees would be tightly coupled to their work teams, and more loosely coupled to their communities of practice.

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What Does the Training Department Do When Training Doesn’t Work?

Performance Learning Productivity

Sometimes it’s more efficient and more effective not to train at all. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. So, what happens when it is clear that training is not an effective or and efficient solution? Sometimes a name change has the effect of changing perceptions.

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20 ways to prepare yourself for modern workplace learning

Jane Hart

You realise that learning in the workplace is more than being trained or taking e-learning courses; ie that it happens in many different ways as people do their jobs at work, from interactions with people as well as from personal learning activities. L&D can help the organisation value the learning that happens through a multitude of experiences in and out of work, by encouraging and supporting it in new ways, and enabling the the sharing of relevant experiences.

Advantages of Blended Learning over Traditional eLearning Methods

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Rich media formats such as video/audio files, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are now being used to hold the learner’s attention span and make learning more engaging and effective. Better information and feedback on work. Team learning and teaching.

Playing Games on Company Time Is Now a Good Thing

Magic EdTech

“If you want to see amazing results in your business, playing games is actually one of the most effective ways to learn skills that lead to better, more profitable results.” In today’s world, it is hard to find time during work hours for learning.

Playing Games on Company Time Is Now a Good Thing

Magic EdTech

If you want to see amazing results in your business, playing games is actually one of the most effective ways to learn skills that lead to better, more profitable results. In today’s world, it is hard to find time during work hours for learning.

Social Software Adoption

Tony Karrer

The most popular technologies used are instant messaging (74%), wikis and team workspaces (67%), and blogs (51%). There is a network effect with the adoption of discussion groups. In the case of email and collaborative content editing, pressure is high and partial adoption doesn't work.

Why your Enterprise Social Network is your most valuable social learning platform

Jane Hart

Social learning is a natural everyday phenomenon; simply put, we learn from our colleagues as we work with them. It means that “learning” is no longer seen as a separate activity from working; and that for the first time it can be truly become a continuous, social experience in the workflow.

Role of L&D in the 21C Workplace

ID Reflections

The impact of technology, globalization, ubiquitous connectivity, remote work and distributed work teams, and economy of individuals to name a few drivers have changed the face of workplace learning and performance dramatically.

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Organizational Learning Tools

The Performance Improvement Blog

An online leadership course is nice but it will have little to no effect if not integrated with a long-term learning and performance improvement plan and an organization-wide culture of learning. Teams. Survey of team readiness for high-performance.

Determinism, Best Practice, and the ‘Training Solution’

Performance Learning Productivity

If we’re to learn from others we should be looking at good practice and novel practices that we can adopt and adapt and massage to work in our own specific context. Best practice exists only in simple working environments.

Discussion with Lucid Meetings

Kapp Notes

We offer a solution for working teams to help improve the quality and effectiveness of their meetings. Now everything you need to meet with your teams and plan, decide, assign and track is all in one place.

Starting a revolution?

Clark Quinn

In thinking a bit about the Future of Work, one of the issues is where to start. If we take the implications of the Coherent Organization to heart, we realize that the components include the work teams, the communities of practice (increasingly I think of it as a community of improvement ), and the broader network. So, a natural place to start small is the team itself. The goal would be to draw upon a diverse team meeting a real need, but facilitating their tool use.

Does Your Organization Need a Learning Culture?

The Performance Improvement Blog

The learning cognoscenti know there are no shortcuts to effective learning. The pace of change is making it difficult for your organization to compete effectively in the marketplace unless the organization is constantly learning. Team projects are late and over-budget.

The Role of the "New" Training Professional


We also encounter employees who readily and actively participate in learning as part of collaborative efforts with team members. People in all workplaces must work with others, collaborate effectively, and share knowledge and information. Providing timely and pertinent information in a variety of ways is a “new” – and highly effective - way to facilitate learning.

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Starting from scratch

Clark Quinn

I decided to take this on, thinking about an org that was already in operation, with it’s goals, processes, and practices, and what I might do if I were to come in and get it going (with the support of the executive team to do what I thought was right). My initial step would be to establish a social media system, supporting conversations and collaboration on work teams and communities of practice.

To optimize your learning, optimize your networks

Jay Cross

Harold recently posted this model: Workers collaborate in Project Teams to get the job done. The work team is a different sort of animal because we have a job to do. Some teams are self-organizing networks; others are the tail end of command-and-control.

Deliver specific pieces of training to your employees and increase productivity with the right LMS CPD application


Using this tool will ensure you effectiveness and precision in the training, which will represent great support for the savings and success of your company. Shows you where you stand compared to other users or work partners.

The Magnificent Seven: The importance of specialisation within teamwork


While growing up in the ’90s, I was always a sucker for stories that involved the hero stating that they’re “putting together a team”. Teamwork vs. Group work. It is important to understand some of the subtle differences between a team and a group. A team of specialists.

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The science of teamwork and true leadership


Businesses spend a lot of money on team-building exercises, training programs, games and gimmicks to try and make the members of different teams know each other better, like each other more and ultimately work better together.

5 Tips for Setting Up an Employee Training and Development Plan


A good training program will address the individual employee’s needs in relation to their work , helping them to feel more confident in the importance and value of what they produce. Since we know what the benefits are, how do we go about creating an effective training and development plan?

Conversation on Conversations

Tony Karrer

Through blog comments and blog posts, an interesting conversation is emerging around – Conversations as Part of Concept Work. " Or more broadly, when is each kind of method appropriate given a specific concept work need.

Do You Know How to Create an Actionable Learning Strategy?

CLO Magazine

Failure to relate effectively with stakeholders: Learning leaders communicate using learning-centric terminology such as learning objectives, instructional modalities and course completions, instead of business terms.

Your next employee training techniques are on this list!(Part 2)


Hands-on learning (which can also be called as on-the-job-training), exposes the learner to real-life work scenarios. Employee training techniques like these make sure that learning is not limited to inside the classroom, but is also demonstrated (and assimilated) during work itself.

How is Corporate Training Different from Academic Learning?


And since learning is a collaborative endeavor, a lack of social interaction reduces the effectiveness of the lesson. And oh – this is already being done with virtual work teams in the business realm today.

How to Develop In-Demand Leaders

CLO Magazine

Leaders whose goals are primarily “other-centric,” such as focused on helping their team members succeed, will likely have a greater probability of long-term professional success. Such leaders determine the needs and interests of their employees by asking them questions: “What do you need in your job to make it work better?” ” or “What would help you to better see the importance of your work?”