Drivers of Yammer use in the corporate sector

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Yammer has been quite a success at my workplace. Every so often I’m asked by a peer at another company what they can do to increase the use of Yammer in their own organisation. So I recently invited 14 community managers from around the world to rate the key factors that drive Yammer use in their respective organisations. These enthusiastic users encourage the use of Yammer with their colleagues across the business.

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Drivers of Yammer use in the corporate sector

E-Learning Provocateur

Yammer has been quite a success at my workplace. Every so often I’m asked by a peer at another company what they can do to increase the use of Yammer in their own organisation. These enthusiastic users encourage the use of Yammer with their colleagues across the business.

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Mindflash Launches the First Social Training App for Yammer Users


PALO ALTO, CA–(Marketwire – August 13, 2012) – Mindflash, the leading online training platform, today announced its launch of the first training app for Yammer, a leading provider of enterprise social networks. This deeply integrated experience makes employee training more social and more accessible for the companies already using Yammer for collaboration and communications. Yammer users can download the Mindflash app from the Yammer Apps Directory today.

Yammer as a Simulation Tool

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Follow the link below and read how Yammer is being used in disaster preparedness training. If you aren't familiar with Yammer you can get more info at And no I don't mean that Yammer is an innovative tool. In this type of situation it may not be Yammer that is being used as the mode of communication. What the trainees are learning how to do is communicate effectively via technology when talking is not possible.

eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #13

Upside Learning

Learning environments of video games can educate children effectively. AS3 Lib for Yammer – An AS3 Yammer API library that communicates with the Yammer service. A cool way to integrate Yammer into your learning applications.

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6 Steps To Creating Learning Ecosystems (And Why You Should Bother)


social networks (yammer, chatter). The underlying aim is to help people develop in ways they need, when they need to, in the ways that are most effective to them. In fact a much quoted figure is that effective managers can have a 25% impact on staff performance improvement.

17 Awesome Resources on Micro Learning


We have been doodling about the possibilities this learning technique offers while developing cost effective and powerful mobile performance support solutions. What are the possibilities this technique offers to make learning effective and powerful?

My professional use of social media and communication tools

Challenge to Learn

Easy to use and very effective. We did consider creating a community there for our free edition, but in the end we decided to go with Yammer (see communities). We did setup a community for our free users in Yammer and I like that a lot more.

Bringing learning to the workplace, step 3: People

Challenge to Learn

One of the most effective ways of workplace learning is support offered by colleagues. You can make this support more effective by making it easier for people to find a colleague with the desired expertise or knowledge. Yammer. A tool that could support you in this is Yammer. The most important is that you can control who has access to your Yammer, based on email address or invitation. Corporate social networks e-Learning elgg Workplace learning Yammer

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We have been doodling about the possibilities this learning technique offers while developing cost effective and powerful mobile performance support solutions. What are the possibilities this technique offers to make learning effective and powerful?

Three Things You Can Do to Increase Social Learning Participation


If you can get people to participate, you will increase engagement and also increase the effectiveness of your eLearning. You can do this in a Yammer group. This can be even more effective if you provide guidance with a specific set of points to address in an introduction.

5 Common eLearning Mistakes To Avoid!


Just creating eLearning programs isn’t enough to increase employee engagement, and foster more effective learning. To be sure, eLearning programs offer an effective corporate training solution, especially when compared to in-class instruction, and other materials like corporate handbooks.

Practical Ways to Design Social Media Into Your Training Programs


Since spring of this year, I have designed several learning programs using Yammer with good results. In this post I’ll show you how I use Yammer in our training classes and how you can too. Why not put that lecture in Yammer. I do this in Yammer every chance I get.

The Power of Your Network | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

These people hold the secret to effective networking – it’s not all about you ; it’s about all of you.

When to Choose Self-Paced Learning Versus Live, On-Line Learning


Some people need to review content more than once in order to learn it most effectively. An enterprise social network, like Yammer , can be used to host live discussions between facilitators and peers.

Informal Learning Does Not Have to Be Formal


It is understandable because a free-for-all in any function is hardly an effective way to run a business. And the shorter and more task-targeted your topics, the more effective this strategy will be. Uncategorized elearning on the job training Social Learning tacit learning yammer

How to Save ‘Social Learning’ Before We Destroy It


Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, and others do represent a critical milestone for social learning. Employee Training facebook L&D learning and development Social Learning social media training Twitter yammer

Want People to Learn? Get Them to Collaborate


Effective learning designs make use of activities in which learners create their own learning. Only by sitting close to the action can learning professionals truly understand the business well enough to help people work together more effectively.

Is it a Classroom or a Prison? Some Common Sense on Measuring Training Effectiveness


This post was guest-written by Misha McPherson, training program manager for Yammer. Measuring L&D drives me a bit bonkers, because it’s so often poorly done. It’s not that I hate numbers. It’s not that I’m afraid that my program will be proved to be a disaster.

