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Following on from my two previous posts which cover my thought process about familiarity in learning design and how distractions can affect both our work and learn environments, I wanted to write about instruction. Instructions we give as well as those we receive. When you start something new, at work or at home, do you read or follow the instructions? or piece of furniture, you’ll probably follow the instructions quite clearly.

Top 8 Mobile Learning Development Hurdles eLearning Developers Must Overcome

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In this article, I’ll highlight the top 8 mobile learning development hurdles that eLearning developers face, as well as useful tips to overcome them. Mobile Learning Development Hurdles eLearning Developers Face. Designing mobile learning courses is as simple as uploading your existing eLearning content to a responsive LMS, right? eLearning developers must be able to surmount any obstacle that comes their way in order to produce engaging eLearning experiences.

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Shoot Better Video

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Shoot retakes so that you have different versions. Additional video resources: Ten Myths about Video in eLearning. Tips for Using Video in eLearning. Using Video in eLearning. Instructional Design for Video. Flash eLearning Activities (source files included!). eLearning Instructional Design videoVideo is becoming easier to shoot, edit, and use in training.

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Tips for webinars or virtual training

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This results in slides that tend to be activities instead of information presentations. You could also repurpose a self-paced elearning activity. This one change — your commitment to ask a ton of thought-provoking, open-ended questions — means that you’ll design a series of mini-activities instead of an information dump. Instructional design format choice media choice motivation “What works for webinars?”

Jettison the genies and let learners think

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Elearning has genies, superheroes, and wizards. What does this have to do with instructional design? Let’s turn your bike problem into an elearning activity with a clickable bike. Let’s jettison the genie from our elearning version and see what happens. Face-to-face version. I’m considering creating photos for use in elearning and scenarios, and I want to make sure I know what you need.

The Colors of eLearning

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We at eLearning Brother really like orange.). Here is a great site that will let you input your URL and test it against various versions of color-blindness. Build eLearning Games and eLearning Activities. eLearning Instructional Design colorColor impacts your courses and your learners. Choosing the “correct&# colors can hinder or increase the speed of learning and retention.