Change Management Strategy: Use Social Media

InfoPro Learning

In today’s fast-paced world, effective Change Management increases the success of organizational change and project initiatives by applying a structured framework of methods, tools and processes, managing the change from a current state to a future state. Social networking and collaboration are extremely effective ways that are rapidly bringing employees to comply with the changes as well as to share their experiences. Establish an Effective Two-way Communication.

The next normal

E-Learning Provocateur

L&D will need to create the channels of learning, growth, communication and sharing and help employees learn new ways of working efficiently and effectively. The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new normal for L&D professionals as millions of people were sent home to work remotely.

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Learning is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Mike Taylor

Recognizing this fact is the first step to crafting an effective learning strategy.”. Commonly available platforms like Microsoft Teams, Yammer, etc. Originally posted at [link] 2020 /4/29/learning-is-the-ultimate-competitive-advantage-are-you-ready.

The Best of e-Learning in November


Making Your Yammer Community Work: Tips from Allison Michels. Make Yammer more effective as a social learning tool at your organization. Check out the best of e-Learning this November, collected from your friends at Your Everything for e-Learning Place!

Is E-Learning Possible Without Learning Management System?

Your Training Edge

It saves time and is a cost-effective method for organizations to keep their learners updated with the advancements. As a result, companies are turning to collaborative tools such as Yammer and ePath that promotes performance-based learning.

Evaluating Social Learning

Dashe & Thomson

Search the wiki or Tweet using Yammer or Twitter to see if there is a previous solution to their problem. It could also include a follow-up survey of the participants to find out what they thought about the effectiveness of their AAR. Microblog in Yammer.

Connecting Social Learning to e-Learning

dVinci Interactive

Facebook, Twitter and Yammer are becoming more accepted tools in the workplace, due to their mass networking capabilities. However, with the introduction of online learning, not all the instructional strategies that apply to the classroom are as effective in the online environment. Social media continues to grow worldwide. As learning consultants, we need to take a tip from the social media craze, and determine ways to leverage it in our online courses.

Attract and Retain Millennial Employees with LMS Collaborative Learning Features


He wrote, “ While many offices struggle to get their workforce to embrace new services like Yammer or Basecamp, millennials have been doing those things for years. . If there is any generation that understands the digital world, it is Gen Y, the millennial generation.

What’s Your Learning Tool Stack?

Clark Quinn

Seriously, this is important, as the tools we use and provide through the organization impact the effectiveness with which people can work. Here we (should) see organization wide Enterprise Social Networks like Jive and Yammer, etc.

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Open Office, Work Culture, and Productivity

The Performance Improvement Blog

Even though there is a trend toward open-space workplaces, views about the effectiveness of this design vary widely. Fast Company editors Jason Feifer and Anjali Mullany take up this debate in a FC interview for an article titled, “Two Cube Dwellers Argue Over Open Offices. Who''s Right?”

2010 Predictions - Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

There will be much more reflection on what works online and what is more effectively taught in the traditional classroom. Tablets will be very popular in 2010 and eventually some will add ability to effectively display reader friendly book text. I recently started using Yammer so I will make a few predictions regarding Yammer. January's Big Question at the Learning Circuits blog asks for our 2010 predictions. So, here we go; m-Learning continues to grow.

Twitter for Learning – 55 Great Articles

Tony Karrer

But I also think that there’s a lot more help now around how to make effective use of Twitter as a learning tool. In a recent conversation, I was asked what I thought about twitter as a learning tool. Over the course of the past few years I’ve moved from saying “I don’t get it” – to feeling like it’s a good addition to my Learning Tool Set. I thought it would be worthwhile to pull together these resources.

A How to Guide on the Principles of the #elearningmanifesto: # 2 Do Not Assume that eLearning is the Answer

Challenge to Learn

In order to make it more constructive I want to turn it around and change it into: “Only apply eLearning when it is the most effective option”. It is not effective as you will read further on.). When it is cost effective.

April 2011 in Review

Jane Hart

This is a two part posting by Maria Ogneva, Head of Community at Yammer: Part 1 appeared 18 April 2011, and Part 2 on 21 April 2011. My 2011 Reading List. Lots of interesting articles and blog postings appeared last month – but here are are few I’ve marked as must-reads.

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The current top 5 highest-rated social learning solutions on CollectMyThoughts


Yammer (3.8 That is the main idea behind Yammer. As more companies become mobile-friendly, it is creating an increased demand for effective social learning solutions.

The Modern Workplace Learning Challenge

Jane Hart

It is a social experience hosted in a private Yammer group. I think it is both an effective (and enjoyable) structure and I learned a huge amount by completing the weekly Challenge activities and by learning with others on Yammer. Challenge Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

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